The Best Methods for Unloading Your Moving Truck

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    The Best Methods for Unloading Your Moving Truck

    You can’t call it a moving day until all of your belongings have been safely placed inside of your new home in Florida. Even though, the hard work is still underway as you try and figure out where your bedding went and how to put the legs back on the kitchen table. A good portion of this stress can be relieved just by unloading the items off the truck and into your house in an orderly fashion.

    The first items coming off of the truck are going to be the last that went in. This means that you are going to have stacks of boxes to contend with first. Since you were a great packer – or had the movers do it for you – each box is going to be labeled where to go. These should all be brought into the house and placed in the right room immediately to avoid a congestion of stuff blocking your path. Avoid the temptation to begin opening these boxes until the truck is empty. Everything you need right away should have been packed in one “essentials box” that you took along with you.

    Next off of the truck is the furniture. It is a good idea to take some quick measurements first to make sure that the bigger items are going to make it through any door ways. If not, you might need to take some doors off of the hinges. Add a tape measure and basic tools to your essential box list if you anticipate this problem.

    The furniture needs to go into the right room and placed in its designated spot. Once all the furniture is in place and put together, you’ll have your space needed to put the items that are inside the boxes. If you opted for a full service move, your movers will help you to set up any of the furniture before starting to unpack the boxes.

    The last objects off of the truck are the heaviest and largest. Make sure that the spots for these are clear of any boxes or other moving articles so that they can be slid right into the right space. This is usually your appliances, which you want to avoid damaging by moving around too much. Also remember that if you have moved your refrigerator, you should wait at least 6 to 8 hours before plugging it back in. Moving disrupts the coolant inside of the lines, which needs to settle back down before it can do its job effectively.

    At this point, you should be able to tend to each room systemically, pulling out the most needed objects first to make you and your family feel comfortable in your new home. Once that is accomplished, order take – out, relax, and get some needed rest to finish the unpacking portion tomorrow.

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