How to Pick the Best Moving Date

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    How to Pick the Best Moving Date

    Moving is a long and tiring process. There is a ton of things to do and plan even before the move, such as looking into houses, finding movers, packing, unpacking… It often seems endless! However, some smart planning and taking ample time to get everything organized can significantly reduce your stress before, and while moving. One of the steps you need to take before your moving day comes is – of course – determining when the moving day will take place. This guide offers suggestions that will hopefully help you in deciding the best moving date for you.

    Consider the Time when Picking the Best Moving Date

    The Time of the Year

    The time of the year is very important when moving since it can help you reduce stress as well as save you some money. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, summer months are the most popular for movers. In the United States, over 60% of moves are taking place between Memorial Day and Labor Day (between May and October). This is due to the weather – over summer, the weather is usually clear for driving, you get to wear comfortable clothes, and it’s just nice to be outside. However, remember that summers in Florida can be really humid, while winter months have an average of 60 degrees Fahrenheit, so it might be just as comfortable to move then.

    Another reason to move during the off-months is that summer is the peak season for movers – which means higher moving costs. If you are fine with moving during winter, then you should contact your local movers. Consult with them about the costs of moving during the winter season, and don’t be afraid to negotiate the contract.

    Consider your Job and your Family

    Another thing to consider when picking the moving season is your job and your family. If you are switching jobs, talk with your boss when your work starts. It is recommended to move a week or so before the start so you can get used to living in your new environment. Often times your start day will dictate when your moving day will take place.

    Consider the school year when picking the best moving date
    Consider the school year when picking the best moving date

    If you are living with kids, school are important to consider. Maybe the best would be to move before the school starts. Grade schools are not tough to switch during the year, but younger kids might need a week or two to adjust to their surroundings and make some new friends before the school starts. High schools might be a bit trickier – some will allow student transfers during semesters, some not. The best time to move would be before the start of a new semester. Then, the kids will be ready and will not have too much work to catch up on. Make sure to contact the school to check when their year starts.

    When picking the time of the year, sometimes it’s the best to pick the time of the year when you would not like to move, and start from there. Decide the most appropriate one for you and your family based on your priorities.

    The Time of the Week

    A significant number of moves takes place during the weekend. This is reasonable – there is usually less traffic on weekends. Because of that, you might want to move in the middle of the week. This will give you some room to discuss the date with your local Miami movers since they might have less work over the week.

    However, in some areas of Florida, there might be a lot of tourists, which makes traffic horrible as well. Consider investigating when the busiest traffic in your destination is and try to avoid it.

    The Time of the Day

    Think about traffic when picking your moing date
    Traffic plays a major part when picking your moving date

    The time of the day is also quite important. The best time would be in the morning – then you have time to pack, move, unpack and start adjusting to your new place. The sooner you start – the sooner you will end the moving process.

    Do not forget to consider the rush hour when picking the time of the day

    Consider your Homes when Picking the Best Moving Date

    There is a number of things to consider about your residence, as well. Sometimes the place you live in will take the predominant role of guiding your decision in picking your best moving date.

    Are you Renting a House?

    If you live in a rental home, check your lease agreement. Read the fine print. Usually, leases end at the end of a period – month or year. Check whether there are penalties for breaking your lease and weight that decision against your moving date picks. Also, a lot of landlords require you to inform them a month or so in advance about moving away. They might even bring some prospective renters while you are still there. Think about these factors and talk to your landlord about the process.

    Renting or selling the house matters when picking the moving date
    Renting or selling the house matters

    Are you Selling your House?

    If you are selling your own house, there is another problem. Sometimes selling your house puts you in an awkward spot when you’re between selling your own and buying a new house. Where do you go? This will be something to discuss with your real estate agent. They can help you set the terms for your selling and buying, and sometimes the close-date of your new home sets your moving date.

    Think about the Distance

    The last thing to consider when picking your best moving date is the distance you will have to travel. The moving is a lengthy process, so it might take some time – keep that in mind.

    If you are moving in the city, the process can take a few hours. Here, however, you have the luxury of going back and forth a couple of times. However, if you are moving interstate, contacting Florida interstate movers might be a better solution than doing it on your own. This is because the moving company you hire are professionals, and the work will need to be done in one travel – which might take a whole day, so take that into consideration.

    If you are moving to another state, the process will take a couple of days. Check with your long distance movers in Florida about the dates, and try to work out a schedule.

    Start your Moving Plan

    Once you have decided on your best moving date, it’s time to start planning. Usually, it is recommended you take a minimum of eight weeks before the moving date for all the preparation needed. The optimal recommendation is eight to twelve weeks before moving date. Use this time to prepare your house, your things and pick your moving company.

    Picking the moving company a few months in advance is always a great idea. This allows you to set up a flexible schedule and arrange the details with the representatives. This also allows you to get the estimate on time and have everything sorted out in time.

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