Tips for Packing and Shipping Heavy Items

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    Moving to Florida, or moving from Florida is exciting. But, you should be prepared. Packing is one of the most important steps when moving, especially packing and shipping heavy items. Good news is that we have tips that will help you a lot. Also, today online shopping is very popular, so even if you are not moving you should know how to pack and ship items.

    How to prepare your heavy items for moving?

    When people are moving they have a lot of items to pack and to ship. Some of them are small and light, but unfortunately for you, some of them are very heavy. Prepare yourself and your items properly by following these tips we will give to you.

    Black weights.
    We all have some kind of heavy item to move or to ship.

    What can you ship?

    You can ship almost everything you want. When moving, long distance movers Miami will move all your heavy and light items and furniture. But, when you want to ship some heavy items, you must do research. Some of the couriers will not ship items over 25 kg. But, with the right company, you do not have to worry about your heavy items.

    Essential packing tips to know

    Moving, packing and shipping heavy items is not simple or easy. You must pack the item properly and easily because it will be respected the same as other items. Heavy items do not have special treatment. But, when you pack them right, there are no reasons to worry.

    A box for moving.
    Even as a heavy item, an item should be packed well.

    Simple tips for packing your heavy item for shipping and moving

    Follow these steps:

    • Heavy items should be shipped on a proper pallet. This way the heavy items are secured. Pallets are usually from the wood, so it can be lifted without problems.
    • If the packaging is not durable, it is not a good sign. For example, corrugated cartons are strong to handle the weight and they must be new and firm too. After that, use strong tape. You can add an extra level of protection if you want in the inside of the box.
    • Wrap your heavy item to fit the box. The item should be in the center of the box, and a wrapping material should be around the item to fill an empty space between the box and the item. But, do not use paper. Instead, use air pillows for example.
    • Use two boxes instead of one. The second should be a little bit larger than the first one. Your item will be secured better.
    • After you put the heavy item to the box, seal it with a tape that is water-proof. Also, you can use fiberglass and you will get the better protection. Do not use tape that is not meant for packing or shipping.
    • Do not add extra weight to the box because your item is already very heavy. That means you should not wrap it and protect it more than it is needed. Not only it will cost more, but also the box can be damaged because of the extra weight.
    • After you did everything, check the box by shaking it. If the item is moving inside of the box, it is not packed properly.

    Know the risks

    Shipping has its own risks and that is the truth. And you must know all the risks before you pack and ship them. These are the risk you will take when you want to move (ship) your heavy items.

    • If you did not pack it right, your item is not safe. It could be damaged or broken, especially if it is a sensitive or fragile item. Packing and shipping heavy items must be done properly. 
    • If you are not using the right courier or a moving company it can be very risky. The key to a successful relocation is hiring a good moving company.
    • Items can be lost during the move. It is one of the worst cases.
    • Sometimes your items will not arrive on time.
    Risk sign.
    Shipping has risks, especially if you did not pack the item by the rules.

    Ensure heavy items

    If you want to be fully relaxed, then ensure the heavy items you want to ship. Shipping items can be stressful and you will worry during that process, for sure. But, if you get insurance, then there is no reason to worry. Package insurance is easy to get even for heavy items. Different couriers have different insurance policies. It will be a little more expensive, but it is definitely worth it. If you have an option to protect your item or purchase them, then use it. Even if you are moving items by yourself, you should ensure them. You will need the biggest moving truck and experience, but also the insurance too.

    Packing and shipping heavy items for a long distance move

    For a long distance moving, not only you will need extra tips, but also you will need New York to Florida moving professionals when moving from NY to FL. You probably do not have experience with a long-distance move, but do not worry when you have experienced professionals for moving. All the tips about packing heavy items we have told you before, you can use for moving and shipping too. But, if you do not have what it takes for all that work or you are scared to pack it by yourself, professionals can help you.

    Wherever you want to ship your heavy items or wherever you are moving, they need to be packed without any mistake. Because of a mistake your item could be broken or damaged, and it is not the scenario you want, for sure. Good luck with packing and shipping heavy items to the destination you want. If you follow the instruction we mentioned before, you do not have any reason to worry.

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