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How can you be stressed when moving to a city that literally invites you to “look at the sea” by its name? Let us take care of the work of moving your possessions to your new home, while you start taking in the sights. Included in our moving services are professional packing, shipping, storing (if you need it) and placement in your new abode. Our moving experts will take impeccable care of your personal items, at a price that is as comfortable as your new home will be.

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Miramar (as the name implies) is the capital of the Boward country. The city itself has about 120k inhabitants. Most of them enjoy the sun, the beach, and the sand. Now, there are many places where you can find these. So, what can you find in Miramar that would pique your attention? A reliable moving company, of course! We’re your Miramar movers, and we’re here to take you and your stuff for a ride all the way to the beautiful tropical destination called Miramar.

Who we are and what do we do

We’re a moving company based in Florida. Of course, Miramar is not our main outpost, considering that we started in Miami, however, we have placed outposts and storage units all across Florida. As your Miramar movers, we’ve made sure that we have an office and storage network that spans several counties. If you’re in Florida, chances are we’re nearby, so give us a knock or a ring every time you need reliable Miramar movers! We’ve been in business for several years, which means that we’ve fulfilled a set of standards, demands an expectations, which…

We’re a moving company that satisfies all the necessary standards

If you need to move on a budget with cheap movers Miami or Miramar has to offer, then you need to look no further. It stands as true that in a free market system, the quality of service is roughly proportional to price… but only roughly. You may find an excellent moving company that is willing to charge you less for a higher quality service. Such companies have a tendency to beat the competition in the long run.

Sunny beachesin Florida like this one never run out of customers for our Miramar movers.
Florida, being the wonderful, cheerful place that it is, never runs out of customers for our Miramar movers.

We are regulated to the fullest extent

Now, every industry faces regulation, and even something as inconspicuous as moving is tightly regulated. The reason for this is that there are businesses with problematic practices everywhere. We’re regulated by the Department of Transportation, American Moving and Storage Association and Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration.

Aside from these standards, we have a much tougher standard to fulfill. Customers tend to choose the best quality service available at the lowest price available, and we find that we neatly fit the bill. We look to make things easier for everyone involved. You would think that the customers would just want the job done, but no – they want it to be spotless and perfect. And if we’re not going to do it, someone else will, and we lose a customer. That’s why we want to be the best moving company in Florida – we cannot afford to be the 2nd.

Over time, good businesses tend to spread

And, as a result, we have a network all across Florida, although we carry out our operations much further than simply one state. This is a result of our business proficiency. So, you’ll understand that we’re not Miramar movers only – but we’re the best Miramar movers and the best movers out there that you will find.

As your local Miramar movers, we offer a whole slew of moving services

To put it simply, if you need it moved, we can do it. We don’t care how big it is, how many times do we need to come back to pick more stuff, or how many trucks we need to bring in order to fill everything. We don’t care about the distance either. If you need it moved to Mars, we can do it. Of course, we shall do it in the easiest and most practical way possible.

We can move you anywhere - and we do so via beachside roads such as this one.
We can and will get you anywhere – but who would want to move out of a place as lovely as Florida?

We are primarily long distance Miramar movers

Most of the moving services we do are long distance moves. This means that we do long distance relocation from point A to point B – but it’s much more complex than it sounds. For example, long-distance relocations mean that it takes much more time and determination to complete the relocation. It often means that our crew and our drivers have to take longer breaks. However, we’re more than just well-equipped for the job.

Commerical relocation is another forte of ours

But the above doesn’t mean that we don’t offer other services, such as corporate relocation. Corporations are our very common clients. When a corporation is faced with a relocation, it usually means that there’s a whole lot of stuff that needs moving. Thankfully, your Miramar movers are here to assist with the tough stuff, which is:

  • Important files – things like financial reports, employee and customer data need to be well-protected;
  • Computer hardware – it’s always sensitive, especially if we’re talking about big LCD screens, projectors, and such;
  • Office material, wardrobes, chairs, tables, etc.
Downtown Miami, as shown here, is a place corporations often ask our Miramar movers to move their offices to
Corporations often ask local Miramar movers to move their offices to the center of Miami.

We are also experienced in moving fine arts and musical instruments

Fine arts moving is a specific branch that requires subtlety and care. A damaged painting is worth more than just it’s worth in dollars – it also possesses sentimental value. This is why we take a few extra steps to protect fine arts from permanent or irreparable damage. Fine arts are landmarks of a creative mind, and it would be a crying shame if those were to go to waste. It is for this reason that you should hire your reliable Miramar movers.

Did we mention that we also move musical instruments? Musical instruments are works of art in themselves. It is for this reason that we want to protect them the best way we can. They are also used to help brilliant minds express their ideas about the world through their music. For this reason, we give them special protection, both during moving and in storage.

And, let us not forget our storage services

If you’re looking for good but affordable storage South Florida has to offer, then look no further. We’ve got you covered. Our storage units are tightly controlled and maximum security. They possess optimum atmospheric conditions and the best available protection. So why don’t you give us a ring? Contact your Miramar movers today!

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Residential Moving

Put what matters most to you in the hands of professionals from start to finish. Residential moving into or out of Miramar does not have to be stressful when you hand the job over to affordable professionals. From the time we pack the first box until the last that is opened at your new home, we treat your possessions with the same loving care that we treat our own. Get a quote today and see just how much of a stress free move you get with our affordable prices.

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Commercial Relocation

Growth is the reason behind building a business, and when yours has gotten too big for its building we are right there, ready to move you to your next. Commercial moving is a massive undertaking, but with our moving precision, you will be back up and running without missing a deadline. Dozens of large companies are now making Miramar home, and if you’re looking to become the next, than our full service moving services can help.

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Speciality Moves

Having something unique that needs to be moved? Nothing phases our relocation experts. Moving fragile, heavy and strangely shaped items are our specialty, and we have the knowledge and skills to get anything anywhere. Even that baby grand you’ve got tucked away in the corner. Plasma TVs, expensive works of art and antique furniture are all handled with kid’s gloves, so that they arrive in your new Miramar home in the exact same condition they left your old home in.

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Local Moving in Miami

Movers You Can Trust To Take Special Care of Your Valuables

More than half of our clients have either used us before, or have been referred by a friend. We are proud of the trust our customers bestow unto us, and work diligently with each moving job to keep on earning it. When you ask us to take care of your Miramar moving and storage jobs, you can rest assured that the safe delivery of your possessions is our number one priority.

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The Orange Movers Mission
Make Each and Every Move an Exceptional One

Moving into a new home should be exciting, not exhausting. With our door to door moving service, you do the directing and we do the work. Our team of moving experts get your items securely packed, loaded and on to their destination, where the process is reversed at double time. All this work, while you get to dream about the new colors for your new bedroom walls. Make the most of this exciting move, by letting us take on the hard work.

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Making the Move to Miramar

Miramar has come a long way since its early small town days. Now a small metropolitan just minutes from the sea, there is always a place to be and be seen. When you’re ready to make this your new neighborhood, trust in our services to get your stuff safely there. Our reputation is impeccable when it comes to providing courteous, dependable and affordable moving services, all of which is backed by our personal guarantee of exceptional service.

Orange Movers Special Solutions

Every home is different, and every move to a new one unique, making getting to know you a priority in our moving processes. Our full service moving in Miramar includes packing and unpacking, storage solutions for when your stuff is too much for your house, and special rates and services for the senior community. Whatever you think your moving troubles may be, we have already come up with a solution for them.

Our Service Areas Include Miramar Neighborhoods

  • Bristol Bay
  • Claremont
  • Flamingo Estates
  • Huntington Gardens

  • Miramar/Flamingo
  • Miramar Park
  • Miramar Patio Homes
  • Miramar Pkwy

  • Miramar Town Center
  • Monarch Lakes
  • Montego Bay Townhomes
  • Nautica

  • North of Sherman Circle
  • River Run
  • Riviera Isles
  • Silver Falls

  • Silver Lakes
  • Silver Shores
  • Sunset Falls
  • Sunset Lakes
  • Waterview

  • The Knolls
  • The Meadows Of Miramar
  • The Villages Of Renaissance
  • Tropical Miramar
  • Windsor Palms

Surrounding Cities & Towns

Your Moving Stress Relieved At a Price You Can Feel Comfortable With

Don’t be taken in by moving companies that promise the moon and then don’t even deliver on time. We offer you all pricing up front, so that there are no surprise expenses once we get to your new house. With Orange Movers, your only moving day stress should be what to have for dinner. We work hard to make sure you have all that you need, right where you need it, all for a price that you can feel comfortable with.

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