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    If you are moving your business or office, there are many things that you need to prepare and pack for moving. There are supplies, expensive equipment, important documents, tables, and furniture, as well as office decorations. Starting the process in advance and attracting the help of your employees (and office workers) is the best way to ensure that everything arrives in your new office space organized and undamaged. Therefore, we give you some tips on how to pack your office with ease.

    Packing the office with ease
    You can pack your office with ease by following our tips

    What you need to do to pack your office with ease?

    Packing your office is not such an easy task, as you might think. There are a lot of things you need to do. Firstly, you need to inform your employees that you are moving. They have to be aware that you will need their help soon. And that is the best way to pack your office with ease. Simply tell your employees to pack their own desks and equipment, and everything will go smoothly.

    The next thing you need to solve is the packing materials. We know where you can find free moving boxes in Miami, just have a look. Regarding the other materials that you might need for moving your office easily, you can find them in any tools store. Thus, calculate how much you need in advance, and everything will be fine.

    Since in every office there is various furniture and equipment, we will try to give you advice on packing the most common ones.

    Packing the cabinets with files

    Cabinet with files
    Be careful when moving the important files
    • Sort your documents and create three categories: “take”, “shred” and “recycle”. Obsolete and unnecessary documents can be discarded. But if it contains any confidential information, you should rather shred it than recycle.
    • Sort the remaining files and organize them using any system that you plan to continue in the new location. Pack the files in a file box, small enough so that your documents are organized and stationary during transport.
    • Mark each box with a brief description of its contents. Also, write the table or department with which it belongs in your new location. If you have this information, of course. If the content of the box is confidential, you should also indicate it on the marking.

    Packing the office desks

    • As we already said, each employee should be responsible for packing their own desks. Provide your employees with a timetable for the move so that they can prepare themselves and empty their desks. You also need to provide your employees with a moving handbook with recommendations and a protocol for packing and moving the office so that they are aware of their expected roles.
    • Start by emptying the drawers. Doing that, discard the old garbage that you have accumulated over time. Pack office supplies in one box so that you can easily find them during unpacking. Get rid of mostly filled notepads, dried pens, bent and useless clips and other, mostly useless items. Advise your employees to do the same.
    • Pack personal items displayed on your desk at the earliest stage of your move. Coffee cups and picture frames, you should wrap them with protective wrapping paper or bubble wrap so that they do not break during transport. You should advise your employees to take personal things home before the moving day. That will help you pack your office with ease.

    Packing the equipment

    • The most valuable things in your office are your computers, printers, photocopiers and fax machines. You, of course, need to enlist the help of office movers Miami to properly disconnect and transport your technology systems for you.
    • Keep all wires and cables properly separated and organized in order to prevent chaotic confusion when moving. Use zippers to hold the wires in the kit, and glue them for ease of identification. You can also pack similar wires into their own boxes (for example, Ethernet cables in one box, USB cables to another) or pack them with appropriate equipment.
    • Be sure to back up all important data on your hard disk or cloud service before the start of moving day. This will also help to do some work from your laptop while your office is in a transitional phase.
    • Packing computers, printers, and other office equipment in the original boxes are optimal. If you no longer have them, be sure to use heavy-duty, quality boxes and a lot of padding.

    Packing the decoration from the office

    Plant in an office
    That plant may look good in your office, but it will be a big problem for your movers
    • You can start to take off the decorations a few weeks before the move. Consider the space and location of your new office when deciding what to take with you and what to discard or donate before moving day.
    • Pack paintings with wrapping paper and bubble wrap. You should use packing paper as a barrier between the glass and air bubbles to prevent impressions. You can also use special telescoping boxes designed for artwork and mirrors.
    • Prepare the plants for the move. Movers often do not want to transport live plants in a moving truck. Therefore, you will have to transport the greenery yourself.
    • If you have valuable works of art, you must purchase insurance to protect against loss or damage. If your office belongs to a large company that pays for moving, their moving insurance may not cover valuables.

    Hire reliable office movers

    Man holding thumbs up
    Find reliable office movers you can trust

    Get the help of professional office movers to properly disconnect and process expensive equipment. They can pack your office with ease and make the whole process stress free. If you are planning an upcoming office move, start looking for local movers Miami. The best of them will give you a free estimate so that you can know in advance how much it will cost you. Once you hire them, you can relax and watch your office move happen without hassles. Look on the Internet and start planning your move today!

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