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Miami Beach, one of the most desired places for life in whole the world. Every year the number of newcomers and permanent visitors raises exponentially. This is the main reason why the number of Miami Beach movers grows too. But here is the catch. As the number of moving companies Miami Beach grows so does grow the number of fraudulent movers. Beware of moving scams as they are the worst nightmare you could imagine. At least when talking about your Miami Beach relocation.

Moving scams in South Florida are almost a common thing when someone doesn’t put an effort in exploring the Miami Beach movers’ background. Mainly driven by the idea of giving you an information how we keep you safe when conducting your relocation ourselves, but also with the purpose of providing you with the proper information, we shall give you some tips on how to choose reliable and reputable movers in Miami Beach. 

Hire non-fraudulent Miami Beach movers- Orange Movers Miami

As we said, it is very important to keep an eye on your safety when hiring a moving company in South Florida. So do give it a time when looking to hire movers Miami . For local or interstate moving, it doesn’t matter. You want to keep your items and your family safe during the Sunshine state relocation. Because, if you don’t, you will get crossed-over and robbed. In one way or another. The possibilities for that grow each day, as the number of moving scams in this part of the US raises in an abnormal speed.

During the years, we implemented all or the majority of safety elements in our relocation business. Because of that, we can claim that we are among the most reliable and reputable movers for your Miami Beach moving. To prove that, we will go through the details on what to pay attention to in order to hire reliable moving companies in Miami Beach. Give us a call today to get your free estimate!

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The characteristics of reliable South Florida movers for Miami Beach moving

  • Check on licensing- Hire only the licensed moving companies in Miami Beach.
  • Pay attention to the name- Never hire moving companies changing names.
  • Require a binding estimate- Only the signed final offer guarantees the price for your move in Miami Beach.
  • Have a list of minimum 5 Miami beach local movers to compare- Some say 3 professional Miami Beach movers is enough, but we say it is at least 5.
  • Search for all possible information about each mover in Miami Beach- o a thorough research of all movers and storage units in Miami Beach from your list.
  • Beware of low-ball estimates- Too good to be true almost always appears to be untrue.
  • Don’t pay large deposits- Be careful about your hard-earned money.
  • Require the insight in full documentation when signing a contract- Only when you are aware of what you are signing, sign a contract with Miami Beach moving professionals.

Avoid hiring unlicensed moving companies

The license for the moving company is the same thing as the driver’s license for the drivers. If you don’t own one, you cannot drive. The same stands for moving companies in South Florida, or anywhere else. Do check if professionals for Miami Beach own a proper license. You can do that in several ways. Call the mover and ask to get the proof of licensing. Or search on their web. Otherwise, you can search for licensed movers in some appropriate institution. Whatever you do, always put an effort to protect your move. First, take care of the safety. Everything else comes after that.

Name-changing moving and storage in Miami Beach is unreliable one

You call a professional moving company, and you are answered only with ‘movers’ or ‘moving company’. Or you call different phone numbers on their website, and each number is answered with the different moving company’s name. If this happens, say thanks, but no thanks. Because, how can you be sure who you are talking to if they don’t present themselves.

There is another situation. You get one company name when calling the Miami Beach movers. That name stands all the time until the moving day. But on a moving day, the staff comes with another company’s name on their uniforms and on a moving truck. Or they come unmarked at all. This is the strong reasons to raise the red flags and stop everything until you realize what is happening.

Binding estimate is a guarantee for the relocation price

Don’t rely on the estimated price you get over phone or an e-mail. This way moving companies in Miami Beach try to attract you to hire them. Commonly providing you with an unrealistic price for your South Florida move. If the movers don’t have the actual information about your particular relocation, how can they provide you with an exact moving estimate?

You can prevent getting scammed this way by requiring an on-site estimate by mover’s representatives. Or by using some of moving calculator forms. Moving companies in Miami Beach should have the exact information about the volume of your relocation with other important information. Only then can they provide you with an exact moving quote. Or with the final offer. And when that final offer is signed by the company, this is a binding offer. Which is actually the price you will eventually pay.


Compare minimum 5 Miami Beach moving companies

This way you lower the possibility of getting tricked or receiving the bad quality of moving services. You can collect those moving companies you consider trustful in several ways. The most recommended way is to ask your friends and family for recommendations. Or your acquaintances. After that, use the yellow pages or search for ads. The Internet is also a great source of information when creating a list of Miami Beach movers to consider hiring. And as long as others say it is enough to have 3 movers to compare, we claim that minimum is 5. Although this might sound irrational that the moving company says you should compare it to others, we do claim we are among the most reliable and the most affordable Miami Beach movers, so feel free to check that!

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Get well-informed about each moving professional on the list

It is essential to check if the moving company is licensed. But besides this, it is also very important to check other information you can gather. Find out if some of them are on the black list of moving companies. Check if there were signs of moving fraud connected to them. Or if there are bad reviews, and the main problem that appears with the moving company. The fraudulent movers in Miami Beach are becoming more and more sophisticated. The ways of tricking customers change almost daily. This is why we recommend you know your rights and responsibilities when you move.

Don’t fall for low-ball estimates

The low-ball estimates are invented to attract people to run for them. And in the beginning, many people do fall for them. Considering the moving to be a simple process requiring simple services. But this is when you are an easy plan for moving scam. Be aware of the existence of moving scams in Miami Beach before you run into a trap! If you see an estimate much lower than the average estimate you got (which is why we said you should have 5 movers on your list, so you could know the average price), require more information why is it so low. Or just walk away. Regard that a try to be tricked and act appropriately!

Large deposits are unacceptable

It is our suggestion to also walk away from those movers asking you to pay a large amount of money up front. Even if you found that mover reading Miami Beach moving companies reviews, and found that relocating company to be among the best evaluated. It is ok if some mover asks you to make some small percentage deposit payment. That way they secure that you are going to use the moving company you made a reservation with. But if that amount is a large percentage of your moving cost estimate, never accept to provide such a payment.

Sign only a contract with all the information about your Miami Beach relocation included in it

Take your time to read carefully the whole contract. As this is another way fraudulent Miami Beach movers use to trick people. They leave some important agreements out of the contract claiming, in the end, you never made a deal about it. Besides this, there is another suggestion. Never sign a blank document. Why would you give your consent to the contract you are not even able to read?!

Orange Movers Miami are among the most reliable Miami Beach moving companies

And you can check it. Ask everything you would like to know, and you shall receive the answer shortly. Check the information about us on every reliable website about non-fraudulent movers in Miami Beach. Or, if moving cross-country, check interstate movers Florida. You will find that you can fully rely on us when you relocation in Miami Beach, in Florida, and in all the country comes on the table. For this, and for all other information you might need, feel free to get in touch with us. We are at your disposal!

Local Moving in Miami Beach
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Moving close by doesn’t mean that you don’t deserve our full attention or that it is less stressful. We have a full range of localized relocation packages to take care of even the minor details if you are moving within a 100 mile radius.

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Residential Moving

From packing up your dishes to setting up your beds, we make it simple to move into your new Miami Beach home. Just tell us what’s going and where to put it, and our experts will take care of the rest. A secure relocation at a price you can afford, moving has never been simpler. Ask us how we can move your entire Miami Beach residence across the bay or across the country and still leave you with money for new curtains.

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Commercial Relocation

Has your business gotten bigger than your expectations? When you need to get your current operations up and running in a new location, we’ve got your back. Moving businesses is a big part of our business, and with us, yours won’t miss a beat. Whether you are a small shop starting out, or a large company looking for space, we have the pricing to meet your needs. Contact our Miami Beach commercial moving experts now, to get into that new space you’ve been working hard for.

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Speciality Moves

Don’t leave your larger treasures in the hands of amateurs. Our expertise in moving heavy and large items is unparalleled, giving special care to valuables that other Miami Beach movers may consider difficult, or too fragile to move. We handle everything with delicate care, whether it’s a work of art on your wall, or antique credenza in the hall. If you’re in doubt about moving one of your valuables, call our Miami Beach specialty move experts and put your mind at ease.

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We take your possessions personally, packing and shipping them with the same care we would give to our own. That’s why over half of our customers have been referred by a friend, or have come back to us when making a new move in Miami Beach. Trust that with our professional moving services, your possessions are in the best hands.

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Your home is made up of the precious items you treasure inside of a house. Our professionally trained movers take impeccable care of your home, making sure it’s all intact for your next house. From carefully wrapping your delicate glass heirlooms, to re-assembling your baby’s bed, each step of your move is in great hands. Take that first step now by giving us a call and see that fair pricing and quality movers can go hand in hand.

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The sun is not the only thing making Miami Beach one of the hottest places to live. If you’re planning on becoming a part of this dynamic population, trust in local experts to get you moved into the neighborhood. We have built a strong reputation, on the beach and beyond, when it comes to providing fast, reliable and affordable moving services in the area. Let us take care of getting you packed up and then set up, while you take your time getting to know your new home.

Full Service Storage Solutions

Have more stuff than the space in your home? Our storage facility provides solutions for home and business owners whose stuff is taking over their space. This could be boxes filled with items you won’t need for years, or just a temporary home for a big item until you make more space. Our professional movers wrap whatever you have securely and describe its condition before placing them inside of your own vault. If you’re making a local move in South Florida we even give you a month of storage for free, plus ten boxes to pack your stuff inside.

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It is possible to get full moving services at a low price. With our competitive pricing plans and pay by the hour options, your local Miami Beach move could be cheaper than using your buddy’s truck. Not to mention safer for your stuff. This is your possessions we’re talking about that deserve the best service at the fairest cost. So, why wait? Call us immediately to get your free quote and enjoy a stress-free move.

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