Packing tips for busy mums

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    As a mom, you are already busy enough having to take care of your young ones on a daily basis. However, if you have to worry about packing for relocation as well, it can get even more hectic. You will have to take care of packing, cleaning, looking after your kids, and finding time to spend with family. Admittedly, all of this would stress out anyone. Therefore, finding a way to cope with everything and avoid stress is the most important part of moving. If you manage to do this, you’ll save yourself a lot of nerves and you’ll also feel more comfortable and happier. Also, your kids will also pick up on this and will be more cooperative. In order to achieve this, read about all the packing tips for busy mums below!

    Plan the packing tips for busy mums in advance

    One of the most important packing tips for busy mums is being organized. And being organized comes with a lot of planning way ahead of time. Therefore, start with giving yourself enough time to pack all of your belongings. This will give you the freedom not to rush which will help you avoid unexpected events. In any case, as soon as you find out the date of your relocation, begin packing. The best approach is to start packing items which you rarely use. These include seasonal clothes, delicate china, and other small things which you don’t need on a daily basis.

    Also, you can prepare items you will keep in the storage. Namely, storage units Florida are amazing if you find need extra space for your things. By starting slow, you will give yourself enough time to pack everything which will help you avoid stress. In doing this, you will make the relocation much more comfortable and easier for you and for your kids.

    Multi-tasking is key

    Multi-tasking is one of the best packing tips for busy mums. While your kids are sleeping or playing, use that time to get some of your errands out of the way. For example, use the time while they nap to sort out and pack your drawers and lighter items. However, try to avoid packing the kitchen during this time since you don’t want to wake them up. This is because most of your pots, pans, plates, and cutlery make a lot of noise. Also, you can easily pack your gardening tools and outdoor furniture while your kids play in the garden. Another great option is to pack books, toys, and other things in your family room while your kids watch TV. As you can see, there are many ways of getting things done while watching over your little ones.

    girl sleeping next to a dog - one of the best packing tips for busy mums
    While the kids nap sort out and pack your drawers

    Take their needs into consideration

    While packing, you might get preoccupied and forget that your kids also have needs. For example, you will definitely have to leave their favorite stuffed animal or blanket unpacked until the last possible moment. Another great way to make sure they are comfortable is to give them a box for their stuff. Also, this will give them a sense of responsibility since they will have to pack the box on their own. If they aren’t sure what to pack, tell them to choose their favorite toy and bedtime book. They can pack anything they want to keep safe and close to them during the actual move.

    In this way, they’ll always have something to keep them entertained and calm while you take care of the rest. This will specifically be helpful if you’re doing a long-distance move. The best option, in this case, is to hire long distance movers Miami. By doing this, you will be able to de-stress and focus on your kids even more.

    Get them involved

    Getting your kids involved in the packing process might not seem like a good idea at first. However, this is an amazing way to get them involved and to get a little bit of help. Namely, you can ask them to put towels, sheets, and pillows into boxes. Actually, they can help you pack everything that isn’t fragile. Also, if they aren’t too young, let them do the labeling or ask them to color-code some boxes. This will occupy them for hours! Another great option for them is to decorate the boxes with stickers and markers. Specifically, ask them to do it based on the room the box will go in. For example, they can draw fruit and cookies on the box with the kitchen stuff.

    many stickers
    Stickers are great for labeling

    Declutter in secret

    One of the most subtle packing tips for busy mums is to pack after your kid’s bedtime. This is the time for sorting and clearing out items you don’t have a need for any more. Specifically, some of these things may include your kid’s toys which they are too big for or which they don’t play with. However, kids usually have strong bonds even with these things and might have a hard time giving them up. But they also easily forget about things. Therefore, this is the best time for getting rid of the extra clutter and packing the kid’s playroom. You will organize everything neatly and they won’t even notice!

    Say YES to help – one of the best packing tips for busy mums!

    If your friends, family, or neighbors want to babysit your kids, don’t hesitate. The extra free time you will get if they take them for a walk or to the park is very precious. During this time, you’ll be able to do so much more than you would if your kids were around. Not only will you get a lot more done, but your kids will also get to have so much fun. Also, they will come home exhausted and ready for a nap or bedtime. Therefore, you will maybe even have some time for yourself! Another one of the best packing tips for busy mums is to get someone to help you on moving day. If someone is taking care of your kids, you’ll be able to focus on making sure everything is going smoothly.

    baby boy playing in the park
    Have someone take your kids to the park

    Ultimately, there are top three packing tips for busy mums:

    1. Plan ahead
    2. Let your kids participate
    3. Accept all the help you can get.

    If you follow these simple packing tips, you will definitely have a successful moving experience!

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