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    Keeping your office space neat and clutter-free is one of the conditions for running a successful business. You really can’t run a prosperous business out of a cluttered office. Maybe you are thinking that it doesn’t matter how your home office looks like if you are the only one who is using it. But office decluttering is not important only because of your employees or your customers. Your office should be a tied up place, with as fewer distractions as possible. And office full of junk is certainly not without distractions. If you are planning to move your office any time soon, that may be the perfect opportunity to remove all unnecessary items that were causing all that mess. In that case, you will pay your office movers Miami to pack and transport only the items you wish to keep using in your new office.

    Planning office decluttering
    Plan your office decluttering in advance

    Office decluttering requires a good plan

    First, you need to make a plan. Office decluttering is not an easy process. You have many important items and documents that you need to take care of. That is why a good plan is crucial at the beginning of your office decluttering. Doing this during an office move is not recommendable. Moving an office has its own numerous complications, so it would be wise to deal with this before you call your moving companies Fort Lauderdale to pack and relocate your office. Besides creating a more relaxed environment for packing and moving, you will also significantly lower your moving expenses by downsizing your office-moving inventory. So, if your moving date is approaching start with your office decluttering before it is too late.

    Things to prepare to help you with your decluttering

    If your office is moving to Fort Lauderdale, make sure that you have everything prepared for successfully removing your office clutter. Of course, it all depends on the size of your office and the amount and type of clutter you have. But if you are not sure what you will need, make sure that you prepare at least these following things:

    • You will need lots of trash bags for your office decluttering
    • Plastic containers for storing paperwork
    • Cardboard boxes for more bulkier trash
    • New closets and shelves
    Pile of paperwork ready for office decluttering
    Deal with your paperwork properly

    Decluttering office paperwork

    Business paperwork and documentation is the most important thing you’ll need to take care of when you are doing your office decluttering. If you have an employee that is in charge of taking care of and storing paperwork, make sure that he, or she, is involved in the paperwork decluttering process. Your employee should own the best knowledge about locations of important documents and can decide what papers can be stored somewhere else or destroyed. If your office is in business for many years, during that time surely you have accumulated lots of paperwork. And, yes, some papers should be kept forever, but there is no point in keeping documents from ten or twenty years ago in your office. The best solution is to store older documents in storage units Fort Lauderdale. That way, your office would be neat and clutter-free, and the documents are stored in a safe place.

    Tidy up your office

    If you want your office to look professional and reliable, you need to keep it tight. Especially if you have clients that are visiting your office space. That is why at least the room where you are receiving your clients should have a professional tone and look.  Make sure that you remove all the junk. That is the first thing to do. Remove old magazines and newspapers, and keep only the ones with newer issuing dates. If you have a cloth hanger where you and your employees hang your coats, make sure that is hidden somewhere out of sight. The room can really look messy with a pile of clothes hanging in a corner.

    Create a rule for storing finished work properly

    If you have lots of office materials and paperwork that is always circling around, your office will always look messy. And that is ok if the mess is caused by current work. The problems will appear when you start accumulating old work on and around your desks. That is not acceptable in the professional and business world. So, you need to keep track of what your employees are doing. Are they keeping only current work on their tables, and are they storing finished work properly. Make a rule out of this and you will never get in the situation where you have to declutter your office space.

    Spare office materials
    Every office has lots of spare materials

    Dealing with office spare materials

    Every business has lots of spare office materials that they keep in their offices. If you do not have a special place where you keep your packs of printing paper, notebooks, printer cartridges or similar, your office will look messy. Piles of printing papers can sometimes be very big and can be a serious obstacle for moving through the office. So, if that is the case, try to find a place to store them where they will be out of sight. A good idea is to get a hanging closet. It doesn’t take much space, and your office will look much neater if you hide your office spare materials inside.

    IT equipment office decluttering

    Old and unused IT equipment can often be the cause of the cluttered office. New technologies are coming out daily, and if your office is following IT trends, surely you have lots of old computer parts and components. Keeping them for some certain time is reasonable. But after a few months, you should think of a way to get rid of it. If your old IT equipment is no longer usable search the internet to find a way to properly dispose of electrical equipment. If you think that your old computer could be of use to someone else, you can try to sell it. Or even better, you can donate it. Donating your IT equipment before moving to Fort Lauderdale can lead to certain tax deductions. So, ask your financial advisor about that.

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