The Most Beautiful Parks in Miami

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    Those who live in South Florida know how important it is to spend time outside. With such beautiful weather year-round, it would be a shame not to. In keeping with its climate, Miami has many scenic parks for all sorts of activities. Whether you enjoy sports and staying active, or simply want to relax, there is a number of beautiful parks in Miami to choose from. On our list are the best of the best, which will make you want to grab your shoes and head for the door.

    Beautiful parks in Miami – Everglades National Park

    Just a short ride away from the city of Miami, the Everglades National Park is world-famous. Nature and animal lovers will find this to be a haven. You will be able to see a large number of different species of plants and animals. Don’t forget that you will also see Florida’s famous alligators. Moreover, this national park also offers a number of activities for tourists, such as boat rides and sky diving. There are also many activities for kids, so this is the perfect place to spend a family day outside.

    Keep your hands inside the boat when you visit the Everglades.
    Some of the most amazing sunsets can be seen in this park.

    If you are considering moving to South Florida, the many parks of Miami should seal the deal. This is a great place for both professionals and those looking to start a family.

    Go scuba diving in Biscayne National Park

    This beauty of a park lies off the coast of the city of Miami. Filled with mesmerizing coral reefs that are home to hundreds of species of marine animals, the water here is to die for. If you don’t own scuba diving equipment, you can rent it when you arrive there. You can also opt for a group sightseeing, where you have a guide that shows you around the waters. When you come out of the water, you can explore the mangrove forests that are all around the shore. This is the perfect park for any swimmer or lover of the ocean.

    Biscayne Park is among the most beautiful parks in Miami.
    Marine animals swim freely around you when you scuba dive here.

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    Beautiful parks in Miami – Tropical Park

    When you live in the city, you don’t have many opportunities for fresh air. However, the residents of Miami can boast that they have a park in the center of the hubbub. Tropical Park offers an escape from the rush for anyone who is feeling stressed out. The park has a tennis court, a golf course, a soccer field, and many other activities. If you are looking for dog-friendly activities in Miami, this park offers a section for dogs. Its closeness to the city of Miami is one of its major selling points. You can even spend some time there during your lunch break. Over a million people visit this park every year. Go there on your next outing and you will realize why that is.

    Another great characteristic of this park is the equestrian center. All animal lovers will have the chance to see over 36 shows a year. With over 260 stalls for horses, you can rent one out and enjoy all the perks of this park. Alternatively, you can spend time with the horses, which some argue can act as therapy animals.

    Explore Bill Baggs Cape Florida State Park

    While there are many benefits of moving to a warmer climate, going to the beach almost every day is one of the biggest perks. However, when you visit the Bill Baggs Park, you will find something extraordinary. The beaches here have been ranked among the top in the country. Additionally, you will be able to visit a lighthouse from the 1800s, the oldest building in the county.

    Aside from the water, you can also have fun on land. No need to pack a picnic basket when you head for this park. There are numerous restaurants, bars, and eateries around so that you don’t go hungry. Also, there are plenty of opportunities for kids to have fun, so make sure to bring them on your next outing.

    Beautiful parks in Miami – The Barnacle State Park

    Although small in size, this park, located in Coconut Grove, is very significant. Within its boundaries is the oldest house in Miami, built back in 1891. For history buffs, but also those with an interest in it, this park offers an insight into the lives of our ancestors. You can learn about the region from experienced tour guides, or explore the area on your own.

    Bring a blanket when you plan a picnic.
    Enjoy a picnic on the lawn of this beautiful house.

    Aside from the magnificent house, you can enjoy the other aspects of the Barnacle State Park. The lawn around the house is kept pristine, and you can enjoy a family picnic outside. Moreover, there are regular boat tours around the bay, where you can see more of the area.

    Don’t miss out on Matheson Hammock Park

    The land for this park was donated by William Matheson and his family, who spent their lives in Miami. Thanks to his contribution, we are able to enjoy this magnificent park. Mangrove trees are characteristic for this area and forests fill the region, making it seem mystical and inviting at the same time. Unlike other beaches in Florida, Matheson Hammock Park has a man-made atoll pool, making it extremely unique. Moreover, the many bars and restaurants like the walkway, and nature trails spread throughout.

    If you want to learn how to sail or operate a powerboat, this is the ideal place. The calm waters are perfect for beginners, as well as for small children. Also, kite-boarding is very popular on this beach, as the mild wind allows for perfect conditions. Finally, what makes this one of the most beautiful parks in Miami, is a scenic lake located within its borders. You can use one of the charcoal grills while you enjoy the view of the lake.

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