Pros and cons of moving to Tampa as a senior

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    All your life you have worked hard so you would be able to enjoy when the time for retirement comes. Now you are finally close to your goal, and it is time to make some decisions. Have you lived your whole life somewhere north, but you are a lover of nice weather? Did you wake up every morning thinking you can’t wait to move somewhere close to the beach? Or maybe you dream about being closer to your friends or family. Whatever is the reason that you are thinking about moving to Tampa as a senior, there are some pros and cons. You should be aware of them when thinking about relocation. However, Florida is so beautiful and offers a lot of opportunities even for seniors. So, the good news is that you can’t really make a mistake, so relax and try to enjoy.

    Why should you consider Tampa for your relocation?

    Tampa, Florida is the part of the metropolitan area Tampa Bay Area with more than 3 million residents. The city itself is home to almost 400,000 people and that number goes higher every year. Located near the Gulf of Mexico, Tampa has nice weather all year long, with mild winters and not too hot summers. So if you are thinking about long distance relocation from somewhere north, this will be a nice change. Maybe you will not be able to go swimming in the ocean every day, but you can certainly forget about shoveling snow anytime soon.

    moving to Tampa as a senior - palm trees
    You will enjoy nice weather all year long in Tampa, Florida

    These are some things to consider when deciding whether moving to Tampa as a senior is a good idea or not:

    • weather,
    • real estates,
    • taxes and traffic,
    • things to do every day.

    Just like every other aspect of life, moving to somewhere new has its pros and cons. However, it is up to you to set your priorities straight and decide whether to take the bad stuff with good as well. The other option is to stay where you are and never make changes in your life. And that is also a good choice for some people. But, if you are someone who enjoys making decisions and changes, we encourage you to seriously consider Tampa as your next place of residence.


    If you are moving to Tampa as a senior from the northern parts of the United States, this is definitely a pro. Tampa has nice weather all year long. So if you have spent all your life freezing somewhere, this will be a heaven on Earth. Summers are hot and humid with temperatures ranging from 70 to 90 °F. Autumn is usually very dry and then comes the winter with temperatures to mid- 70s °F during the day and mid- 50s °F during the night. So you will definitely need some jacket for the night time in winter, but you can leave your fur coats in some storage Miami, sell them or gift them to friends.

    Old man drawing a heart in the sand
    Even winters will be warm enough to take a walk on the beach

    Talking about the cons of Tampa weather we have to mention hurricane season. Florida is known for its hurricanes from June to November, that is no secret. However, did you know that Tampa is the Lightning Capital of North America? Afternoon thunderstorms are not rare and sometimes they can turn into serious storms with heavy downpours, winds and sometimes even hail. So moving to Tampa as a senior can be a little tricky if you are not prepared to carry your raincoat with you all the time. Also, since summers are hot and very humid, sometimes you will feel like you are in the swamp. So be prepared to sweat a lot and change your clothes frequently. On the bright side, there will be rare occasions when you’ll be feeling cold.

    Real estates

    Anyone who thinks about relocation, whether with the help of professional North Miami Beach movers or by themselves, needs to think about housing. Are you planning to rent or buy a property? Speaking about the pros of moving to Tampa as a senior, we can tell you that there are some beautiful real estates cheaper than the same in other parts of the States. And many of them are close to the beach, so you know that the views from your bedroom could be fabulous.

    skyline view of Tampa
    Your home will probably have a beautiful view in Tampa

    However, home prices are on the rise for some time now. Why? Because there is a bigger demand than supply. Which means that people are rushing to Tampa faster than the homes are being built. So, that kind of popularity tells you that you, too, are probably making a good decision about moving here. You just have to be prepared to set aside a little more money than maybe in Orlando or Miami.

    Taxes and traffic

    If you are moving to Tampa as a senior you probably already know the interesting fact about the taxes. Does Florida have a state income tax? No, it doesn’t. And if you are interested in property taxes, they are around 2% mark. So, we can consider that a pro. But, there is no thing such as free lunch, right? That is why Florida has some other higher fees than in other states. Be prepared to spend some more money on parking, for example.

    Speaking of cons of Tampa, we must mention the fact that the traffic can be very bad. Nevertheless, if you are a senior in retirement, you shouldn’t be in a lot of hurry. So avoid being nervous about traffic and crowds and try to enjoy the ride. Also, you should not be surprised by the higher insurance costs. Both for your cars, because of the heavy traffic and your home, because of the often floods and hurricanes. So choosing a smaller home will have a lower insurance rate, which is a benefit of downsizing that you could use. And that is always a plus, right?

    Things to do every day if you are moving to Tampa as a senior

    One thing about Tampa is for sure. You can’t be bored here. There is always something to do. Within the city’s limits, there are more than 160 parks and beaches. That means that if all else fails, you can always go for a walk somewhere close to you. If you are looking for more fun than just walking, take a stroll with your family around some of the best theme parks such as Adventure Island, Florida Aquarium or Zoo Tampa at Lowry Park. And let’s not forget all the beautiful Cuban and other restaurants everywhere you turn, which is both fun and practical.

    two giraffes
    Enjoy all the opportunities Tampa offers you

    As you can see, moving to Tampa as a senior could be great for you. You will have some pretty good weather conditions here, which you can use for any of the many activities outside. Cost of life will be lower than in some northern states, so your budget will feel bigger. That way, you can spend even more time enjoying the numerous opportunities Tampa offers you.


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