Popular house types in Florida

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    If you are thinking of or planning on moving to Florida, there is a chance you might also be considering purchasing a new house. You might have a notion that any kind of house will do as long as it can accommodate your entire family, but have in mind that there are many different types of homes. We are not talking just about your general commodities here. If you are a first-time buyer, we advise that you research house types. You need to know what’s on the market if you are planning to make a purchase that will pay off in the long run. In this guide, Orange Movers, one of the best moving companies Pompano Beach FL has to offer, is going to help you cover all of the popular house types in Florida, so it would be easier for you to make your final decision.

    Popular house types in Florida

    Although it is well known all across the United States for its famous vernacular architecture, the picturesque “Florida Crackers” are not the only type of housing the Sunshine State has to offer. Lately, there are a whole lot of various real estate types and styles that have outshone the Native American hut-influenced homes that have been the architectural landmarks of these parts.

    Anyway, if you’re moving to Florida, collaboration with the movers Miami FL has to provide an easy, worry-free experience. Still, before they deliver your belongings to your new house, you need to buy them first. If you are still thinking about what type of home best suits your needs and financial possibilities, we are here to  present you with four of the most well-liked types of homes in Florida, which include:

    • Ranch-style house types
    • Victorian homes
    • Spanish or Mediterranean housing
    • Contemporary styled Real Estate

    After that, we are going to look at the difference between a traditional single-family home versus a customized house. When we wrap that up, we will talk about the difference between a beach house and a bungalow, and then we will take a glance at a couple of other architectonic home solutions that may tickle your fancy.

    Ranch style

    The first on our list of most popular house types in Florida is a Ranch style-type house. It is typically laid out on one level, and there is a garage on one side of the house. This type of home is most popular in central parts of Florida. However, since everything is located on one floor, senior citizens and families with young children happen to be the usual buyers. If you are more into outdoor living and activities, it is relatively easy to add a screened porch or a Florida room. And in case you have more belongings than what you can fit in the one-floor house you can always rent storage Pompano Beach. That way your valuables will be secured until you decide what to do with them.

    Picture of ranch house
    Ranch houses are cozy and open and the best option for the elderly or a family with kids.

    Victorian style

    This particular house type is easy to spot due to its narrow, tall design and ornamented details. There are many different kinds of trim, porches with rails, and lots of smaller size windows. Most Victorian homes are located in the historical parts of Central Florida, as they tend to date back more than several decades ago. Brick and local stone are the most common materials for building this type of home.

    Victorian-style home
    Victorian-style homes are landmarks of an aristocratic past that still lives on within the American national tradition.

    Spanish or Mediterranean style

    One of the most popular house types in Florida is the Spanish or Mediterranean style. It is more common in South Florida, so do not hesitate to see what local movers in South Florida have to offer and ask them what services can they provide to help you during your relocation to this part of the country.

    Mediterranean-style home
    Mediterranean-style homes’ features are closely tied to historic European architecture with their stucco walls, arches, and enclosed outdoor spaces.

    Iron window trim, palm trees in the front yard, and the decorative stucco walls represent a dream for many people. Recognizing a Spanish-style home is easy. There are several communities in Florida where you can find this type prevalent in the local architecture. The life of a tile roof is longer because they are sturdier than standard homes. But, be sure to check your wallet before deciding to make a purchase – the reliability of these features comes with a compatible price range.

    Contemporary style

    The contemporary style home features high ceilings and an open floor plan. Many potential buyers in Central Florida are put off by contemporary homes. Their usual argument is that they all look alike and are not distinctive enough. Consequently, they do not give a feeling of an old and cozy home. It appears a lot of customers value character over sustainability. Older buyers tend to dismiss them because of their ‘futuristic’, practically Ballardian design. Nonetheless, many buyers like them since they are spacious enough to support an entire family. Contemporary-style houses are modern and newly built, and many people like the new and fresh look. And for this reason, we added them to our list of the most popular house types in Florida.

    Contemporary-styled house
    Contemporary-styled houses tend to relish a more minimalist approach in both exteriors, as well as interior design.

    Traditional single-family house

    This type of home is mainly built within a development. They have a standardized floor plan and designated builders company. Shortly put, it’s a house of neutral design, without a definite style, or anything highly specific about it.  Most of the time, traditional house plans to mix different aspects of Colonial, Country, Georgian, European and Classic styles. If you want a classic house for your family, free of eccentricities and peculiarities, without overthinking, this is the best option for you. This is the most popular type of home in the U.S. today. It’s symmetrical, modest, and overall non-extravagant and down to earth.

    Traditional single-family house
    When buying a new home, picking a traditional single-family house might be the simplest, most reasonable, and stress-free choice.

    Customized homes

    However, if you would like to customize your home to best suit your personal needs, you need to look for homes outside of development. Here you can pick the lot and your preferred builders and, make changes to the floor plan however you see fit. Customized homes are distinctive by their features and price, and they are mostly reserved for the higher estate. If your family budget allows you this kind of leisure, you can make your new home look as tailor-made for you as it can get, taking into account every single detail and making sure it perfectly fits your desires. After all, you are the one who will be living there for at least some time – if you can pull it off financially, why not take the royal approach?

    Customized house style
    The customized house style is mostly present in Central Florida.

    Detached Florida villas

    Known as stand-alone single-family homes, these types of villas include smaller yards and distinctive exterior features. Also, the interior square footage is between 1,400-2,000 square feet, mostly due to the size of the lot. Developments that offer these homes provide standard floor plans, and the sellers include the cost of the lot at the full price.

    If you decide to move into one of these villas – a king-of-the-hill feel is guaranteed!

    Attached Florida villas

    The attached villas are a bit different than the detached type of houses. They consist of two or more units, sharing a common wall. They feel more like a home than like a condo, and that is a big advantage. Interior square footage is between 1,600 and 2,500 square feet, which is slightly bigger than the detached type of villas. The walls are concrete, and they are more soundproof than the condo walls. Consequently, this type is one of the more popular house types in Florida.

    Attached villas
    Sharing a wall with your neighbor has its pros and cons if you live in an apartment.

    Beach house

    If you are moving to the coast, consider getting a beach house. They are also known as seaside homes. Beach houses are built on pillars so they can be above the ground. It provides protection for your house during hurricanes from waves, and in case of floods or tides. Porches are wooden, and they produce a rustic feel. Even though this is a vacation-house type, there might just be a chance to fall in love with one of these beauties and spend the rest of your life living on the beach. The gorgeous view of the open sea, the soothing sound of waves filling your heart with serenity every night… Who knows, maybe beach dwelling is the future life you never knew you needed!

    Beach house
    Beach filling your soul with houses are raised one level above the ground, to be protected from water.


    These houses are long, low buildings that feature wide verandas and drooping attics. The roofing on the first types of bungalows was standard thatch. Later, people replaced it with fireproof tiles and secured them with an insulating air space to prevent tropical heat. Bungalows are also vacation-type homes. Bungalows are excellent for people with impaired mobility or the elderly because of their single-floor, no-staircase design. They can also be a serious rival to other seashore housing options due to the privacy they offer. Well-placed shrubs and greenery can provide total seclusion even from the closest neighbors if that is your thing. Exclusive accommodation in some tourist destinations includes the so-called ‘over-water bungalows’ designed to imitate the stilt houses of South Asia and the Pacific islands.

    A bungalow house
    A bungalow can be a perfect choice if you are a loner or a family who prefers simplicity and accessibility over lavish decor and spaciousness.

    Your family deserves the best house there is

    We hope that we gave you an insight into the most popular house types in Florida. The type of house you buy mostly depends on the location. However, there is no reason not to know what your options are. This way you get to pick what you like and what best suits your needs!

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