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    In the corporate world, time is money. That’s why packing up your office for relocation efficiently is important for your business.  You need to be organized and efficient if you want to finish your relocation in the shortest time possible. But the organization is not important only because of the time. If you are not well organized during an office packing, you could end up with damaged equipment or loss of important documentation. And everyone knows how important business paperwork is. And, maybe the worst scenario that could happen during a chaotic and unorganized packing is that someone could get hurt. That means, a man is injured, your relocation could get postponed and you are facing a potential lawsuit. If you think that it would be better to avoid giving packing tasks to your employees, hire office movers Miami to pack and move your office.

    Plan and organize before you start packing up your office

    Before you start with anything related to your relocation, you need to make a plan of packing and hand out tasks to your employees. There are many things to pack in an office, although it doesn’t seem that way on a first glance. So, before you start packing you need to make an inventory list, so you could properly calculate the amount of packing supplies that you’ll need. You’ll need many moving boxes.

    Talking with employees about packing up your office
    Talk to your employees before packing up your office

    If you saved the original packaging when your company bought office equipment, then great, you can use it now. The original box is the best way to pack equipment for moving. But if you didn’t save them you can pack everything in regular moving boxes, you just to add some padding and everything will be fine. But, before you go shopping for boxes, keep in mind that there are many ways of getting free moving boxes Miami.

    Items you will need for packing:

    • Moving boxes are most important for packing up your office. But don’t waste money on moving boxes, there are many easy ways to find free moving boxes in Miami.
    • Bubble plastic, wrapping paper.
    • Plastic bags of all sizes.
    • Permanent markers.
    • Sticker labels.
    • Few tools like screwdrivers, pliers and similar.
    • Working gloves.

    Take care of the paperwork when you are packing up your office

    If you decided to hire Miami Beach movers just for relocation but not for packing and unpacking, you and your employees will be in charge of packing. When moving and packing an office every employee should pack his own desk, working equipment, and personal items. You should entrust at least two of your most reliable and trusted employees to take care of the paperwork.

    Office paperwork packed in ring binders
    Pay attention to your paperwork when packing up your office

    That means, clearing out filing cabinets, sorting papers by similar groups, and packing them in boxes. If your paperwork is already stored in ring binders, you will have an easier of packing your paperwork. Some ring binders come with their own boxes, so they already packed. But anyway, you should store them in moving boxes for the move, to keep them protected from moist, which represents the biggest threat to paperwork. Just make sure that your employees are labeling them correctly.

    Packing up your office equipment

    After you finished with the packing of your companies’ paperwork, you need to take care of your office equipment. Companies today have much IT equipment at their offices. So you will probably face packing and dismantling of computers, servers, printers, scanners, phone lines, and every other technical equipment that you have in your office. For this part of packing, you should really be sure that you have someone that knows what he’s doing. If you don’t have a person in your current staff that have, at least, basic technical skills, you should skip this part of packing and leave it to the professionals. But, maybe you think that you have an employee that is capable of disassembling IT equipment. If you do, you can let him do the dismantling and someone else could help with packing.

    Packing up your office IT equipment

    Even though you have a person who will tackle the disassembling, you should definitely monitor the process. Your person is probably not a professional IT technician and he will maybe need some help and guidance.  Make sure that you provide the person in charge of dismantling equipment with the manufacturer’s instructions. If you can’t find them, use the internet to find instructions. It is not that complicated to dismantle and pack IT equipment. But you should just remember to pack every piece of equipment in its own separate box and to take pictures of cable setups before you unplug them. Another smart thing you could do is to take out hard drives out of your PCs. They contain all your companies’ data so you should make sure you store them separately and to give them some additional protection. Also, be careful with printers and ink if you use that.

    Packing up your office furniture

    After you packed your office IT equipment the only thing left is your office furniture. This can be a daunting task if your office is big has lots of furniture. Again, you better leave this part to professionals. There will be many heavy parts. And furniture disassembling is very complicated and dangerous if you’ve never done it before.

    Empty office ready for packing
    You need to know how to dismantle the furniture

    If you decide to leave this task to your employees you should know that in the case of an accident where someone gets injured you are facing a potential lawsuit. So be careful with the decisions you are making. You are not only responsible for companies’ budget, but also for the lives and wellbeing of your employees.

    Portable storage units

    The best, cheapest and most convenient way of packing and moving an office is to use portable storage containers. Hire a portable storage company to deliver a container in front of your office so you can load it up. When you load everything, the truck will carry the container to your desired destination so you can unload it.

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