Prepare for Miami move – things to consider

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    Prepare for Miami move – things to consider

    If you’re making plans for Miami move, you are not alone. It seems like everyone wants to move to Miami – it is a pretty attractive city to live in. For the most of its history, Miami has been the one city everybody wants to come to get away from their own lifestyle.

    miami skyline
    Miami locals tend to have a pretty free-spirited lifestyle.

    The reason for that is the essence of Miami town – it is known to be a 24/7 nightlife place. Of course, this is not the only way people decide for a Miami move. Many come to start a free-spirited lifestyle, start their own business, or enjoy local cuisine. If most beautiful Art Deco architecture doesn’t attract you, the busy party-like lifestyle will for sure. Before hiring professionals to move you to Miami, take a look at top 5 things you should know before you move.

    People are pretty much laid back

    People living in Miami are pretty much relaxed. Nobody gets offended if you are late or if you change your plans last minute. After moving to Miami, you will have to become flexible when making plans with people, because they can change in a second.

    Even though people are very happy to socialize, not everyone will consider you a part of their community at first. People tend to speak about anything else but their job, and nobody will define you by the way you make your living.

    miami florida
    Try avoiding visiting most common tourist places in Miami, instead, ask locals where to enjoy your time!

    On the other hand, Miami will make you think that everyone lives in a gym. It is a fitness-friendly city, and everyone seems like they’re working out all the time.

    After your Miami move, you should probably try to avoid visiting most common tourist places. Instead, explore the city where locals go to relax. While walking through the town, you will probably see that majority of Miami residents are Hispanic, two-thirds to be exact. It combines Caribbean and Hispanic cultures, so you will hear someone speaking Spanish on every corner. The city’s specialty is Cuban coffee break at 3 p.m. every day, and you will definitely want to try it.

    Traffic can be pretty tricky

    Almost everyone drives a car in Miami. The thing is, most of the locals think that the only way to arrive on time is to break traffic laws. Even if you don’t want to drive in Miami, consider that it is far more efficient than public transportation, even though you might get stuck in traffic jams on daily basis.

    Miami traffic
    Driving in Miami is the most efficient way of transportation, but keep in mind that you might need more time to get through the way.

    Every year, during the Art Basel happening, Miami town is filled with crowds. Many musicians, artists, celebrities, and models from around the world dominate Miami streets. It becomes a week of celebrities performing in shows, dining and most importantly, partying. During this week, your typical 15-minute ride can become a 2-hour ride, due to a traffic jam.

    Before your Miami move, think about the cost

    The cost of living in Miami is pretty high. The average annual income for Miami residents is about $30.000, and the average apartment rent is around $1000 per month. Most of the local people live in their homes and don’t actually party 24/7, considering that having a beer after a long day can cost you around $12. Clubs are usually the place for tourists because the nightlife can get very pricey. Overall, Miami nightlife is spectacular and it is the city where you can go out and dance all night long.

    miami move nightlife
    Before you decide on your Miami move, you should know that prices in bars and clubs can get very high.

    One of the reasons people decide on the Miami move is its exquisite cuisine. You will find many high-end cuisine and restaurants owned by world-renowned chefs on every corner. If you are a food loving person, there are also many places to visit and eat at affordable prices. You should know that Miami has a 24-hour liquor license, so expect to meet new people and socialize while having a drink in your hand.

    Before your Miami move, make sure you choose the best neighborhood you want to live in. Finding a housing in Miami is not an easy task if the high-end living style is not your thing. You can hire a realtor, or check on some online websites and listings.

    Weather in Miami has its own temper

    Miami has a tropical monsoon climate with hot and humid summers, and moderate to warm climate during winter. In January 1977 was the only day in the history of the city when the snowfall happened. This kind of climate seems like perfect for living, but you should know that Miami is prone to many thunderstorms during summer months. Every year Miami measures more thunderstorms than most US cities.

    Before you decide on your Miami move, consider that every object in the city has air conditioning, and it is turned on to the maximum. When summer temperatures rising, it is not uncommon for people to wear another layer of clothes when being in offices, museums or even movie theaters.

    There is no time to be bored in Miami

    Miami is host to a professional football, baseball, and basketball teams. It also has many world-class museums, a coastline The Port of Miami is known as the Cruise Capital of the World. If you go for a cruise during the night, you will enjoy one the most beautiful star gazing!

    miami harbour
    If you go for a cruise during the night, you will enjoy one the most beautiful star gazing!

    When the nightlife becomes too much for you, take a walk through the city. Miami Beach is home to the world’s largest collection of Art Deco architecture. If you are a nature lover, you can go and explore nature at Biscayne National Park and the Everglades National Park, visit Miami Seaquarium or spend your time in one of the 800 parks Miami has to offer.

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