Tips for Moving an Elderly Parent

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    Moving an Elderly parent can be very complicated. Especially if the move is not your parent’s idea, but yours. If you were the who planned the relocation of your parent, either to be closer to you or to have better living conditions in the new home, you will need to do some convincing. Elderly people are not too keen to make changes in their lives, particularly big changes. And, there is hardly anything that will bring a bigger change in someone’s life than moving to Florida, for example. Moving an elderly parent to Florida is a good choice, however. Many people decide to retire to Florida because of the nice weather, great beaches, fantastic nature, and active life. And, those will be your arguments when you start convincing your parents to move. Because some convincing is going to be necessary, you can be sure of that.

    Make a plan before you try to convince your elderly parent to move

    Before you say anything about the move to your elderlies, you need to prepare well. If you want actually to move them at the end of your plan. Most elderlies will immediately say no. However, if you plan in advance, prepare your speech, and prepare brochures or websites to back up your idea, your chances for success grow. Search the internet to find the best places for retirees on Florida, and choose a few places that have the best chances for success with your parent. Maybe, moving to Miami is not the best idea for elderlies, but there are many great places in Florida for retirees you just need to do some research.

    Travel brochures for moving an elderly parent to Florida
    Prepare some travel brochures when you are moving an elderly parent to an unfamiliar destination

    After you pick a place that will be suitable for your elderly parent, you will need to find a home. Luckily, home prices in Florida are pretty low, so you will have no trouble finding a great home. Pick a few places that look tempting and prepare them for your presentation. After you find location and home that will look pleasing to your parents, you can bring out your plan. Hopefully, with the help of great images of Florida beaches and houses, you will manage to convince your elderlies to move.

    When you are moving elderly parents they will give you instructions on what to do with their stuff

    Now that you have convinced your parents that moving to Florida is a good choice you will need to think about the actual move. Of course, you will need to do some planning before you call Florida moving services to come to pack your belongings. First, talk to your parents, and see what are their thought regarding their furniture, old items, and clothes. They will tell you what to do with their stuff.

    Moving an elderly parent with his old furniture
    When moving an elderly parent to a new home, make sure that you know what to do with old furniture

    What is going with them to their new home, what they want to keep, and what is going to trash? Elderlies usually have trouble with saying goodbye to some items that are with them for longer periods. Therefore, if your parents have some items that they plan to keep for future generations, but they are not suitable for their new place you should rent a storage unit to store them safely.

    Packing when moving an elderly parent

    After you decided what to do with your items, you need to think about packing. Are you going to have enough helping hands to help you with the packing process? Or you will have to do it for yourself. If you think that, you will not have enough people to help you with packing it would be best if you hired North Miami Beach movers to pack their belongings. This is maybe the most convenient way to pack while you are taking care of your elderly parents. Just make sure that you give your packers instructions on what items require special attention, what not to pack, what they can touch and whatnot. Elderlies are sensitive when strangers handle their belongings. But the moving crew that will pack their stuff already knows that, and have experience with moving elderly people. So hopefully, everything should go without problems.

    Moving an elderly parent by air

    Next thing to consider is what type of transportation will be best suited for your elderly parents. If they have some mobility difficulties or require special attention during travel, you need to notify your flying agency if you are planning to fly to your destination. They need to prepare a wheelchair and other services that your parents need. If you are traveling for long distances, flying is the best way to reach your destination. Your trip will be much shorter and you will have additional help from airport and plane staff, which is very important in these kinds of situations.

    Airport staff pushing wheelchair to help an elderly parent move
    Airport staff will provide you with necessary aid when you are moving an elderly parent by air

    Moving an elderly parent by your own vehicle

    If you have a short trip ahead of you, you can decide to move using your own vehicle. In this situation, you need to make sure that you consulted with your parent’s doctor before you go on your trip. He should check them to make sure that they are ready for travel. And to prescribe some medications for the trip if they have trouble with road sickness.

    The thing you will need to prepare when you are transporting your elderlies with your own vehicle

    • Make sure you have all required medication prepared and within reach when you move an elderly parent.
    • Bring food and snacks for the road.
    • You need to carry plenty of liquids, especially water, with you.
    • Prepare their medical documentation.
    • Make sure to bring a deck of cards for entertainment.
    • Prepare a few small pillows for the road.

    Hire a medical transportation service if you need special care for your elderlies

    If you think that taking care of your elderly parents while driving is too much for you, you can hire some transportation service for elderlies that need special care during travel. There are many such agencies, and that is maybe the best and safest way of moving an elderly parent.

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