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    If you are considering relocating your business in the Miami area, you are not alone. Many businesses move here each year. Some are moving from the South Florida area. While others relocate from other states. But, they all want to take advantage of the benefits of running a business in such a hot and lucrative market. If you are relocating a business in Miami area, the information that follows will be very helpful.

    Using computer and preparing for relocating a business
    Craft a plan for relocating your business

    Preparing your business for the move

    When it comes to relocating a business, there are things you will want to do right from the start.

    That includes:

    • To be more organized and have the move go smoother, create a plan of action that will serve as your timetable for the move. This way nothing is missed. And you will have the peace of mind knowing that everything has been accounted for. If you have one person at the company in charge of maintaining the moving timeline. You will have less stress and the move will be more efficient.
    • Moving a business is not something that people usually do overnight. Business relocation takes time and you should start planning it at least a couple of weeks in advance. That way you can be sure that nothing is missed. Start by reserving a moving company. Then plan everything else from there.
    • Determining which professional moving company to use. Here at Orange Movers, we keep our rates competitive. However, you may still end up getting additional quotes. If you do, be sure to compare rates by checking what each company offers at their quoted price. What the fine print is. And what the company’s reputation is.

    Planning your business relocation

    When you start thinking about moving your business, you will need to craft a good plan. And you will need to start preparing it, at least, a few weeks in advance. If you do not have time to deal with this, you should put one reliable employee in charge of creating a timetable for your move. If you start with this on time, you will have lots of room for additional corrections. Talk to your employee who is making a schedule. And give him directions concerning the things you will have to do before and during the move.  Things like hiring a moving company, packing, unpacking, performing job-related tasks, and so on. Your business should not suffer too much because of the move. Therefore, you will need to find a way to finish important work-related tasks during the move.

    A moving truck on the road
    You will need to hire a professional moving company

    Hiring a professional moving company

    Hiring Miami movers is not something that businesses do every day. So, it may seem a little bit confusing when you start searching for commercial movers online. The internet is full of similarly looking moving companies and they all look professional and reliable.  And, they are all probably capable of moving your business. But, if you only want the best for your company, you should do some digging. Different moving-related forums and websites can help you in this search. Read the reviews, and check their ratings. Also, maybe you have some business partners that moved recently. Ask about their experience. Perhaps they will be able to give you a good recommendation.

    Before relocating a business in Miami area you will need to prepare a moving inventory list

    After you identified a few reliably looking moving companies, you should compare their prices. However, before you start asking for moving estimates, you need to have a detailed moving inventory list. That means you will have to make a list of all the items that you are planning to move. Of course, you can do this without the inventory list. In that case, you will only get approximate estimates, and they do not mean much. Only a complete moving inventory list will help you to acquire valid moving estimates from your South Florida movers. However, it is not such an easy task, and it will probably take a few hours to do it properly. So, to not waste your precious business time, instruct two of your most trustworthy employees to do it. And you can deal with more important tasks.

    When you are relocating a business, you will need to determine which moving services to use

    If you have an inventory list prepared, there is only one thing to do before you ask for moving estimates from the companies you selected. Besides, transporting your items, moving companies offer additional services. And you need to know which services you would like to use. If you have other employees in your company, besides you, you probably do not need packing and unpacking services. But, maybe you would need some other kind of help that movers will offer. Here is a shortlist of moving services that moving companies usually provide for their customers:

    • Packing and Unpacking services are something that almost every moving company will offer.
    • Disassembly and Reassembly service can be useful if you have some things that need to be disassembled before the move and reassembled later.
    • Pianos & Organs moving can be very tricky. That is why some companies have specially trained staff for packing and moving pianos. Of course, not many businesses own a piano. But this service can be used for moving similarly big and awkwardly shaped items.
    • Storage services are sometimes a necessity. But besides storing your old office furniture, you can use it for keeping documentation and paperwork that you do not use often.
    • Moving fine arts, antiques and other valuables can be useful if you have some valuable paintings or other kinds of art that adorn your office space.
    • Difficult maneuvering service is sometimes the only way to get those heavy and bulky pieces of furniture out of the building. Going through the window is sometimes the only way to do it. And you will need experienced movers for this task.
    Colleagues comparing moving estimates
    Compare moving estimates before relocating a business

    Comparing moving estimates

    Now that you prepared a moving inventory list and determined what moving services to use, you can call the moving companies from your list, and ask for moving estimates. To get a clear picture of the prices for your type of relocation, you will need to get estimates from, at least, five different moving companies. However, you need to be careful. Because not all moving estimates are the same. There are three different types of moving estimates that moving companies will offer to their potential clients.

    • Non-binding moving estimate
    • Binding moving estimate
    • Binding not-to-exceed moving estimate

    Non-binding moving estimate

    The one that you should watch out for is the non-binding moving estimate. It is a rough estimate, camouflaged as a formal offer. In reality, you will get the final price after the move is finished.

    Binding moving estimate

    The binding moving estimate means you will pay the amount you agreed for in the beginning. Ignoring all smaller changes that could emerge during the moving day. That means if your moving inventory appears heavier than what in the estimate was stated, you will pay the amount you agreed. Unfortunately, that also works the other way around.

    Binding not-to-exceed moving estimate

    The most customer-friendly moving estimate is the “binding not-to-exceed”. It works similarly as the binding estimate, but without that previous “unfortunately” part. If your inventory is heavier than previously stated, you will still pay the agreed price. If your inventory appears lighter,  you will only pay for the true weight of your items.  The unfortunate part here is that not many Miami moving companies offer this kind of moving estimate.

    Relocating a business is a complicated task

    Business relocation can be a big project. So, be sure to hire a moving company that has experience. And knows how to help businesses in the Miami area. Here at Orange Movers, we helped many businesses move throughout the area, including Miami Beach, Pembroke Pines, Hollywood, Fort Lauderdale, Sunrise, and beyond. Experts in the field, we can help any size business with their relocation needs. Doing so at competitive prices. While offering professionalism, experience, and reliability. Check out our competitive prices – use our moving calculator to get an instant quote for your upcoming move.

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