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Packing and Unpacking – That’s a Wrap

We want your move to go as smooth as possible. We will handle the packing and unpacking for you including supplying the boxes, bubble wrap and packaging tape. We want you to be 100 % satisfied.

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12 Free Moving Boxes

Once you have decided to use our packing and unpacking services we will give 12 medium boxes absolutely free.

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6 Free Large Boxes

If 12 medium boxes is not enough we will give you also 6 large wardrobe moving boxes absolutely free.

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Free Packing

If your move is going to cost over $5,000 we will throw in the professional packing free of charge.

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Free Unpacking

Do you want free unpacking services? On all local moves over $4,000 we will unpack for you absolutely free.

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Because It Is Special To You

We know that your belongings are important to you and we want you to have a stress free relocation. So our staff will pack, categorize, label and even clean and arrange your things for you. We are a full service moving company. We will also create a plan for you that will suit your budget.

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Proper Packing Provides Hassle-Free Safety & Security

Faulty packing can end up in your belongings breaking along the way or getting bumps and scratches and sometimes even items getting lost. If you are relocating your family or even a business, it is upper important that you have perfect packing and packaging especially for the delicate items.

Our packing and unpacking service ensures that everything will reach your new venue safely and quickly. Not only that but it will also take a huge load of your shoulders and minimize the stress factor. Our staff will pack, categorize, label and even clean and arrange your things for you.

If you do decide to do some packing we will move your boxes as safely as possible but if something gets broken because it wasn’t packed properly we do take it personally. It has taken many years for us to perfect our packing services and we want to provide that to you as well. We will work according to your guidelines so you will have full control.
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Affordable Packing / Unpacking

Our packing and unpacking services are actually quite inexpensive, considering how much time you will save and the stress you will eliminate from your relocation. We can provide a full service or partial service as you choose. Our experienced packers have learned how to pack everything strategically. They categorize and label everything and make sure that your belongings are packed in the safest way possible. Once in your new home or office, we will unpack and place your items as per your direction.


In order to provide you with a quick and safe move, we know exactly how to pack each and every item, from a straw hat to furniture to breakable electronics. With our experience we will be able to relieve your stress and hope you actually can have an enjoyable move.


Moving a business can be super stressful, taking into consideration that every second that you are not working is creating a hole in your income. We want to relieve this stress for you by minimizing your down time. Our professional packers will come in and quickly and carefully pack your computers, documents, fragile items and furniture- and make sure you get to your new premises quickly and safely with as little down time as possible.

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You’ve made a wise (and stress-reducing) choice in selecting our professional packing and unpacking services. Now, check out our exclusive moving calculator to learn exactly how affordable our exceptional services are!

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