Perfect meals for moving day

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    Is there anything as exhausting as relocating to a new house? You live your entire life in one place, and now you have to change your location and get accustomed to the new home. And not only that, but the relocation process as a whole can be very stressful. There are many ways to deal with stress while moving. For example, one of them is to have a good and healthy meal. You have to keep your energy levels high. For this reason, you have to come up with perfect meals for moving day.

    To help you with that, we share some of our tips and tricks that should give you an idea about what to prepare for you and your family.

    What are perfect meals for moving day

    Let’s say that you are waiting for your Fort Lauderdale movers to come and pick you up. At this point, you already need to have your lunchbox prepared. With this in mind, you need to do the shopping on time. Making food for a move is equally important as packing your stuff. So, don’t forget to grocery shop on time, or you will have to bring whatever is in the refrigerator. Perfect meals for a moving day require healthy ingredients, so it is of utmost importance to know what to buy. You should stick with:

    • cereals
    • vegetables
    • fruits
    • quality meat
    Fruits and vegetables
    Vegetables and fruits are base for perfect meals for moving day

    You will need a lot of energy, therefore you need to eat quality food. So, let’s a look at how to use these ingredients.

    Eat lightly

    The number one rule of eating while moving is to eat lightly. Use this as your primary guide when preparing perfect meals for moving day. Prepare salads and add chicken meat. It is a great combination that will not overburden your stomach. Avoid heavy food that might make you go to the bathroom often. If you overeat, you will feel heavy and slow, and additionally, it will drain your energy, and you will feel sleepy.

    Remember to always go with homemade meals for your relocation! There will be plenty of time to taste Miami’s best dishes, but for now, stick to your roots!

    Healthy smoothie for a smooth relocation

    Our list of perfect meals for a moving day has to include a great smoothie. Combine fruits and vegetables like bananas, apples, oranges, carrots or beetroot. You can always add a tad of ginger to spice up the taste, as it will keep you refreshed all day. And you can drink smoothies even when you are preparing for the move. It is a great way to energize yourself, and it will help you to pack your possessions quickly.

    Perfect meals for moving day must include smoothies like these
    Have a healthy smoothie to keep your energy levels high


    Throw in some snacks as well. A bag of chips may sound interesting, but instead of you running to the store for this unhealthy treat, spend some time in the kitchen and prepare some tasty homemade snacks. You can create quiche muffins or mini pizzas. Your entire day will be better if you are looking forward to indulging yourself with these delicacies.

    Crunchy treats

    There is nothing like cereals to keep your energy levels high. However, it will be a bit difficult to mix them with milk in a plate if you are on the move. You can make homemade crunchy bars with honey and cereals that will top any storebought products. We suggest that you search the internet for great recipes, you will not regret it!

    Granola Pistachio snacks

    Who would say no to granola? This ultimate snack will make us happy whenever we bite into it. Mix it with pistachios and add some dried fruits and pack these into small plastic bags. This great mix will keep you full and satisfied. It is easy to make, and most importantly it is easy to eat. There is no mess or cleaning afterward!

    Granola jar
    Granola combo with dried fruits will keep you full and satisfied

    Muesli cookies

    As a big fan of oatmeal cookies, we suggest them to everyone. However, here is a way to take them to another level. Use peanut butter instead of regular, honey instead of sugar, and make a great combination of muesli mix. You can add a bit of cinnamon and wheat flour, and your list of perfect meals for moving is slowly getting bigger.


    Let’s get that out in the open, who doesn’t like a tasty sandwich? It is one of the perfect meals for moving day and any travel in general. Ham, cheese, and pickles are a great combination, but you shouldn’t stop there. We all like the PBJs’, and this combination packs a lot of nutrients to keep you up and running for the move.

    Toast sandwich with ham and lettuce
    Nothing beats a tasty sandwich for the road

    Drinks for the road

    You need to stay refreshed and hydrated while moving. Best is to make a citrus mix. Lots of vitamins will give you energy and in the same way, protect you from getting sick. It is quite common to catch a cold while moving, and this will be a perfect way to keep your health. We urge you to avoid alcohol, especially if you are the designated driver. There will be plenty of time to try beach cocktails once you arrive safely.

    A word of advice

    In all this commotion of preparing meals and packing, have in mind some great options that can help you out once you arrive at your new home. Know that there are affordable storage Miami beach units at your disposal. Whether you are moving stuff to unpack later, or to send some of your possessions before the relocation. Treat your movers with your tasty homemade snacks, and they might help you in picking the right one for you!

    Have a tasty move!

    You’ve seen our take on the perfect meals for moving day! Nevertheless, you might have many great ideas, so feel free to experiment. After all, you know best what you like and what keeps you energized and moving. If you want to share some of your best meals with us, it would be much appreciated!

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