Pros and cons of moving from a condo into a house

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    Moving is always an exciting task! You are starting a new life in a new place. This can be even more exciting when that place is a new house! After you pack up your old condo into free moving boxes Miami, you are ready to say goodbye and go live behind a white picket fence, in a place with a porch and a yard. This is the American dream, after all. But is it really? Once you are moving from a condo into a house, you might realize that things are not all as great as they might seem. And even though there are a lot of perks from upgrading from a condo to a house, there are some disadvantages as well. In this article, we look over the most important ones.

    You will have more space when moving from a condo into a house

    One of the main perks that you will notice when changing up your condo for a house is the space you will have there. After movers Miami drop you off at your new house, you might be confused with where all your boxes will go. Sure, there is a kitchen and a living room, but there might be extra bathrooms and bedrooms, or even a spare room. What will you turn it into?

    What’s more, houses usually come up with a basement area as well. There are a couple of perks to this. This is a great storage option – you will not need to use Miami storage companies anymore! While living in a condo in a big city like Miami, having a storage unit nearby is a must. In the house, your unit is right under your feet! What’s more, after you save up some money, you can even start renovating your basement. This way, you can expand your living space significantly!

    Backyard awaits!

    If there is a puppy that’s a part of your family, then they are going to love the next part, too! In many houses in Miami, you will also have a great yard. This means a lot of open space for your family and pets to play in! What’s more, once the days cool down, you can also sit back and relax. This is not something you usually have in the apartments!

    You will be missing out on the view

    This might not always be the case, but it can often be one of the biggest drawbacks to moving from a condo into a house. When you are living in Downtown Miami, you have the world at your feet. If you are lucky enough, the view from your apartment windows can be magnificent. You might see the sun rise or fall as you are sipping your drink and enjoying the cool(-ish) air.

    Miami skyline
    You won’t be seeing the views from your building.

    Moving to a house doesn’t have quite a feel. Yes, it is true that you can host barbeques in your back yard, but the view is something that you will surely miss. There are many people who often visit rooftop bars in order to get that same thrill from the heights after moving into their suburban home.

    The noise is a big factor when moving from a condo into a house

    While on the topic of suburbia, this might be another con of moving from a condo into a house. It is one of the main real-estate mantras – location, location, location. Usually, downtowns and urban areas are designated for skyscrapers and apartment buildings. It is here that the buzz happens in the big cities. Meanwhile, houses sit in suburbia, offering a quiet life to many families. If you are one of the people who like the noise and being close to where everything happens, then a house at the edge of the city might not be for you.

    On the other hand, if you are tired of the noise and the rush, then move to a suburban house as soon as possible! We must also not forget one of the biggest noisemakers in the apartment buildings – our next door neighbors! Somehow, it seems that this is always the apartment with the troublemakers. They host the loudest parties when you want to sleep. They love jumping around and dancing in the middle of the night. And let us not forget about the people above you casually dropping items to the floor! In a house – you are all alone! So, if you are ready to say goodbye to your neighbors – then call your movers and start planning the move!

    Maintenance is all yours

    One of the main things you need to worry about after moving from a condo into a house is the house itself, of course. This is one of the biggest differences between living as a tenant and having your own house. When something breaks, there will be no landlord to fix it – it is all up to you! Of course, you can always call the repairman – but it’s still your job to take care of it.

    You have to fix everything yourself.

    However, having no landlord comes with an advantage, too. If you want to change something, then it’s up to you once more! You don’t need to have permissions to paint your own walls. You can set up shelving and photos wherever you want. Have bad plumbing – then no need to wait for someone to fix it for you! Your house is yours to do what you want to it, and that is a huge deal!


    As you can see, there are many pros and cons to moving from a condo into a house. The major ones really come from where you live, the number of rooms you have and your neighborhoods. Of course, we are aware that not all situations are the same. Something your building is the perfect thing and your suburbian neighborhoods are from hell. Still, there are the general principals that can guide you during your moving process. Good luck!

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