Residential Moving Tips: Moving Into Assisted Living

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    Residential Moving Tips: Moving Into Assisted Living

    Residential moving tips are needed if you are moving into an assisted living facility because you can expect major changes and tasks. When you decide that is time for your aging parents to move to an assisted living facility, you need to learn and understand all about this process. It is important that your parents are happy and they feel comfortable in their new home.

    To have a smooth and successful transition it is important that you and their doctor and staff work as a team. Also, you need to find reliable movers you can trust with this transition. If you decide to hire North Miami Beach Movers, this emotional transition can be much easier for you and your elderly parents. When you help professional help when moving into assisted living, you can focus on many important things than thinking about packing and loading.

    We know that this moving can be very hard and emotional for you. That’s why we bring you residential moving tips.

    Tips for New Residents

    Residential moving tips
    You need to find reliable movers you can trust with moving into assisted living

    When elders move into an assisted living facility, the start can be tough for them. That’s why adjustment can take from 30 to 90 days. They need to adjust to new environment, doctors and staff. So, take time to adjust their new home to look like their last home.

    Things that seniors can do for the easier transition:

    • Keep an open mind

    Moving into assisted living requires change and adjustment. That’s why seniors need to be prepared and they need to understand all about moving process.

    • Socialize

    Moving into a new place like assisted living facility can be so much easier if seniors make a friend when they relocate. It can make a big difference in the transition process. This can help to make a new place feel like a home.

    • Ask questions

    New residents should ask the staff any question that they think about. It can really help in the transition to understanding the whole process.

    How Family Can Help a Loved One Adjust

    When it comes to family, everyone should be a great support. The family can play a big role in parent moves to assisted living. What can families do to make the transition easier?

    • Don’t feel guilty

    In many cases, family members can feel guilty about placing loved ones into assisted living. Don’t think about this process in that way, it is the best option for your loving ones. Everyone should remember that the move to assisted living is a good thing for the health of the parents.

    • Keep in touch

    If you stay in touch with your parents and you often visit them, then transition to assisted living can be very successful. When you cannot visit them, you can keep in contact with them and staff. Also, the staff has a big role in this transition. They should make sure that your parents are socializing.

    • Bring personal items

      Moving into assisted living
      The staff has a big role in this transition.

    When you move your parents to the assisted living facility, you need to make sure that their new residence feels like home. So, it is important to bring personal items. Put in their new room their favorite things.

    Residential moving tips: Packing for assisted living relocation

    Moving your elderly parents will involve downsizing. So you need to categorize items if you want to make packing process easier. You need to know which items you will move to your parent’s new home, and which items you will sell or donate or leave at home. This process can be very emotional, especially if this was your childhood home.

    You ask: What to bring? What to leave behind?

    When it comes to packing for assisted living relocation, keep in mind that your elderly parents will use most of the same things they’re using now.  Focus on the thing they are using every day. All the stuff they don’t need right now you should consider finding storage in Miami Beach. In this way, your place and their new home will be comfortable and space will not be overwhelmed with things. So, respect the wishes of your parents and move the thing that they want to have in their new space. In this way, their transition to assisted living will go smoothly and stress-free.

    Packing furniture for assisted living relocation

    Staff in assisted living facility
    With right help, your moving into assisted living can go smoothly

    When it comes to packing furniture for moving into assisted living you should think what your parent will need in new space. They will need a bed, so if you don’t want they sleep in the hospital bed, bring a bed with a familiar mattress. Also, move nightstand, chairs, sofa, small tables, some shelves, dresser, small kitchen table, mini fridge, microwave, dishes and glasses to use every day, coffeemaker, blankets, pillows, sheets, bath towels, trash can etc.

    All these things you should pack well for residential moving. But, this process can be much easier if you hire pros to pack your Miami home. With their help you do not think about this complicated process, you can focus on your parent’s transition and emotions. You need to help them to adjust.

    Pack personal items

    Moving to assisted living requires packing personal items:

    • Clothes
    • Shoes, non-skid slippers
    • Basic toiletries
    • Medications
    • Small file for paperwork
    • Photographs

    Other stuff you need to pack

    • Cleaning supplies
    • Dish soap and towels
    • Decorations
    • Lamps and Clock
    • Television
    • Computer if they are using it
    • Hobby supplies

    Think about packing materials you will need for packing all these stuff. Also, one of the residential moving tips is to buy moving boxes. But, if you want to cut moving costs for assisted living relocation think about using free moving boxes Miami. This can help you with your moving budget, but make sure that used boxes don’t have any damages if you don’t want to risk problems during the transport of your goods.


    Residential Moving Tips: Plan the Moving Day

    There are a few different strategies for moving your elderly parents into the assisted living facility.

    The easiest way to move your elderly parents into a new home is to hire full-service movers like South Florida Movers. If you have a moving budget this will be the best option for you and your parents. Professional movers will load and unload everything and they will put things in place. This way will ease the whole moving process for you. But, in the case you don’t have enough money for moving service, you have another option when you are loading the moving truck. So, you can rent just a moving truck and all other moving steps you need to do.

    Of course, each family’s circumstances are unique. So, when it comes time for moving into assisted living it is the best to consult professionals. For more residential moving tips you should ask movers that can help you with your transition. You can ask them about whole the moving process and the moving costs.

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