Relocating to Miami – how to cut costs

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    Relocating to Miami – how to cut costs

    Miami is the top destination in South Florida. The name itself resembles a lot of sunny days, beautiful sand beaches and never-ending parties. Relocating to Miami can be a dream come true but a fact is that living in Miami is quite expensive. Destination attracts high-c lass businessmen, celebrities, wealthy travelers but also people without deep pockets.

    miami skyline
    Doing exercise on a beach, enjoying art, going on a cruise or relaxing in the park could become a great weekend activity in Miami!

    Sunny weather all year round will be a great reason to be outdoors with friends and family. Doing exercise on a beach, enjoying art, going on a cruise or relaxing in the park could become a new weekend activity for you.  Fantastic arts museums, diverse cultural scene, amazing food and perfect beaches can take your breath away. It is possible to live in Miami even if you don’t earn much money. Before you pack your bags and move to Miami, take a look at some suggestions on how to cut costs after your relocation.

    Cutting down overall expenses when relocating to Miami

    When relocating to Miami and living on a budget you have to think about cutting the costs of your overall spending. The most important step is to know your spending habits and realize where your money is going. The easiest way of doing so is getting a bank and credit card statement for the last three months. Along with your fixed expenses that include rent and bills, don’t exclude all the fun stuff that you spend money on. That includes dining out with friends or going to see the latest movie.

    miami palms
    Miami locals recommend using a bike as the best way of transportation.

    The more you’re aware of your spending, the more you will be able to cut down your costs. Put everything on paper and calculate all possible cut downs. Most Miami locals advice is that you can save money by selling your car and buying or renting a bike. That is a great and healthy way to get around Miami. At the same time, it saves a lot of money on a monthly basis.


    Consider hiring a professional help when looking for your new home in Miami. If you plan on looking for the available places yourself, it can cost you more. Also, he can have access to properties that are not on the market yet. When you’re looking for housing in Miami, consider that the average rent takes up to 40% of your income. Looking for the apartment in affordable neighborhoods could change your rent cost.

    relocating to miami apartment
    If you are relocating to Miami by yourself, consider living with a roommate.

    There are many ways to look for an apartment online but one of the best ways to find a great solution is to hire a real estate agent. The agent can help you find an apartment according to your needs in size, location, and price. The upside is that real estate agent can also submit all the documents and negotiate the price with your landlord on your behalf. That improves your chances to find exactly what you’re looking for.

    Searching for the apartment in Miami can be time-consuming if you are doing it yourself. The best way to be successful in your search is to be prepared. Have all of the required documents ready to show to a potential land lord. You can reduce the price of the property if it is being vacant for a longer period of time and the landlord is eager to rent it. Reducing the price might be possible if you lease your apartment for a longer period of time than average that is one year. If you are relocating to Miami by yourself consider living with a roommate.


    Food is one of the many things why people come to Miami. When relocating to Miami you might become quite a foodie with all the options available. Although Miami is famous for its expensive restaurants, eating well and enjoying yourself is possible within the budget too.

    Eating at home is always the cheapest option but you will decide to go out and treat yourself. Ask locals to recommend some cheaper restaurants. They usually eat out and they know all the hidden places for the best affordable meals. Many people use coupons and discounts while shopping for supplies. Check out cheap “1$ restaurants” and food carts. They are very common in Miami.


    Miami is one of the top destinations in the world for having fun – glamorous parties are all around the city! Miami has many famous rock bars, night clubs and best Latin music scene in America. Going to clubs is crazy fun but also the place to meet celebrities. You can save money by getting into clubs early. Going to bars and live music events are where you will meet new people and feel the Miami to its core. But if you have a limited budget, try going to bars and clubs once a week or once a month because it is very expensive.


    When relocating to Miami activities that you can enjoy in your spare time are endless. Sunbathing on a beautiful Miami beach is always a good option. Recreation or sports, beautiful walks along the beach, bike ride or a long swim can be the activity that you enjoy the most after relocating to Miami. The beach has its own nightlife scene. It is the place where people get around and socialize, dance and enjoy themselves.

    miami beaches
    Sunbathing on a beautiful Miami beach is always fun!

    There are plenty of free activities in Miami that you can enjoy. Miami Art Museum is a must-see place if you are an art enthusiast. You can visit Miami Children’s Museum, Gold Coast Railroad Museum, and many art galleries. On the other hand, if you prefer outside activities the best way to enjoy yourself is to go to Everglades. You can also visit Pinecrest Garden, Miami Beach Botanical Garden, Miami Children’s Museum, Gold Coast Railroad Museum, and many art galleries. On some days, it’s free for locals to get in with an ID. Plus, there are plenty of free festivals throughout the year.

    The great way to see what’s going on in Miami on daily basses is to read a local newspaper. There are many guides that you can find online and check out more free things to do in Miami.

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