Residential Moving Tips for Downsizing Your Home

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    Residential Moving Tips for Downsizing Your Home

    Moving into a big house is an essential part of the American Dream. You worked hard, got a good job, and saved money for the down payment. For years, you raised your family in a big, beautiful house in North Miami Beach. But now that the kids have grown up and moved away, you don’t really need all that space anymore. It’s common for older couples to eventually downsize to a smaller, more manageable home.

    Downsizing presents some challenges for residential moving. Your old house is full of stuff, and not all of it will fit into your newer, smaller home. These moving tips for downsizing can help you manage the process of fitting your life into a much smaller space.

    Take Inventory

    The first step in planning your move is to figure out what you actually have. In a large home, there’s probably quite a bit of stuff. Ask yourself this: what would you replace if it were gone? Some things are essential. You need living room furniture, you need master bedroom furniture, and you probably want to keep your dining room set. But if you’re moving to a house with fewer rooms, you probably can’t take everything.

    You can divide things into “must-haves,” “can live without,” and “don’t need it” piles. Things you don’t need can be gotten rid of. Initially, having a yard sale or two can unload at least some of it. Remaining items can be donated to a local thrift store. You might not have room for that guest bedroom set anymore, but someone else would love to find it for a low price in a thrift store.

    Everything you choose to keep should be purposeful. It should have a definite place in your new, smaller home. Keep in mind that “being a decoration” is still a purpose. You don’t have to be totally ascetic about it.

    Thin Out Your Belongings Before the Move

    You don’t want to find yourself stuck with a bunch of stuff that can’t fit in your new home and needs to go into a storage unit. It’s better to thin out your furniture and belongings well before your moving day, not after. Again, yard sales and thrift store donation are great options for high-quality but inessential furniture. However, this might not be the best option for very high-end options. Pricey genuine antiques don’t often sell in yard sales, and you may want to try ebay or a local auction house instead.

    Furniture isn’t the only thing you might want to eliminate. Other stuff that you own could also take up too much space to bring with you. If you’re moving from a large house to a condo or apartment, you may not have a garage. That means your garage is a great target for getting rid of stuff. Tools and power tools you won’t use anymore can be sold or donated. If you’re getting rid of sensitive or flammable items, like paint thinner or gasoline, be sure to dispose of them correctly.

    You may also want to get rid of duplicate items. For example, you may have more cookware or dishware than you actually use. That extra set of dishes might be a pain to store at your new place, so why not sell or donate it to someone who can use it?

    Consider Getting a Storage Unit

    It’s good to be as ruthless as possible when you’re getting rid of extra stuff you don’t really need. But with that said, there are sometimes things with monetary or sentimental value that you might not want to get rid of completely. Things like your children’s old toys that you’re saving for future grandkids, your late great-grandmother’s heirloom china, or furniture your adult children might reclaim when they move out of their college dorm, can be stored inexpensively.

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