Simplify Moving Your Bedroom in 8 Easy Steps

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    Simplify Moving Your Bedroom in 8 Easy Steps

    The bedrooms in your home contain your most valued and personal possessions. To make sure that they all arrive at your new house in perfect condition without causing undue stress, follow these 8 simple steps leading up to moving day:

    1. Start by sorting and packing the bedrooms that are not being used, like the guest rooms. Set aside any items you won’t be bringing with you, and store the rest in boxes ready for moving day. This gives you some out of the way space to store other filled moving boxes as you get closer to your moving day.
    2. Get everyone involved in sorting through their own rooms. Even your kids can make piles of toys and clothes that they no longer want or need. Give everyone a smaller box to put what they consider essential to have, and have them put any items that they absolutely must have with them for their first night in the new home. These boxes will be kept separate from what goes on the moving truck, making them easy to access at all times as you move in.
    3. Pack your clothes into wardrobe boxes so that they don’t wrinkle. About 2 feet of closet space will fit inside of each box, so plan accordingly. For clothes that don’t wrinkle, leave them on their hangers and double fold them into a larger moving box. You can usually leave the clothes you have inside of the dresser drawers, so long as you secure the drawers with type so that they don’t open. Ask your movers first however, as some dressers may be too heavy to lift if they are left full.
    4. Shoes can be wrapped inside of paper and then placed carefully inside of a medium sized box. Try not to stack too many to avoid crushing. If you have room on the top, use the space for lightweight items like a blanket or your pillows.
    5. Put any jewelry inside of a secure box that is small enough for you to take with you. If you are moving a large amount of expensive jewelry on the moving van, you will need to let the movers know about this beforehand.
    6. Mirrors and pictures on the wall might need special boxes to protect the glass. Your moving company will help you in choosing the right sized boxes to ensure that nothing is broken in transit. Small glass items should be wrapped carefully inside of bubble wrap and packed in a small box that is marked fragile.
    7. Beds have to be broken down, with the mattresses stored inside of a specialty box or bag. Use twine or tape to secure the bed frames together so that they don’t get mixed up in your new house. Dresser drawers will either be emptied or taped to the dresser, depending on how heavy it is to move.
    8. Save money by using large plastic bags for your bedding and pillows. Label these using white masking tape so that you know which one contains the blankets for each room.

    With your bedroom materials packed and labeled carefully, getting your personal space set up in your new home should be easy. These steps are designed to make sure that you and your entire family are able to get comfortable fast after moved in.

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