Tips for choosing the right moving boxes

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    Tips for choosing the right moving boxes

    When you are relocating to Florida you need to know how to choose the right moving boxes.  The most important step in every relocation is to know how to pack your household goods like a pro.

    To ensure that your stuff is protected and safe during a move you need to pick the right moving boxes. The wrong moving boxes can cause damages on your items and can nor protect fragile things. So, if you want to avoid boxes full of broken dishes, damaged stuff you need to choose the right moving boxes.

    If you want safe delivery to your new home, and to avoid disaster take a time and select and pack your moving boxes before Miami movers arrive on moving day.

    The right moving boxes can help ensure the safety and well-being of your belongings.
    Quality moving boxes will protect your household goods.

    How to choose the right moving boxes?

    Before you start packing, think about hiring pros to pack your Miami home. It can be much easier with experts help and you can much more enjoy your relocation. But, if you want to cut your moving costs and pack your things alone, then you need tips how to do it by yourself. And the most important, how to choose the right moving boxes for your Florida moving.

    • Look the strength of the boxes

    The most important tip when you are picking the right moving boxes – find the strongest moving boxes!

    It means you should buy moving boxes from your moving company or another moving supply store. Strong moving boxes can carry and protect heavy and important items.

    • Size of boxes is important

    The second most important consideration is to pick the right size of moving boxes.

    There are many different boxes and many specialty boxes designed for specific items.  So, pick the right size you need for your stuff like dishes, mirrors, and pictures, clothing, electronics, etc. Think in which size of box they can fit.

    Just keep in mind: too heavy boxes can cause injuries. So, to avoid too heavy boxes, pack heavy stuff in small boxes. The lighter thing you can pack in bigger boxes. The largest boxes just can hold stuff like coats, pillows, toys etc. Small boxes are perfect for books, collectibles, action figures and more.

    Medium boxes you can use for kitchen items, bathroom, and drawers around the house. When you are packing fill your boxes with plenty of packing materials to keep things from colliding with each other.

    Don’t forget to find or buy wardrobe boxes. In this type of box, your wardrobe like dresses and suits can hang. You will not have problems with the unpacking and ironing of the worn clothing.

    Box full of books showing how size of moving boxes is important
    You need to pick the right size for the moving box

    Think about Quantity

    Before you move, you should determine how many boxes you need. The exact number you will get when you calculate the size of your home, the number of rooms, family members, and how much belongings you need to pack and move.

    Rough estimates – if you are moving only 1 to 2 rooms you will need approximately 20- 25 boxes of different sizes. The sizes depend on the things you need to move.

    So, when you have the right size, strength, and quantity of moving boxes, it is time to pack. When you pick the right moving boxes you ensure the better protection of your stuff and safe delivery. This is the way to avoid disasters on moving day.

    Cut moving cost: Get used moving boxes

    If you want to cut moving cost and stay on budget but still to have a smooth relocation, you need to find used moving boxes. But, also you need to know how to pick the right ones.

    If you want to get free moving boxes Miami, you need to know where to look for them. You can visit the nearest recycling center or you can ask in grocery stores, restaurants, bars, etc. Ask them for the boxes they don’t need anymore.

    Remember: you need to inspect moving boxes properly! This means, when you are using boxes from the different stores, be sure that boxes are clean and they don’t have any damages.

    Avoid stopping by your local grocer or discount store to scoop up their boxes. They’ve come into contact with food and sugary liquids, meaning you risk bug infestations being carried into your new home. that’s not a housewarming gift anyone wants.

    But in case you don’t want to risk with used boxes, think about buying a new one. These boxes are not used and they can handle all your moving needs than boxes you find in grocery stores.

    The right moving boxes for fragile items

    Used boxes describing how to cut moving costs with using free moving boxes
    Get used moving boxes in the grocery stores

    When it comes to packing fragile items you need to be very careful and to know how to do it. It will be great if you can find moving boxes with internal dividers, it will keep everything in the box separated. This type of box is great for house glasses. When you are packing fragile items, don’t forget to cushion to protect more and to avoid damages and breakable items.

    Beside the right moving boxes, you need right supplies

    Make sure to buy right packing supplies. The right moving boxes are not enough to pack household goods. You will also need:

    • Packing Tape to keep those boxes properly sealed.
    • Labels & Markers to write what’s in a box and name of the room
    • Bubble Cushioning to wrap all fragile items so they don’t get damaged and broken.
    • Hand Trucks & Carts – if you want to move your boxes easily and to save your back and legs

    Why is it so important to choose the right moving boxes?

    Using the right moving boxes is the most important thing in moving process. It will make a difference between a bad and a great move.

    The right moving boxes:

    • Keep Items Together

    With the right moving boxes, your items will be safe and together packed. When the moving box is quality you don’t need to worry, your items are kept together. The right moving boxes will not throw anything out.

    • Protect breakables

    In the right moving boxes, your fragile items will be protected and safe.

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