How to pack an essentials moving box?

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    An essentials box is the first box you will open after moving, or even during the moving day. This open-first box is also known as a survival box or first night box. Many people forget to pack an essentials moving box, and when they do remember, it is already too late. So, do not make the same mistake and be prepared fully for your relocation. Luckily for you, we are here to help you with our tips.

    Your moving company can give you some tips about packing an essentials moving box. On the other hand, if you did not find a moving company yet, Orange Movers is a company that can help you with packing and moving too.

    Pack an essentials moving box for you

    First of all, think about your needs and habits. That is how you will not forget anything and your packing will be perfect. An essentials box is one of the most important boxes when moving. This small box may save your day. Stress will be all around you, so it is easy to forget even the most important items. Keep this box near you during the move and for a couple of first days after the move too. Before you start to pack your personal items, keep the scissors in your bag because you must open the boxes somehow.

    Pack an essentials box for moving.
    Write down all these tips, and you will not forget anything in your essential box.


    Pack clothes for a few days. It is hard to open all your boxes with the clothes just to find one t-shirt. Underwear, shoes, t-shirts, pajamas, jeans, etc. If you are moving because of a job, then pack your office clothing too. If you will have job interviews, you better pack your an iron too in the same box. You should be well dressed. Even if you do not have any job interviews, you will want to change your clothes immediately after traveling.

    Personal hygiene supplies

    Some of the personal hygiene supplies are the same for all people. Such as toothpaste, toothbrush, shampoo, soap, towels, toilet paper, and shower gel. But some of them depend on your habits. If you use makeup, pack that too in your essentials box, or hair supplies and accessories. Pack all supplies you need every day or items you use often.


    Today, many people cannot manage without electronics. Cellphones, navigation, tablet, laptop, chargers for all those electronics. If you are driving to your new home, you will need navigation to find your new home faster. So, make your essential electronic box and travel without any stress. If you do not need navigation, you will definitely need your phone and laptop. Maybe after a long day, you will want to watch a movie or your favorite show and to relax a little bit. It will not be relaxing if you are searching for the phone charger for a long time.


    When you pack essentials moving box, pack medicine too, even if you do not have any medical therapy. Because of the stress, the human immune system is weaker so you can get the flu, for example. So, packing vitamins can be very useful. Also, packing the first aid kit is very important. You can easily get injuries while packing, unpacking or cleaning and decorating your new home. Of course, if the injury is serious, or you are feeling very sick call 911 immediately.

    Bed sheets

    After a long day, you will want to have sweet dreams and to relax. You cannot accomplish it without clean bed sheets. Pack your favorite sheets and enjoy. That first night in your new home should be special, so get prepared.

    An essential moving box for the whole family and a new home

    Moving with a family is easier because you are not alone in a new home and a new city, maybe even a new state. But, packing is more difficult because you have more work to do. Packing an essentials box for the whole family and your new home is also necessary. What does it mean?

    A toddler sleeping.
    Make sure to pack everything in your essentials box for your kid.

    Cleaning supplies

    It is much easier to clean the whole home when the furniture is not set up yet. Pack unopened cleaning supplies, because it is dangerous to move used and open ones. You can damage other items. It is exhausting to search for stores to buy new cleaning supplies.

    Cleaning supplies.
    Clean your new home before you put all the furniture in.

    Items for kids

    Moving with kids can be very stressful sometimes, not only for you. For them too. So, if you pay attention to their feelings and needs during these busy days.

    • Pack your kids’ favorite toy and buy a new one. A lot of kids’ will cry in the car so, you need to have a plan of how to calm them down.
    • When you need to pack an essentials moving box for a baby or a toddler, they have special baby food and drinks. Pack enough food for your kid(s).
    • Find movers North Miami Beach to help you pack all the kids furniture, a stroller, etc. You should unpack these items immediately after moving in. The rest of the furniture can wait, but your baby’s items cannot. They will get tired too, so sleeping in their crib might be very helpful.

    Food and kitchen supplies

    Even if you love to cook for you and your family, you will probably not have time for that during the first couple of days after moving. You can pack non-perishable food such as pasta, food in cans, water, snacks, etc. Until you go to the new grocery store, you should have enough food for you and the rest of the family. Of course, when you pack an essentials moving box for the kitchen, pack plates, knives, spoons, one pot, etc.

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