The benefits of hiring full service movers for your Florida relocation   

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    There are two types of people in this world: those who believe that relocations are too expensive and those who believe that relocations are more than cheap. None of them are, of course, wrong. Moving cannot be completely free unless you move from one room to the next one. Costs have to exist. However, the services of a moving company are not something that can only reach people can afford. When moving, there are different costs – and obligations – and that’s why we decided to share the benefits of hiring full service movers for your Florida relocation. In this way, you can see that door-to-door moving is not as expensive as you think, considering all the things you get. In fact, you may even save money – of course, all in accordance with your requirements and needs.

    What does hiring full service movers mean?

    Let’s say you decided to hire some of the moving companies South Florida and opted for a full service moving. Moving door-to-door – or key in hand -means that you, as an owner, contact the moving company. Then you agree on the financial and any specific relocation conditions and the rest is up to the movers.

    van - hiring full service movers
    What hiring full service movers mean?

    This includes all activities in the moving process, like the following:

    • preparing your things for transportation. This can include specific requests such as piano moving, antiques or valuables
    • packing things with quality wrapping and packaging materials
    • office moving with all office materials and furniture
    • disassembling the furniture and bulky things
    • loading your items into a van or truck
    • transporting things to a new address
    • unloading and transferring to new premises
    • furniture and technics installation

    Therefore, for complete comfort, you avoid all the stress, effort, and to be honest – waste of time. Just imagine all that you can do while the moving company is doing everything for you. You can even go on holiday, and once you’re back, all your things are simply moved to another location.

    Why opt for hiring full service movers?

    People in Florida live a quick life, trying to devote more time to family, friends or simply enjoying life to the fullest. However, moving is an indispensable part of the life cycle, so why not make it easier for yourself? That’s where hiring full service movers get in. You are moving to Fort Lauderdale? No problem, movers are there, know every street in the area and don’t bother you with 1000 questions. But how do this works? Firstly, you need to give movers your trust, and the exact day of the move. Secondly, you have to decide how are you going to spend your precious time enjoying it while movers do all the work.

    Give movers your trust, and the exact day of the move

    How does hiring full service movers look like?

    Once you decide to hire full moving services Florida you give movers a key. Then they move all the furniture from your apartment or your office space to a new address. Of course, in this case, movers will do all the necessary preparations for you. The packaging is done according to your previously stated instructions. All things are protected by bubble wrap foil, and then stored in appropriate boxes for moving. The furniture is disassembled and well protected, not to damage it in the moving process.

    What if you need more?

    Upon arrival at the new address, hiring full service movers also gives you the possibility to enter, install, and place the furniture into your new home according to your instructions. Also, you can be there to make sure that movers bring in the furniture and position it the way you want it to be. So, you can be present and give instructions on-site. In this way, you may feel safer if you attend the key stages of your move. But – this is not all. Movers can also help you unpack the relocated items, bringing them to the rooms you want them to be in. So all the dirty work is done for you, and you don’t have to think about the mess and cleaning up.

    Movers can also help you unpack the relocated items

    How to choose the right moving company?

    Competition in this area indicates that you should carefully think which company will you hire. Firstly, it has to be a company that has gained your trust. After that, it has to be a company that has a long tradition and a significant number of satisfied users in their services. Based on this, you can make a summary of the benefits that moving company offers:

    • All of your valuables are safe and you feel good knowing they will take care of your relocation process
    • you know that your furniture will be professionally disassembled and reassembled at the new address
    • Movers do packaging for you and you feel comfortable leaving them your items
    • Both the furniture and other values will be adequately protected and packaged
    • The move will be over in one day – or in the shortest time possible

    If all of this is confirmed, then it’s just up to you how to use your moving day in a better and more pleasant way.

    How are you saving money?

    You may not think that you are saving money hiring full service movers but think again. If you want to save on moving, you will need to pull up your sleeves and take screwdrivers and hammers. You will disable the furniture yourself and then reassemble it after moving. You will also need to do all packing and unpacking yourself. And trust us, you never learn that in any school! Another savings may be to rent a packing box and not buy them. However, you will still need to buy at least some protective material, like foils and adhesive tape… So again, spending money instead of saving it.

    Therefore, it’s not impossible to find a great moving company. Just know that hiring full service movers can save you time and money. Honestly, in most cases, it’s much more profitable to hire a moving company then think about every penny you can save in the long run.

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