Tips for loading a moving truck like a pro

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    For all of us DIY enthusiasts, learning how to do new things gets our blood boiling. I always get excited when I learn something new. If you are anything like me, you’ll feel the same rush! Either way, loading a moving truck isn’t only learning a new skill. It’s a valuable lesson that will help you save money when relocating.

    For example, if you are planning a relocation and you rented a moving truck, once it comes to your door you’ll have to load it yourself. Knowing the proper way of loading a moving truck will make a difference. You will either safely bring all your possessions to your new house, or you’ll end up with broken items.

    With that in mind, let’s look at the essentials of loading a moving truck like a pro.

    Finding the best moving truck

    When deciding how to move your possessions, your primary goal should be to get the best moving truck. In other words, you should:

    • find a reputable truck rental company
    • make sure the price fits your budget
    • go over services and available moving packages
    • pick the right sized moving truck

    For example, if you go with quality interstate moving company Florida, first thing would be to talk with your agent. Check with them if the loading of the truck is included in the price or not.

    Most of the companies make this service as a separate charge, so here is where you’ll save money.

    However, if you rented a moving truck without any other services, you will have to do everything by yourself. Now you will see why is loading a moving truck a skill you must learn.

    Long distance movings

    Before we go into details of properly loading a moving truck, let’s talk a little about long distance moving. If you hire long distance movers Florida, another factor will be gas for the vehicle. Since you are paying for it, talk with the company about the specifics for the truck you pick and try to get an estimate of the gas bill.

    Next, if you are moving internationally, check if any specific laws and regulations apply.

    Either way, whether you are moving locally or internationally, getting the size estimate is essential. In most cases, it is better to rent a bigger truck than two smaller ones.

    a pile of one dollar bills
    Knowing how to load a moving truck will save you a lot of money

    Essential steps for loading a moving truck

    Once the rented truck arrives at your place, you need to start loading your possessions. Here are the essential steps for loading a moving truck:

    1. largest and heaviest items first
    2. second, loading longest items
    3. loading boxes
    4. fragile and awkwardly shaped items
    5. make sure everything is secured

    Now I’ll go over each of these steps separately.

    Load largest and most massive items first

    When you think about loading a moving truck, think about the items you are moving. Before anything else, you should load electric appliances like stoves, refrigerators, washing machines, etc. For these items, you’ll need a helping hand. Also, think about how much space they require. It is much easier to load them into an empty truck.

    Furthermore, the best is to place them far in the back corners of the truck. First, putting objects on separate corners will balance the vehicle, and second, appliances will be more secure when placed to the walls of the truck. Finally, keep them in an upright position.

    Loading long items

    Next, you should load any long items, like mirrors, mattresses or sofas. Moreover, when loading furniture, make sure you disassemble it first. You should tape all separated pieces together before you put them in the truck. Here is where the size of the truck really makes a difference.

    Disassembling furniture can be tricky, so you might consider hiring professional furniture movers for this part. However, if you feel confident, go ahead and do it on your own.

    Another thing to remember when loading furniture is to use protective pads. They will keep your furniture safe, and protect the surface from any scratches.

    guy playing chess
    Moving boxes in the truck as like playing chess, you have to find the best place for all the pieces

    Loading boxes

    Common sense tells us first to load heavier and bigger boxes. Place them firmly one to another, so they fill in all the gaps. Furthermore, place lighter boxes on top of the heavier ones. This way boxes will not crumble under the weight of what’s on top.

    Also, prioritize which boxes will be in the far back, and which ones will stay closer to the entrance. For example, if you are moving to a colder climate, you might want to leave boxes with warmer clothes easily accessible during the move. Also, your essentials box should be close to the entrance as well.

    Fragile and awkwardly shaped items

    After everything else is loaded in the truck, start moving your fragile and awkwardly shaped items. Due to their size and shape, these items are not to go in the middle, as they may easily break. That’s why you can put them on top of everything else, and secure as best as possible. Another clever move is to take some spare blankets and wrap them around fragile boxes for added protection.

    Make sure everything is secured

    The last step of loading a moving truck would be to make sure that everything is secured and in its place. This is absolutely imperative. During the move, the truck may experience bumps on the road or hard turns. In cases like these, any item that is not secured will slide and collide with other items in the truck.

    a stop sign
    Stop whatever you are doing and make sure all of your items are secured

    With that in mind, doublecheck everything. If needed, use ropes and tape to secure your most valuable possessions. Do not forget to keep track of your things. Create a checklist to make sure you don’t forget to load any boxes.

    Loading a moving truck made easy

    Now you see that, once you know the proper way, loading a moving truck is not so scary. An additional warning is to make sure you don’t hurt yourself. Lifting boxes and heavy items take a toll on your back, and it’s quite easy to injure yourself. Ask for help when lifting heavy objects, and move slowly. If you follow the steps from this guide, and you’ll have nothing to worry about!

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