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Moving soon? Avoid moving headaches with full-service moving by Orange Movers. Full service is often synonymous with high prices, but that’s not the case here. Get a free moving quote and find out how our pricing compares to other movers and even do-it-yourself options. Local moves also get 10 free moving boxes and a free month of storage. What’s not to like? Get started with a free online quote.

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Are you in Hollywood, Florida, and you happen to be in need of expert moving services? Well, you happen to be in luck! Orange Movers is a company that has your entire moving process covered.  So why don’t you drop us a call? We guarantee that with our Hollywood movers, your relocation will be a memorable and positive experience.

Of all Hollywood movers, why the ones from Orange Movers Miami?

A call and a handshake - all you need to get the services of experience Hollywood movers.
Look no further – our Hollywood movers have everything you need.

Well, Orange Movers are the perfect Hollywood movers for several reasons. For example, we’re part of the Better Business Bureau, where we are rated with an A+. Better Business Bureau is a neutral organization that gives customers insight into businesses, and they have honored us with the highest possible mark. We have been in possession of a BBB accreditation for over six years. On Yelp, we have numerous positive reviews. We are also licensed and regulated Miami Movers by international and local agencies, such as:

  • American Moving and Storage Association;
  • Department of Transportation;
  • Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration;
  • Federal Highway Administration.

This, hopefully, tells you volumes about our Florida moving company – we are, indeed, the real deal.

What kind of services can you come to expect from our Hollywood moving specialists?

Anything that a resident that needs from his local Hollywood movers, of course! No matter what your relocation needs might be, Orange Movers Miami have the Florida moving service to accommodate! We offer a wide array of services. However, we cannot fully describe what we do, because our service is customized to our client’s needs. For example, there are countless ways you can move a home or an office. No client is ever the same as another. However, there are several broad, general categories under which Orange Movers operate, such as:

  • Storage units in Florida – we can help you store your stuff indefinitely. Or infinitely, if you want! If you can think of it, we can make it work;
  • Commercial Moving – no matter what your specific field of the industry may be, we can move it wherever you want, which brings us to our next point;
  • International Moving – now you’re free to move your stuff across the globe! Our services cover all forms of international relocation. Orange Movers offers different methods of relocation, such as:

Airplane transportation – in case you want a lightning-fast move by our Hollywood Movers;

Freight transportation – this one is great for moving from one continent to another;

Truck transportation – the sturdy backbone of our moving portfolio.

  • House relocation – a great number of customers need their entire homes moved. Sounds like a gigantic task, however, Orange Movers can relocate your entire Hollywood home to another location;
  • Pet transportation – pets are not objects; they’re members of your family. You value them and appreciate them. That is why our Hollywood moving experts will take special precautions when moving your pets and make sure they’re safe and comfortable;

    Orange Movers will keep this lovely piano intact during relocation.
    We value culture and history, and we won’t let it get damaged.
  • Fine arts moving – we offer the best fine arts moving service of all Hollywood Movers. We take special precautions (special boxes and padding) so that these fine pieces of humanity’s creative history do not get damaged;
  • Musical instruments moving – most musical instruments are very sensitive to road obstacles, such as potholes. Strings, commonly found on instruments such as pianos and guitars, are also sensitive to moisture. Pianos and drum kits are most sensitive. That’s why Orange Movers takes special precautions when moving these sensitive musical instruments;
  • Last minute moving – it’s a tough situation, and you need everything done quickly. If only there were some reliable Hollywood movers whom you can trust! Well, luckily, we’re just behind the corner!

Where lies the quality of our Hollywood movers’ services?

Rest assured, Orange Movers have very high quality standards, as certified by the numerous agencies that have taken an interest in our business. Both the regulatory bodies and the Hollywood movers market impose on us a high standard in order to stay in business. Thankfully, we have a dedicated crew of trained professionals, with keen business skills and a sharp intellect. There is not a single task that is too hard, nor there is a situation so difficult that they cannot resolve it.

Our Hollywood movers value your time.
Orange Movers value your precious time. So let’s be efficient, shall we?

We are also deadly serious about the schedule, and cost efficiency. Orange moving will provide the best possible service out there at the lowest rates. We want our customers to experience that warm feeling of a well-struck deal.

Advantages of picking us as your own personal Hollywood movers

To start off, we are a team of professionals who take our business very seriously. Secondly, you need to look no further than us. To recap, we offer service with anything you might need while moving. We’re cost-efficient, we come right on time and start our usual procedure with surgical care and keen, analytical reasoning. No need to look elsewhere – we’re in Hollywood, FL, and we’re always looking for customers. It’s a match made in Heaven. So why don’t you give the professionals a ring and we’ll have a deal in no time!

Orange Movers are the best Hollywood movers when it comes to relocation services

We mentioned before that we do not only do moving – we also help you out with moving services. What are those, you may ask? Well, they are many, and they are varied, but we also offer:

  • Free in-house estimates;
  • Best storage facilities in Florida, with thermal and humidity conditioning;
  • We will also help you de-clutter your home;
  • Also, we will give you advice on local moving – ranging from places with the best nightlife and best places to raise a family, to tax, medical and dental insurance;
  • We will also inform you of best places to start a business!

Make it simple – hire Orange Movers as your Hollywood moving company

You see, there are many aspects of moving. There are also many forms through which moving takes place. It seems so complicated. Luckily, we’re professionals, and we have the capacity to make such tasks as simple as eating a cake. So why don’t you choose us as your Hollywood movers? Your moving will be simplified, we will be done in no time, and you can begin your new life in an entirely new location!

Moving In/From Hollywood FLA?

Residential Moving

Was your last move pleasant or stressful? We’re guessing it was stressful and we aim to change that. Hire us and we’ll handle your next move for you. From packing to transporting and even storage, we have the experience and the equipment to get it done hassle-free. It will fit your family’s budget too. Click the button to learn how.

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Commercial Relocation

Moving a business isn’t easy by any means. But we have the means and the experience to get it done quickly and safely. Hire our professionals to handle your next commercial move in or out of Hollywood from start to finish. You’ll be less stressed as a business owner and we’ll be pleased to have another happy customer.

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Speciality Moves

Your special items need special care. When you need to move family heirlooms, expensive artwork, custom-built furniture and other items, consider us. These items are best left to professionals. Our staff will get it packed and moved without damage and without breaking the bank. Contact us for a free quote.

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Local Moving in Miami

Orange Movers How Do We Compare?

We can tell you how good we are, but why not speak in the words of our customers? One of our satisfied clients in Hollywood said we offered the best deal and customer service when we had to move our office. Another client near the beach said, With just a 2 day notice during peak season, Orange Movers came through with stellar move service, hence the 5 stars. We’ve gotten great reviews for our moves in Hollywood, Ft. Lauderdale and other areas and we’ll do our best to earn the same from you.

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We’ll Make Your Next Move Seem Like A Day At The Beach

Moving doesn’t have to be stressful. We’ll make sure yours isn’t with our professional moving team. We’re here to answer all of your questions, outline all costs clearly, pack your items carefully and get you across town safely. Plus, moves within a 100-mile radius get a relocation package with extra freebies, such as moving boxes and a free month of storage. Why stress? Leave it in our capable hands. You won’t regret it.

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First-Time Or Experienced Mover? We’ve Got You Covered

Whether you’re moving for the first time or the 10th, we’ve got you covered. Ask us as many questions as you need to, we’ll go over your move step-by-step until you’re comfortable and clear.

We can customize the service to fit your needs too. Want to pack and do some of it yourself? No problem. Our crew will arrive to load the truck and transport you over. Want full service with packing done by us? We’d be happy to pack and unpack for you. Storage is available as well. Read our FAQ and give us a call to find out how our service can fit your needs.

Experience You Can Trust

When you’re planning a move in Hollywood, it pays to hire a mover you can trust to get the job done right. You can trust us to know the business and the neighborhood. The city’s history means there are older buildings and tight spots in certain areas. We can maneuver in these tight areas and move your property swiftly and safely.

Our reliable service has also led to a great reputation among locals. In fact, more than 60% of our new business comes from referrals by previous clients. Learn why our clients send their friends and how you can too. Contact us.

Our Service Areas Include Hollywood Neighborhoods

  • 441 Corridor
  • Alandco
  • Arapahoe Farms
  • Beverly Hills
  • Beverly Park
  • Boulevard Heights
  • Camino Sheridan
  • Carriage
  • Carriage Hills
  • Central Business District
  • Condo Presidents
  • Downtown Hollywood
  • Driftwood
  • Driftwood Acres
  • East Lake
  • Emerald Hills
  • Emerald Oaks
  • Emerald Point

  • Estates of Fort Lauderdale
  • Highland Gardens
  • Hillcrest
  • Hollywood Beach
  • Hollywood Gardens
  • Hollywood Hills
  • Hollywood Lakes
  • Hollywood North Beach
  • Hollywood South Central Beach
  • L’Etoile at Emerald Point
  • Lake Eden
  • Lakes of Emerald Hills
  • Lawnacres
  • Liberia
  • Mapleridge
  • Martin Luther King Jr. Community
  • North Central
  • Oak Point

  • Oakridge
  • Oakwood Hills
  • Park East
  • Park Side
  • Playland
  • Playland Village
  • Playland Estates
  • Quadomain
  • Royal Poinciana
  • Sheridan Oaks
  • Stirling Commercial
  • The Homes at East Lake
  • The Townhouses of Emerald Hills
  • The Wood of Emerald Hills
  • T.Y. (Topeekeegee Yugnee) Park
  • Washington Park
  • West Hollywood

And Surrounding Cities

Moving Within 100 Miles of Hollywood FL? Get Some Perks

If you’re moving within South Florida, you’ll want to ask about our local relocation packages. Prices start as low as the price of doing it yourself. You can also expect 10 free boxes and a month of free storage. Check out our promotions page and get started with a free quote.

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