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    Living in a small apartment surely has its advantages. Small apartment packing is the best when you have to relocate. You can rest assured that you will pack your home in no time. If you hire one of the best moving companies South Florida has to offer, you can save some money on relocation and pack everything yourself. However, there are some downsides when you are packing a small apartment. Check to see the best way to pack for a move.

    How long does small apartment packing take?

    The best advice that people can get regarding packing, is to leave enough time for packing. Unless you are a professional, you will take a lot of time. This is even for the small apartment. So, if you aren’t packing in a hurry, you should leave at least a week or two to pack.

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    Leave enough time for packing, because it always takes longer when you are a beginner.

    If you need to pack in a hurry you should know how long it usually takes to pack:

    • Studio apartment – one day or approximately twelve hours
    • Two bedrooms – 2-3 days

    If you want to take time and slowly pack your apartment while decluttering, make sure you leave twice as much time.

    Where to start with small apartment packing?

    Usually, it is best to start to pack the least used rooms or areas of the home. However, when you live in a small place, there aren’t many areas that you don’t use often. In that case, you could start with packing extras like sheets, linens, towels, and similar belongings. If you are moving long distances, make sure that you pack with you, an extra sheet or blanket, just in case you get there late so you can sleep without unpacking. Everything else will be in transport with your long distance movers Miami except these necessary belongings that you will carry. After that, you could pack other belongings following the same pattern – save for last the mostly used belongings. And don’t forget to label your boxes, especially if you don’t have any particular order of packing.

    When you have no room to pack

    When you live in a really small space and you don’t have an extra room, you need to be creative with your small space. Move your furniture to one side, so you have clear space for packing. You will need floor space to pack boxes or wrap items freely. If your movers Fort Lauderdale FL offer packing services, it will be easier. Professionals have enough experience and tools to organize your move smoothly and efficiently.

    Man taping a box and thinking about the small apartment packing
    Any flat and clear area will come in handy in small apartment packing.

    Planning is everything when it comes to small homes

    Organize and plan the packing process, before you begin. Make sure that you arrange packing supplies within arm’s reach. Especially if it is a crowded place, with no extra room. Measure your furniture and see if it will go through doors all in one piece.

    The same thing stands for your new home if it is small as well. Measure everything before you carry the furniture inside. If you are hiring local movers South Florida has to offer, inform them about any special items they need to transport in advance. Small apartment packing is all about good organization.



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