The Benefits of Having a Climate Controlled Storage Unit in Florida

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    The Benefits of Having a Climate Controlled Storage Unit in Florida

    We all have items that don’t get much use at home. Even valuables that we don’t have the heart to part with, but lack the space to store them. When considering renting a storage unit for your belongings, make sure that it is one that protects them from all of the elements.

    Temperature is the number one concern when you have to store items for a long period of time. Naturally, Florida residents have to contend with extreme heat and fluctuations in humidity. You would be surprised at the items you own which can be destroyed over time by extreme temperatures:

    • Antiques
    • Wood furniture
    • Musical instruments
    • Books
    • Business and personal records, and
    • Fine art

    Extreme temperatures can cause these items to split or warp. Some may even crack if left in an uncontrolled storage unit for too long. Imagine saving your first guitar to hand down to your grandson, only to find the neck cracked in two when you open a case. Even attic conditions can destroy your valuables if the temperature up there reaches extreme degrees.

    Humidity will also affect the items you have kept in storage. Not only does moisture cause damage to wood, it can encourage the growth of mold. This will be devastating to any upholstered furniture you have set aside in storage.

    What Is a Climate Controlled Storage Facility?

    With a climate controlled storage facility, the temperature inside remains ambient at all times. There are no major fluctuations, even between night and day, so the items kept inside are better protected. Most also control the humidity, ensuring that any items kept inside are not exposed to any moisture. Moisture can build up over time in uncontrolled conditions, slowly ruining everything you have inside of a storage unit.

    Why Your Home is Not Good Enough

    The same type of climate control exists inside of most Miami homes, except in those places where you are likely to store items. Attics get extremely hot, even with sophisticated fans and basements are wrought with moisture. Even storing inside of a garage can put your belongings at risk of being exposed to the elements.

    One last thing to consider is the threat of theft or loss in a fire. Climate controlled storage facilities are also heavily monitored by the latest security methods, keeping your stuff protected from burglars. The threat of a fire is also minimized due to the materials used in the facility’s construction, and extensive protective measures such as sprinkler systems.

    If you are holding onto items for their monetary or sentimental value, but worry about keeping them in pristine condition, think about professional storage. So long as the climate is being controlled, you can consider the space an extension of your home, and an ideal spot to keep your most treasured possessions safe and sound.

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