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With its proximity to the sea and friendly atmosphere, it’s no wonder you would want to keep your move local in Surfside. Luckily with Orange Movers you can change your Surfside address without any of the hassle that usually comes with moving. Our local moving deals and packages will cater to your specific needs, and fit perfectly within your budget. Just because your move is just down the street, doesn’t mean you have to break your own back to get your things there.

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Moving in Surfside?

Residential Moving

If our experience has taught us one thing, it’s that no two Surfside homes are alike. With Orange Movers, you get a team of pros who take the time to learn what you have, and what you need, before getting you prepared to move. Rest assured that your moving package with us will be custom fit to suit your circumstance and home’s size.

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Commercial Relocation

Commercial Relocations in Surfside can be as simple as moving a few desks and chairs, to strategizing how to get an entire inventory from one warehouse to the next. Get in touch with the commercial relocation experts at Orange Movers as fast as you can, so that we can come up with a plan to get your local business move underway.

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Speciality Moves

Fine art, wine collections or your favorite foosball table all take a special finesse to move. We have dealt with thousands of invaluable, heavy and awkward belongings, and know what it takes to get them from your point A to B without any harm. If you have a possession that you think is not possible to move, Orange Movers has the solution you are searching for.

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The Savings With Local Moving
Is Not Just Felt in Your Wallet

Your time and energy are just as valuable as your money is, and can be saved ten-fold when you choose full service moving in Surfside. Imagine professionals boxing up your possessions with care, loading them onto a truck, and then unwrapping the packing paper so that you can set up home. Your time and energy is much better spent planning your future in your new home, and letting us take care of the hard stuff.

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Local Moving Services in Surfside
That You Didn’t Even Know You Needed

Orange Movers provides more than just local and long distance moving in Southern Florida. We have built a state of the art storage facility that allows for short and long term solutions to your extra stuff. Set aside inside of our climate controlled facility, your belongings remain safe and sound until you’re ready for them. One month free storage is just one of the many perks you get when you choose Orange Movers. Call our offices now to learn about secure storage as a part of your local moving package in Surfside.

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Other Perks You are Going to Like

With Orange Movers, your satisfaction really does mean the world to us. We go above and beyond basic local moving services to ensure that you are getting your money’s worth. There’s that storage facility if you need it, plus we offer special discounts for moving inside of Surfside. Small savings add up fast, especially when you are moving, so you’ll appreciate those free boxes we throw in as a part of your deal. These little extras are our way of saying thanks for choosing us to move with.

When you call to set up an on-site quote, don’t forget to ask the expert what kinds of moving deals meet your circumstance. Local moving within a certain radius could qualify you to have a big discount taken off your total price.

There’s More to Packing Then Just Throwing it in a Box

There is a right and wrong way to pack your items, even with a quick local move. The wrong way ends with you needing new plates, lost toys, and scratched furniture. The right way ends with you sipping on a cup of coffee, while Orange Movers unwraps your China collection fully intact. Packing and unpacking should be a part of your moving package if you want to make sure that all of it is done right. We provide the boxes, along with the bubble wrap and tape, you just need to give us the stuff to start wrapping away.

Put your belongings in the hands of the experts right from the start, and you can count on them be handled with pristine care. Our packing and unpacking service is invaluable, especially when you have lots of stuff, and little time to get to it.

Our Service Areas Include Surfside Neighborhoods
Surrounding Cities & Towns

With Orange Movers Local Moving is Fun Again

Pods and Uhauls only make for more work than you were counting on. Not only is up to you to get everything inside in one piece, you have to make the transport and then start on the unpacking. Who has time for all that, when the multiple Surfside beaches are calling your name. Have a little fun when you move, by letting us take care of all of the work.

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