Things You Must Know About Retiring to Florida

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    Are you planning to retire to Florida? That is nice. But, are you sure that you know everything there is to know about retiring to Florida. Sunshine State is very specific state, different from any other state in the U.S. And, there are many things you should learn about Florida before you start packing your belongings. Things concerning the specific weather, home prices, safety, taxes, and unusual wildlife. Old people are more sensitive and these things can affect them more than others. So if you are moving to Miami for retirement, make sure that you are ready for life in Sunshine State. Learn about the pros and cons of living in Florida, and then make a decision.

    Weather in Florida

    When you tell someone that you are moving to Fort Lauderdale, he will immediately think about the nice weather. And yes, the weather is nice. It all looks perfect on travel brochure photos. But the thing that those photos cannot depict is the very high humidity. As you probably already know, high humidity in combination with high temperatures can be very difficult to handle.

    You can have a beach bench just for you after retiring to Florida
    Nice weather is everyone’s biggest reason for retiring to Florida

    Especially for older people and people with heart and respiratory conditions. So, if moving to Florida for retirement is your goal in life, you need to make sure that you are in good health. Before deciding to retire in Florida, people usually visit the state many times like tourist. So if you didn’t have an opportunity to visit Florida like a tourist, make sure that you do it before deciding to relocate here. That way you will be sure that you can handle the tricky weather.

    Learn about the dangerous weather before retiring to Sunshine State

    The weather is the best part of living in Florida. But the thing that is maybe the worst part of living in Florida is also a part of that weather. Besides threatening storms that quickly come and go, hurricanes are a real menace for residents of Sunshine State. So before you decide to move to Florida think are you able to live in a place where there is a real danger of losing a home in a hurricane. In addition, there are many urban parts of Florida that are considered to be flood zones. You should be aware of this fact when you are searching for a property to buy. Luckily, there are many types of insurances that will cover yours loses in the case of a hurricane or flood.

    Retiring to Florida requires planning

    Moving to Florida requires lots of research and planning. People who are fantasizing about retiring in Florida usually imagine it as one big sunny beach. The inside of the state, especially in the north, is covered in vast areas of hills and countryside. The west and east coast are also very different. Best attractions, like Disney World and Universal Studios, are located in Orlando. And, the most popular destination, Miami, is on the south. So it is very important to set your goals clearly before you start searching for a property. But remember this, the closer the beach is the possibility that the place is crowded with tourists rises. After you find a home to buy, call you movers, pack your belongings, rent a storage Miami, and start living your dream.

    Explore the real estate market before retiring to Florida

    The Florida real estate market is very diverse across the state. You can find luxurious beach houses for 2 or 3 million, but there are also many affordable options. And, finding an inexpensive property to buy in Florida is not that difficult at all. Sure, it will not be in Downtown Miami or Fort Lauderdale. But places in North Florida, like Gainsville or Daytona Beach. Or on Florida’s west coast Tampa Bay and St. Petersburg. Median home prices in the Daytona Beach area are around $160,000. And Tampa bay area is the place where you can find the cheapest waterfront properties for around $220.000.

    Retire in Florida and visit Universal Studios
    If you are retiring to Florida learn where the main attractions are

    North Miami Beach is also a nice place with median home prices of around $250,000. Places like Fort Lauderdale or Miami are a little bit more expensive with home prices around $350,000.

    Many people are deciding on retiring to Florida because of its tax benefits for retirees

    Another great benefit of moving to Florida is the State’s very friendly tax system. Living in Florida will save you lots of money, too. Sunshine State has no state income taxes. Also, there are more benefits to retirees. They can count that all their retirement income is tax-free. But if you want to be eligible for Florida retiree tax benefits you will need to provide certain proofs that you are a Florida resident.

    How to officially become a Florida resident

    • Sign a Florida Declaration Domicile, a document in which you declare that your primary home is in Florida.
    • Register for voting, when you are retiring in Florida you will need to become a Florida resident, and Floridians vote in Florida.
    • Get a Florida driver’s license. You have 30 days to do it after you sign a Declaration of Domicile.
    • Register all your vehicles with Florida’s Department of Motor Vehicles.
    • Open at least one bank account in Florida.
    • Notify tax officials that you have moved to Florida.

    Learn about exotic wildlife before retiring to Florida

    Another thing that you must be aware of when you want to move to Florida is exotic wildlife. That fact can really be a good or bad thing. Depending on your views. If you like exotic nature you will enjoy living here. But some things can be repelling for others. Sure, alligators really sound scary, but they aren’t the real danger and problem.

    Mosquitoes in Florida
    Insects can be a problem in Florida

    Even though they have become a kind of a Florida mascot, you will not meet many alligators while living here. Insects are the thing that will make the most sensitive people run away from Florida. They come in great numbers. And their shapes and sizes are incredible. But people are living here anyway.

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