Storing fragile items while moving

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    Sometimes people focus on details or just one part of a large and complicated process. Often, during relocation, a question that worries them is storing fragile items while moving. There are a few safe ways to store your belongings. You can either choose a professional service of moving and storage South Florida or you can properly pack everything by yourself.

    How will you store fragile items when moving?

    First of all, it depends on how many fragile items you need to relocate. Also, will you need a storage Pompano Beach for somewhile? Sometimes if your move-in and move-out days don’t align, you will need to consider renting a storage unit. This is especially important for valuable and fragile items. You don’t want to have them laying in some basement or attic. Hire a professional packing service and you can rest assured that they will pack your fragile items safely. If you don’t have a budget for this, you can try a few tips and pack everything yourself.

    box with fragile items
    Make sure that your fragile items are packed properly

    How to pack fragile items for storage?

    Packing is 90% of successful storage. If you have fragile valuables, it doesn’t really matter whether you will need long-term or short-term storage. You need to do it right in order to minimize the risk of damage. Supply packing materials like moving pads or wrap, old towels or newspapers, filling materials, moving boxes, and tape.

    Moving pads are sturdy

    If you will be storing fragile items while moving, you will need some quality packing supplies. Especially if they are valuable belongings. Moving pads or wraps are designed to keep furniture and other fragile things safe during relocation. They are very dense and sturdy and they will protect your belongings from damage like scratches or breakage. They are not very bendy, so if you need to protect smaller items it is better to use plastic wrap or old newspapers. Just be careful and wrap every item separately.

    It is important to fill the void

    The next step after wrapping is to fill the space between items in a box. If you have secured items with newspaper or plastic wrapping you need to leave as little empty space as possible.  If you leave this to moving services South Florida, they will pack everything for safe transport. With DIY packing, you have to be careful and prepare boxes for transport and handling. Get some filling materials like packing peanuts to fill the void between items in a box. Also, choose the right size of the box. You don’t want a large box with too much empty space. This is a recipe for a disaster.

    packing for a move
    Fill the voids with packing paper

    Use a special package for a particular item

    The best way to protect fragile items is to use a package or box specially designed for that purpose. For example, if you have a vine collection, you can get boxes for bottles. They are divided inside, so each bottle is in its own space. Moving companies Miami Beach usually have packing supplies that you can use so do not hesitate to contact them. Packing is actually the most important part when you are storing fragile items while moving. So take your time and do it properly.

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