Tips and Advice for Florida Senior Citizens on the Move

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    Tips and Advice for Florida Senior Citizens on the Move

    As Americans get older, they find a number of reasons to make a change in where they live. Children leave home, your income may have changed, or it could be that you just want less space to have to have to worry about. Whatever your reason for choosing this time in your life to move, you can make it easier by following these basic tips:

    Take Inventory of All Your Belongings – Starting from the first floor or basement, take an inventory of every item in your home. Enlist the help of a trusted family member or friend to write things down as you point them out. This is the start to deciding what should be going to your new home.

    Get Rid of Those Items You No Longer Need – With so many other changes taking place in your life, this may be the hardest part in moving for senior citizens. Despite the emotional attachment you might feel for your children’s old toys, there comes a point where you need to be practical when moving. Let your family members pick through those items that you don’t need, before either donating them or having a yard sale. With unnecessary belongings out of the way, you’ll be astonished by how much space you suddenly have left.

    Consider Storage – If you are a senior who is downsizing to a smaller home, but don’t have the heart to part with certain family heirlooms, consider renting a temporary storage unit close to your home. This lets you still hold onto those items you absolutely love, without them taking up any of your living space. Over time, you might even find it easier to part with them.

    Make it as Homey as Possible – If the idea of moving has left you feeling emotionally drained, try mitigating the impact by replicating your old home in your new as much as possible. Decorate in the same color schemes, place in your bed in the same position, and lay out your favorite decorative items and trinkets. This will instantly make you feel more at home, even if you have moved from the heart of Miami all the way up to Golden Beach.

    Hire a Professional Moving Company – A professional moving company will minimize the stress that moving typically brings. Look for those who offer packing services and other perks, especially discounts for seniors. When you move in Florida with a reputable moving company, you will find it easier to enjoy the entire process of starting somewhere new. Ask your family and friends to recommend movers that they have used in the past with outstanding result.

    Senior citizens deserve to live out their retirement as comfortably as possible. If this means changing homes, remember that you can turn to family, friends, and professional movers to help.

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