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The lakeside serenity of North Miami makes it an optimal town to call home. Let that serenity be a part of moving to this stunning suburb by picking a moving company that makes moving fun. Orange Movers is a full service moving company, specializing in stress-free moves for families, singles, businesses and more. Call us today and find out which one of our special priced packages is going to make moving in or from North Miami fun.

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Moving the whole house is often a very stressful life moment. Fortunately, moving companies can help you here. They provide a wide range of moving services to make your move as simple as possible. Find out about the details of services that North Miami movers provide.

What services do North Miami movers offer?

Relocation truck with image of office on it - our North Miami movers handle commercial moves as well.
You are not sure how movers in North Miami can exactly help you with your move?

Here you will find descriptions of the moving services that are available. North Miami movers can help you with anything that you might need. From small house moves to storage in North Miami Beach, they can do it all.

Services that movers North Miami offer are:

  • Residential moving
  • Commercial moving
  • Moving furniture
  • Packing services
  • Packing materials
  • Special moves
  • Piano moving
  • Disassembly/assembly
  • Storage
  • Insurance
  • Administrative Services

Residential moving

North Miami movers will put your household items in their truck and bring them to a new location. Regardless of whether your move includes a short 2-mile trip or a 200-mile trip to another city, professional long distance movers Florida will efficiently and safely carry your items to your new home. Completely trained, experienced and specialized movers North Miami make moving the house as easy and stress-free as possible.

Commercial moving

For businesses that want to move their office, North Miami movers also offer specialized services for office moves. Moving offices or commercial premises, if not properly handled, can be extremely distracting and lead to loss of productivity.

Fortunately, North Miami moving companies have expertise, equipment and strategies, such as storage facilities, employee transfer programs, and technology migration.

Moving furniture

If you just need to move several pieces of furniture, then North Miami movers can handle that also. They have the knowledge and skills to safely transport your items. Thanks to special equipment and packaging technologies, your furniture will arrive at its destination in its original state.

Full setup living room, with shelves and furniture and books...
No matter what your furniture consists of, North Miami movers can handle it

Packing services

We all know that one of the most boring and tedious tasks of moving is packing. It can be monotonous and, depending on what you move, exhausting.

However, if you leave this to North Miami movers, then you can spend your valuable time on other important issues. The movers have the proper packing equipment to ensure that your items move safely.

Packing materials

If you prefer to do the packing yourself, then you can buy packing materials. In addition, some companies include the packing materials in their packing service. Thus, it is important to have a general idea of the prices.

Special moves

Some large items, like cabinets, require special equipment and more movers. Furniture cranes are usually necessary for the safe transport of these large items. In addition, antique or fragile things, such as paintings, dishes or family heirlooms, require additional protective measures to ensure that your precious objects are not damaged. Therefore, North Miami movers have a special offer for fine art and antique moving.

Piano moving

Very often request is to move the piano. These heavy instruments need extra care since a slight knock can detune the piano, adding additional costs for tuning. To ensure that your piano arrives in your new home intact, you need appropriate equipment for wrapping and lifting. And this is something that North Miami movers usually provide. Get piano moving services Florida, and you can be sure that your piano will be safe.


To make your packing even faster, the movers have a service where they will disassemble any furniture that you designate. Thus, they can quickly pack it in boxes, speeding up the entire process of moving. In addition, movers can reassemble any furniture that will allow you to quickly settle in your new home.

North Miami movers
We will assemble your furniture as soon as we get to your new place


If you cannot get the keys to your house because of unforeseen circumstances, or if you just need a place to store some things, while you are preparing your new home, then you can use the storage facilities. Some moving companies have their own storage facilities with features such as 24-hour self-service, video surveillance or container storage.


The best moving companies are proud to be able to safely transport you and your items. They do their best to make sure that nothing goes wrong. However, we understand that there are some events that are not in our hands. That’s why companies have insurance policies that go beyond the responsibility of movers. They can cover the cost of your goods, the cost of replacement or total loss.

Why should you hire North Miami movers?

All services that moving companies offer allow you to fully adapt your moving package to your needs. Regardless of whether you need full home moving service or just transport for several pieces of furniture, professional movers have a solution for you.

Why hire us as your North Miami movers?

When you need to hire professionals for your move, there are some requirements they need to meet. First of all, they need to have the right equipment to pack and transport all your belongings. Secondly, their experience is really important. If they are new in business, that does not have to mean they are bad. But, simply, you do not want your move to be one of the first they perform. Then, they need to have a professional approach. Moving is a really stressful event, and the last thing you need is rude movers. They should show you that they are handling it without problems. And, most importantly, they need to be reliable. Your belongings are something you want to save, so hiring the right movers is extremely important.

Choose us to get a fully professional service

Orange Movers Miami meet all the requirements for a professional moving company. If you choose us as your North Miami movers, then you can be sure your move will be safe and stress-free.

Moving In or Out of North Miami?
When You Relocate With Orange Movers
Your Possessions are In Reliable Hands

Residential Moving

Families come in all shapes and sizes, just like the homes that house them. The Orange Movers team recognizes the uniqueness of each customer, and works to plan a move that satisfies all of your needs. This includes low price moving packages that have us doing all the heavy lifting, while you worry about the important things – like what color to paint your picket fence. Call us today and ask about our local moving special, where you can get a month of free storage and 10 sturdy boxes for free to transport your valuables in.

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Commercial Relocation

The close proximity to the city of Miami makes North Miami prime real estate for businesses of all sizes. Whether you are looking to take advantage of the tourist crowd, or need more space for your stock, Orange Movers will help you get your entire operation operating under a new North Miami roof. We know the importance of getting a commercial location set up quickly, and strive to make our business customers happy with a quick moving service. With Orange Movers expect to be awed by how fast we have you back in business in North Miami.

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Speciality Moves

Choose the team that has the special skills needed to move your specialty items. Moving delicate works of art, awkward and heavy statues, and even that large screen TV may seem like hard work to you, but not to us. With our friendly staff of professional movers no item is too big, or too heavy, to bring to your new North Miami home. All it takes is a little brain power, some extra packing material and a lot of careful handling to move any of your specialty items. Call us now if you think your special moving needs are too much for a moving company to handle.

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Local Moving in Miami

When You’re Moving Your Whole World
You Want a Company That the World Trusts

We hear all of the time how our new customers came to us on the advice of a friend. Being recommended is the highest form of flattery, and we make sure it is well deserved every time. When your world of friends and family has successfully put their trust in us, you can trust that it will be the same for you. Plan your move with Orange Movers, and we guarantee you’ll be raving about us afterwards too.

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Why Orange Movers Is Able to Put the Fun In Moving

We believe that moving should be a good experience, not a stressful one. We want you to have the time to wrap up your old memories and make space for your new ones. Our full service moving options give you that time. Starting with the first item, we carefully fill your moving boxes, transport them to your new North Miami locale, and then help you get them set up again. Moving should be a fun time for a family, and with Orange Movers in charge of the hard work, it will be.

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How Do We Compare?

We know that you are comparing our prices and services to Do-It-Yourself options and other North Miami moving companies. We can already tell you that your valuables are not always safe inside of a portable storage unit, and renting a truck to move your own stuff is not worth the high price. The full service move that we offer is not nearly as costly as it appears to be. Ask about local moving specials when you give us a call, and get a better idea of why we always compare better than the rest.

A Direct and Friendly Approach

Your main concern is price, and that’s understandable. Moving to North Miami is not a cheap undertaking. Of course you want money left over for those small incidentals. Our quotes are as accurate as possible, with no hidden costs buried in the fine print. Our online pricing calculator is just a start, call us for an in home appointment to meet with a friendly member of our team. They’ll give you the details of our moving package, and the great price that goes along with it.

Our Service Areas Include North Miami Neighborhoods

  • Fulford
  • Government Center
  • Eastern Shores
  • Pickwick

  • Uleta
  • Allen Park
  • Aqua Bowl

  • West Dixie Industrial
  • Biscayne North
  • Biscayne South

  • City Center
  • University Park
  • Highland Village

  • Monticello
  • Oak Grove
  • Carl Byour

  • Pan Uleta
  • Skylake
  • Sun Ray East
  • Sun Ray West

Surrounding Cities & Towns

High Quality Moving Services Prices You are Comfortable With

Prepare to be amazed at just how full our moving services are, and at a price that you can afford. We offer a number of pricing options and plans that won’t break your new house bank, and won’t leave you doing all of the work. Call Orange Movers now and see for yourself what a comfortable move really looks like.

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