Should you hire movers when moving next door?

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    If you are thinking about moving next door without hiring movers, think again. Moving next door is as complicated as every other relocation. Ok, if you are literally moving into an apartment next to yours then maybe you could manage without hiring movers. In this case, you could probably move even without packing. But in every other situation hiring North Miami Beach movers will be your only smart solution. Moving next door can be even more challenging than a long distance move. It really depends how far you have to carry your belongings. If you are moving down the street or to a building across the street things are going to get complicated. Moving next door only sounds easy but in reality, it is as complex as every other relocation.

    Why do you need movers when moving next door

    Moving companies are not just trucks that carry people’s belongings from point A to point B. They are specialized in providing a full range of moving services. If you hire full-service movers your only duty will be to pay them, everything else is their concern. So whether you are moving next door or you are moving to Fort Lauderdale from Miami, for example, hiring North Miami Beach movers will be the smartest thing to do. When you are moving next door maybe you will not need a moving truck. But there are many other things that a moving company could do to help you.

    Here is a list of services that moving companies provide:

    • Packing your stuff. This is one of the things you will have to do even when you are moving next door.
    • Disassembling your furniture. It can be complicated if you don’t have the right tools and skills, so let your movers help you.
    • Loading and unloading a moving truck.
    • A moving company can equip you with packing materials and other necessary moving supplies.
    • Transportation
    • Renting storage units. If you have a need for a storage unit you should rent a good and reliable storage Miami Beach
    • Relocation planning and time estimation
    Storage units for rent
    If you have excess stuff you will need a storage unit.

    What to expect when moving next door

    How complicated your next door moving is going to depend on several aspects. Most importantly it depends on the size of your new home and distance from your previous home. And maybe most significant, floors on which are the two homes located. If both homes are ground level houses at least you won’t need to carry your stuff down the stairs and up again. As you can imagine, that can be very hard and tiring. When it comes to moving from and to a 10th-floor apartment, for example, hiring movers can be a lifesaver. Don’t try to carry big furniture by yourself, you could damage your stuff or worse, you could get seriously injured. So leave this job to the professionals.

    Should you hire movers when you are moving down the street

    When you are moving just down the street and you’re moving from a house to a house you could probably manage to move without hiring a moving company. If you can carry your stuff on foot and you have friends to help you there won’t be too many complications. Although you could probably manage to move on your own in this situation you should know that it will require hard physical work.

    Moving next door to your old house
    Hire a moving company even if you are moving next door

    So if you really want to save some money by not hiring a moving company, you should prepare your muscles for some heavy exercise. If the amount of money you will save is worth it then go for it. But remember if you hire a moving company they can pack, carry and unpack your stuff quickly and professionally. It is a much easier option and it will help you to avoid stress and hard work.

    Should you hire movers when moving to the next door apartment

    If you are literally moving to an apartment next to yours you could probably do just fine without a moving company. You will only need one or two persons to help you carry the heavy furniture and it would be easy to move your stuff next door. You probably wouldn’t need to pack your stuff either. But hiring a moving company is always a good option even if you are just moving next door. So if you are thinking to hire a moving company any way you should hire a company with good and reliable credentials. Search the internet and read the forums or websites comments to find the best Florida moving companies to hire.

    Should you hire movers when you are moving a few stories up or down

    This is the situation where you should definitely hire a moving company. If your furniture has to go up and down the stairs, things are going to get very complicated and somewhat dangerous.

    Stairs can be a big challenge during a move
    Carrying heavy furniture down the stairs can be dangerous

    Please do not try to do this on your own and find a good a reputable local moving company to do this for you. Just imagine what you will go through if you try to carry your bulky and heavy furniture up or down the stairs. The result could be damaged or destroyed items, damage to building walls or you injured in a hospital. Don’t test your luck, for some things you just need to hire professionals.

    Should you hire movers when moving next door – Moving to a smaller place

    When you are moving to a smaller place than you previously used you will probably need a moving company by your side. If you are moving to a smaller next door apartment or a house maybe carrying your belongings wouldn’t be too difficult. But what will you do with your excess stuff? When you are moving to a smaller space there will be items that can’t fit into your new home. So you will need to rent a storage unit. Maybe your new home is just next door but your storage north Miami beach probably won’t be so close. And you will need someone to transport your excess items to the storage facility. Maybe someone with a moving truck?

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