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The Number One Way to Move in Bay Harbor Islands Is With an Affordable Local Moving Package

A local moving company in Bay Harbor Islands can get you from one side of an island to the other, without hurting your budget. Our packages are custom designed for local moves, giving you the option to choose what you need, and avoid having to pay for services you don’t want. Go ahead and compare what you get with Orange Movers versus those DIY companies, and see how we provide real value through our local moving services.

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Getting Ready to Move in Bay Harbor Islands? Go With the Company that Has Years of Experience Moving Families, Businesses and Special Requests

Residential Moving

Every move in Bay Harbor Islands is as unique as the family residing in the home. Whether you rent a small apartment or own a spacious home, your needs for local movers are your own. With a local move from Orange Movers, you pick the exact services that you want, and pay a fee that you can fit into your budget.

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Commercial Relocation

There is a science to a commercial relocation, even if your business is a small one. At Orange Movers, our aim is to perform a seamless move quickly, minimizing the impact it has on your profit making. This entails carefully strategizing the packing and shipping of your business items, and setting them back up as rapidly as possible.

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Speciality Moves

Delicate electronics, antique furnishings and priceless collections all require a special touch when moving. And let’s not forget those extra heavy pool tables and pianos Bay Harbor Islands residents love to play with at home. If you have concerns about moving certain possessions without risk of damage, speak with experts at Orange Movers.

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How Do Our Services Stack Up Against Other Local Moving Options?

As you research local moving options in Bay Harbor Islands, you’re going to find various options that promise to get the job done. Rental vans and pods give you a cheap option up-front, but there are hidden costs and special considerations to think about. Unprofessional movers also try to lure you in with false quotes that don’t give an accurate view of the services they include. If you want to move in Bay Harbor Islands without any financial surprises, our stack of benefits is the highest.

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There is Such a Thing as Local Moving in Bay Harbor Islands Without Any of the Stress

Full service moving in Bay Harbor Islands is a convenient way of getting the job done, without any of the work. Our professional team will answer all of your questions, give you an accurate quote, and provide you with a range of services that suit your needs and your budget. Ask about local moves, and the special discounts and freebies you could be eligible for if moving within a certain distance in Bay Harbor Islands. Don’t worry about keeping that bottle of aspirin close by, Orange Movers make moving work without any of the headaches.

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Free Moving Supplies and Discounted Prices for a Local Move

Local moves in Bay Harbor Islands can qualify for free boxes, storage facility use, and special discounts off the cost. Moving within a 100 mile radius in Bay Harbor Islands gets you a 10% discount and ten free boxes. Plus you get the use of our secure storage facility for a month, just in case you need some extra time to get your possessions into their new place.

Seniors living in Bay Harbor Islands can also be eligible for exclusive deals. Call our team today to find out exactly what type of plan will give you the best value for your local move.

Storing Your Stuff for the Short Term in Bay Harbor Islands

The free month of storage offered in our local moving packages gives you some flexibility when going from one address to the next. It could be that you’ve been hoarding someone else’s possessions for too long, and are ready to hand them back over. Or maybe the closing dates don’t match up, and you need a month’s respite while in between homes.

Whatever the situation is, you can rely on our secure storage facility to hold your stuff safely. With it’s around the clock surveillance and water tight spaces, your belongings find a safe place to temporarily call home.

Our South Florida Service Areas Include Miami-Dade & Broward Counties

Our Insurance Can Make You Feel Comfortable

We offer comprehensive insurance plans for all local moves in Bay Harbor Islands, but more importantly, we offer a personal guarantee. Our team is quick to give the extra care required to ensure that your stuff is delivered in the same condition it was picked up in.

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