Florida City

We Treat Your Possessions As if They Are Our Own

A house in Florida City is just a house, until you start adding your own personal touches to make it home. We help with ensuring that your new house in feels just like home. With each step in the process of moving, our team of professional movers will take exceptional care of your valued possessions. From your delicate pieces of art to your kid’s favorite “blanky”, every item is delivered to your new door exactly as it was left in your old house.

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Moving In/From Florida City? A Quick and Easy Move Is Easier Than You Think

Residential Moving

The rustic Florida City landscape is a serene setting for raising a family. Ensure your move is equally as serene by enabling Orange Movers to take charge. From the moment we arrive you will find a crew of friendly professionals, dedicated to making your new home transition an easy one. We get all your stuff packed up and shipped to your new address, without any of the fuss you might normally expect.

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Commercial Relocation

We have successfully made commercial moving our expertise, no matter the type or size. Call Orange Movers if you need a commercial relocation in Florida City and discover the benefit of a professional move. You get to worry about your daily operations, while our pros stick to the business of getting your company situated in its new spot.

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Speciality Moves

You can stop worrying about moving that glass topped table. Orange Movers has moved hundreds of valuables that other movers may call difficult. Not even the heaviest grand piano or invaluable heirlooms is too much for us to handle. If an object is especially important to you, you can rest assured that getting it to your new home will be our priority.

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Local Moving in Miami

High Quality Moving Services At an Affordable Price

Don’t be duped by Southern Florida moving companies who reel you in with false promises and rock bottom prices. The only thing they’ll deliver on time is more headaches. We are upfront with our prices, and what is included in your moving package, so you know exactly what it is you are paying for. With Orange Movers you know from the start that you are getting an exceptional full service move in or from Florida City for a fraction of what it is worth.

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A Local Moving Package At a Great Value

When you book a local move with Orange Movers, you get much more than a drive across town. We provide you with ten free boxes to get started packing, and a month free in our secure storage facility. Orange Movers also takes over the logistics, helping you in getting those boxes packed and loaded aboard. The real value however comes from a professional and courteous staff, who will go to great lengths to ensure that your move is a pleasant one.

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Safely Store Your Stuff in Our Secure Facility

If you’re out of space in your home or office, Orange Movers has the solution. We provide space for homes and business who have outgrown their britches both for the short term and the long haul. Our storage solution is a state of the art facility that is environmentally controlled and cleaned, monitored around the clock by professional security staff. What matters to you is important to us, so trust that we will safeguard whatever you need for as long as you want.

To Haul or Not to Haul

What was once a popular moving option in Florida City has quickly faded. If you are thinking about a moving yourself, you should think again. These temporary storage units on your own property leave your belongings unprotected. Why put your possessions at risk of being ruined or lost, when Orange Movers can do it all in a day, for practically the same cost. When it comes to bringing your items home, a full service move, without the ugly portable storage units is your safest bet.

Our South Florida Service Areas Include Miami-Dade & Broward Counties

Great Deals and Excellence in Moving And You Still Get Service with a Smile

We are likely the friendliest moving company in Southern Florida, as well as the most efficient. From the first time we speak to the time we wave you goodbye at your new door, you will be surrounded by warm and outgoing professionals. Service with a smile goes a long way when you are dealing with the stress of moving.

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