Office Planning Tips for Business Moving

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    Office Planning Tips for Business Moving

    Many growing Hialeah Gardens businesses find themselves needing more space to accommodate staff and equipment. Moving your business can be a great decision for your company, providing more space, a better location, and other benefits. After you’ve decided on your new commercial real estate, you’ll need to plan the office layout. These tips can help you organize your new space after business moving, creating a new workplace that’s conducive to productivity, collaboration, and comfort.

    Try new workstation styles before buying.

    If your office uses cubicles to separate work space, there are several varieties that you could try. Some styles of workstation work better than others, depending on what kind of work is being done in a certain department. When the work that’s being done is highly collaborative, an office with an open plan might be ideal. However, these environments can facilitate distractions from ambient noise, opportunities for conversation, and other issues.

    Cubicles come in different sizes and types, and are distinguished by their modularity. Some cubicles are larger and more office-like, with high walls that create a private work area. Others are little more than small dividers, which may have high walls or low walls. Acoustic cubicles can ensure a quiet environment to work, and there are also ergonomic cubicles designed for maximum comfort.

    You can test a couple of different types on a small scale at your old office, before you commit to a cubicle type for your new office after business moving. There are also a few other factors you can take into consideration when planning your new office layout.

    Make sure you have the right amount of furniture for your new space.

    If you’re moving to a larger office space, you may need to purchase new furniture to fill that space more effectively and accommodate new staff as your business grows. If you’re moving to a similar office in a new location, however, you could potentially run into problems with creating an ergonomic layout that incorporates all of your existing furniture.

    When possible, incorporating your existing furniture can help you save quite a bit of money. Liquidation services don’t offer you a whole lot of value compared to what you paid, but trying to sell large quantities of furniture privately can be difficult.

    Don’t Forget About Your IT Assets

    Electronic equipment is essential for any modern business. Moving the equipment is a process that needs to be handled carefully, but you also need to ensure that your new office has the right electrical connections and layout to accommodate computers, monitors, servers, printers, and other technology. A lack of outlets adjacent to workstations could be difficult to deal with, and you may need to alter your layout plan to ensure that you can incorporate computers into it easily.

    Consider working with an office planning and designing service.

    Full service moving companies can work with you to plan and design your office space, ensuring that it’s ergonomic, facilitates communication, and encourages productivity.

    Make sure you give yourself enough time to plan.

    It’s important that you plan everything well in advance, before moving your business. This includes making arrangements with a commercial moving company for furniture and other equipment, planning your new layout, and making sure staff are filled in about when the move is taking place and what their role in it will be. Good planning can help you minimize downtime associated with the move, preventing your revenue from taking a hit because no one could get any work done.

    Hire a reputable business moving company.

    Once you’ve planned your new office, you need to get your furniture and equipment moved into it. It’s definitely not a good idea to try to do this on your own. Office furniture is heavy, electronics can get damaged easily, and your employees won’t be thrilled if moving boxes isn’t in their job description. Business moving goes much more smoothly if you hire professionals instead.

    Business Movers in Hialeah Gardens

    At Orange Movers, we’ve helped countless businesses in Hialeah Gardens and the greater Miami area successfully relocate their offices. Our team of courteous, professional movers will ensure that your equipment gets moved in a timely manner, without sustaining any damage during transport. To find out more, call us any time, or fill out our online contact form.

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