Special Conditions that Could Add Dollars to Your Cost of Moving

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    Special Conditions that Could Add Dollars to Your Cost of Moving

    No matter how you look at it, moving in Florida is an expensive undertaking. Even if you opt to do it yourself, you are going to spend more money than you thought. There are a number of unforeseen circumstances and special conditions that will add up to big dollars on your moving bill. To ensure that you have budgeted enough to get you moved into your new home, familiarize yourself with this common moving money pits:

    Packing Supplies: Boxes and a roll of tape are not the only things you need in order to pack your possessions safely. For special and fragile items you might need bubble wrap or other space filling packing material. Large items need special blankets to protect the finish during a move. The cost of packing supplies will add up quickly, especially if you are trying to do it all yourself.

    Your Time: Packing is a time consuming process, and if you need to take time off of work to do it, you could be losing money in the process. Weigh the cost of packing services with a local mover versus the value of your time, and you’ll likely find the movers are offering the best deal.

    Carry Fees: These can come up on moving day if the mover has to park a certain distance away from your front door. If you are moving into an apartment or condo complex, check with the management team to make sure that you are reserved a space as close to your unit as possible on moving day.

    Elevator Fees: Some movers are going to charge you extra if you are moving to an upper floor of a Miami high rise, but they can’t use the elevator. Ask the building manager to reserve you an elevator on your moving day to avoid this fee.

    Insurance: If you rent a truck to move, you are going to be paying for some type of insurance on the truck, but what about your stuff? Insurance is one of those things that we never think we need… until we need it. Having your possessions insured while in transit is one moving expense you should never overlook, especially if you are moving items of considerable value.

    Storage: If there is going to be a lapse in time between moving out and moving in, you will have storage costs to think about. Even one night with a moving company can add a major burden to your moving budget. If your local move in Florida is not going to be one day event, consider a moving company that provides short term storage at a reasonable price.

    Anticipating costs before you move will help you in making cost effective choices in how you move. Don’t jump into a do it yourself plan right away based on a money saving perception. Once you factor in all of the other costs, a local moving company and full service packing will come out as a budget friendly alternative.

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