How to Prepare for the First Night in Your New Home

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    Moving is such an exciting life event, but it is also one you should be prepared for, especially for the first night in your new home after an exhausting moving. It can be both a happy and sad moment at the same time and it is what you make of it. Luckily we can help you to handle the situation. Many people are making a checklist for the things they should do before and for the moving day. But they often forget to make a list for the first day after moving. Do not make the same mistake and be prepared.

    What to pack for the first night in your new home – the essentials

    When moving, you cannot escape packing because it is a part of it. Many people forget to pack a box that they will need immediately. It is a box that you will open first on the day of moving a day after moving too. It does not matter if you are moving across the state or down the street, an essential box is a must. So, here is how to pack for it and what to put inside.

    Essentials box for you

    First, think about yourself. Pack an essential box for you a few days before a moving day and be prepared. If you did forget it, do not worry, you can pack a day before moving too. Put those items last in the moving truck, on the top, so you will have an easy access. After a long moving day, you will want to change your dusty clothes, take a shower and eat something. Your “first night” essential box should be a box for a whole week until you settle in and learn where the shops in the new neighborhood are. Here is what you should pack, of course, what you pack in the end depends on you and your habits.

    Essential box with some supplies.
    Pack things for personal hygiene and have a peaceful night in your new dream home.
    • Clothing, underwear, shoes, and pajamas. Keep in mind where you are moving, because if you move from New York to Florida, you won’t need winter jackets, for example. Pack your summer clothes and pajamas. An essential step for that moving is hiring NY to Florida movers too.
    • Toiletries such as toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo, soap are a must for the first night in your new home.
    • Chargers for your laptop so you can watch a movie later for example, and chargers for your phone.
    • A first-aid kit and medications if you are currently on any medications.

    Essentials box for a new home

    It goes without saying that the interstate movers Florida can help you with your move, but you should help yourself and pack an essentials box for your new home. It is a separate box that you will open first to make sure your first night in a new home will be beautiful. We have an example of what you should pack in your home “open-first” box. 

    "Open-first" box.
    Have one box that will be for the preparation for the first night.
    • Snacks for you and if you have kids or a pet, pack food for them too. Also, take bottled water if you do not know if your new house has water yet.
    • Clean sheets and pillows for the bed.
    • A flashlight, extra batteries, and light bulbs. You do not want to spend the first night in your new home in the dark.
    • Paper plates, cups, can opener, trash bags, etc.

    If you are moving with the family, you will need more essentials, but they will make your first night much easier, trust us.

    Clean the bedroom and bathroom

    Your first night in your new home cannot be perfect if the home is not clean. You will not be relaxed and you cannot sleep well. Start with cleaning the bedroom and bathroom, as they are the most important rooms to clean right after you moved in. To be prepared, pack cleaning supplies. You cannot search for the shops on the first day of moving. Especially if you are moving to another foreign country. It is important to pack new and unopened cleaning supplies because the chemicals can be spilled and it can be dangerous. So, before the moving day, go shopping and buy all the cleaning supplies to be prepared for the first night in your new home. After the first day, clean the rest of the house and decorate your small home according to your wishes and style and throw a party.

    Cleaning supplies for your home.
    Pack cleaning supplies you have used before in your old home.

    Enjoy the first night in your home

    After a successful packing, transport, and unpacking, you deserve to relax and enjoy in your new home. Prepare for that step too. What do you love to do and what is your hobby? If you play some instrument, turn the music on and play. Or if you have a tub, have a warm bubble bath. Pack your favorite book and make your favorite tea or coffee. It is up to you. It is important to have that relaxing moment, so be prepared and separate one box just for that.

    If you are moving to Miami with your family, take cards, monopoly, dominoes…order a pizza and have a fun time with them. If you are moving locally, invite your best friend(s) and spend the night together if you do not want to be alone.

    Reading book on the first night in your new home.
    In case you love to read, take your favorite book, light some candles, make a cup of coffee and enjoy. There is nothing more relaxing than that.

    You have waited so long to have a new home, so prepare for the first night in your new home and make it special. Buying your first home in Miami, or anywhere else is an amazing experience. If you forget to plan this step, your first night and day in a new home will not be that fun. But, on the other hand, if you follow these simple tips for the preparation, it will be unforgettable and beautiful. Good luck with your moving and unpacking.

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