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    Owning a small business has been tough in recent years. And everyone is trying to cut the costs. One of the most popular ways of reducing business expenses is shared office space. Of course, people use shared office space not only to reduce overhead expenses. There are many more benefits in using “coworking” office space. So if you decide to move your business from your home to a shared space there is a good chance that it will help your business grow. Moving an office is not a complicated task if you only have a chair and a computer to move. Even if you need to relocate a big office with lots of furniture it’s not going to be a problem with the help of office moving companies Fort Lauderdale.

    Think before you decide on using a shared office space

    Think about all the pros and cons before you decide on whether to move your work to a shared space or not. Besides many benefits of using shared office space, there are many possible problems, too. So before you make a mistake inform yourself about the possible complications when using a shared space for your business. You don’t want to move your business, sometimes even to another state, to realize that it was a mistake. Hiring New York to Florida movers for your office is not going to be cheap. So it is very important to make the right decision. The following lines should help you to make the right choice for your business.

    Benefits of using a shared office space

    • Overhead cost reduces. Shared office space reduces your overhead costs;
    • Working with different people;
    • Removes home office distractions;
    • The shared office will boost your overall productivity.

    Reduce overhead costs when using a shared office space

    As mentioned earlier there are many benefits in using shared office space. And the reduction in overhead costs is the most obvious one. You can decide on renting an office space for just a few days a month or by the hour. Or you can use the internet and social networks to find people with similar needs and team up with them to share rent. Not only on rent but by using a shared office you will save money on utilities and office supplies.

    Shared offices with desks and computers
    Using a shared office space could save you a lot of money

    If you are just starting your own small business reducing overhead costs is very important.

    Working with different people

    Although working with strangers could be considered a downside by some people. In this section, you will see why it could be a good thing. Of course, depending on the people you are working with you could end up learning some new skills or finding new ideas for your business.

    Shared office space is good for creating new business strategies.
    Shared office space will help you meet new people

    And you will probably start making some new friends in the process. That is how many successful companies started. So, working with different people could turn out to be a huge benefit in the end.

    Home office distractions

    If your current office is located in your home you know about the benefits of building a home office, as well as the distractions that are coming from your kids or your spouse. Moving your home office to a shared space could be a solution. But this only applies to shared offices with fewer people. And if you have people who are working on their own separate projects and have no need to communicate often.

    Boosting your productivity

    Sharing a working place with other people is going to boost your productivity. You will get inspiration from your coworkers. And motivation is also a very important aspect of growing your business. Of course, getting inspiration and motivation from your coworkers is most probable if you are working with people with similar interests.

    Problems with using a shared office space

    • There will be many distractions if you share an office with too many people;
    • If you have a home operated business using a shared office will cost you more;
    • Lack of privacy;
    • Possible health issues.

    Shared office distractions

    If you move to a shared office with ten or twenty people you can’t hope for peace and quiet. That is why you should find an office with no more than 5 people working together. Even 5 people could be too much. If you have, for example, two people who are working on the same project and they need to communicate frequently. Or there is a loud guy who likes to make jokes while working. So either you look for a place with not so many people or a place with sound barriers. Or maybe the simplest solution could be to use headphones if you can work while listening to music.

    Shared office space could increase your expenses

    If you have a home office than using a shared office space will increase your expenses.

    Small home office
    Operating your business from a small home office is cheaper

    Operating your business from your home is cheaper. Renting a shared office space is only reducing costs if you were renting an office by yourself.

    Privacy issues

    If you are used to operating your business from your home maybe you will have trouble sharing a working place with strangers. If you have a need for more privacy you could look for offices with separated boots where you can isolate.

    Possible health problems

    Sharing a space with many people brings a possibility of disease spreading. Especially in the winter time when there are regular flu epidemics. It does not mean you have to be paranoid or hypochondriac but it has to be mentioned as one of the cons of working in a shared environment.

    Hiring a moving company to help you move your business

    As you can see there are many reasons for you to decide to move your business to a shared office space. But on the other hand, there is a number of reasons not to. If you decide to move your business to a new space hiring long distance movers Miami could ease your task. If your whole business is on your laptop than you don’t need to hire a moving company. But in any other case, it should be on top of your priority list when moving an office.

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