North Florida vs South Florida

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    Florida is a great place for living, so it’s no wonder why the number of newcomers is increasing rapidly every year. However, deciding where in the Sunshine State will be your new home isn’t such an easy decision. You probably are pondering about North Florida vs South Florida. Both parts have their benefits and their cons, which this guide will present. In order to make a decision that suits your needs perfectly take them into serious consideration.

    North Florida vs South Florida – The climate

    When moving to South Florida, you can expect the sunshine beams caressing your skins most of the days in the year. You can relax after work on some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, or enjoy some of the many diverse outdoor activities that nice weather allows. However, the humidity is very high in this part of the state. Which can be problematic for some. Especially those who are suffering from respiratory conditions.

    Beach gear
    Summer wear is almost all that you need in South Florida.

    On the other hand, North Florida has a bit colder climate, with more distinctive seasons. The average summer temperatures are 80.5 degrees, with an average for the winter is 53 degrees. It is a more mild, yet pleasant climate. Lack of humidity is making easier to breathe, and the summer storms that are common in South Florida, are passing this region.

    Regarding climate, who takes the victory in the North Florida vs South Florida? Well, it is hard to be the judge in this case, since different people have different preferences. If you like “eternal” summer than South Florida will suit you just fine. If you prefer changing seasons than North Florida can take the win.

    Job hunting – Where are the better opportunities?

    Another hard question with no simple answer. Especially if you are planning a commercial relocation with the help of the finest office movers Miami has to offer.
    Knowing the business scene is important before making such a huge step.

    The economy of South Florida is a bit stronger by the mere fact that its main industry is tourism. A lot of money is revolving in these markets, and it’s a sector that always needs more employees. Another important one is the entertainment industry and the nightlife scene. If you are working in any of these sectors, you have no problem finding the job very fast after your relocation to Florida.

    Man reading a newspaper
    The diversity of the job offers is what makes the north a winner when it comes to North Florida vs South Florida regarding the economy and employment.

    However, it is a real possibility that you can struggle to get employment in other industries. In South Florida that is. Move a little bit up to the north, and the picture is quite different.

    North Florida has a much more diverse economy, there’s no question about it. Surely, tourism exists there too, but it certainly isn’t the predominant sector. Almost all the industries thrive in this area, with special emphasis on entrepreneurs. It is exactly the feature that makes this part of the state very interesting for people who want to start a business.

    North Florida vs South Florida – The main differences

    While in the same country, driving from the south to the north of Florida can be very surprising. It will make you seem like you are in a totally different country. While people are sipping the best beach drinks in Miami, residents of Jacksonville are hunting gators is a swamp. Those are just some of many opposites when it comes to North Florida vs South Florida.
    The main differences between the areas are:

    • Crime rates
    • Diversity
    • Food
    • The community
    • Climate

    Crime rates

    Regarding this issue, in the battle of North Florida vs South Florida, the north will take the win. It is a much safer place with lower crime rates comparing to South Florida.
    There’s a reason why popular TV show was called CSI: Miami and not CSI: Jacksonville.


    South of Florida is much more diverse than Florida’s northern parts. Especially Miami and its surrounding areas, which is a melting pot of all the different cultures. In fact, it is more common to hear Spanish rather English on the streets. Residents are very open to newcomers, no matter where they are coming from.
    On the contrary, while friendly to newcomers, North Florida is much less diverse.

    North Florida vs South Florida: Food

    Since the mixture of cultures, South Florida has amazing food options to offer. Any type of cuisine you crave for, you will find even in the smaller cities.

    Cuban sandwich - regarding food south wins in the battle of North Florida vs South Florida
    foo With so many distinct flavors to offer, south Florida is a clear winner.

    On the other hand, the most exotic dish you can try in North Florida will be the “Gator tail”. Yup, exactly what it sounds like – a tail from an alligator. While it is delicious and truly a local delicacy, this part can’t really pride in its diverse food selection.

    The community

    North Florida is a unique case because the deeper you enter it, the more “south” it becomes. It can be rather confusing, and that’s because it is. This part of Sunshine State is an epiphany of the American South in all its glory. Meaning that you can enjoy a barbeque in Northern Florida in almost every restaurant, while the country music playing.

    The felling of the community is much stronger here. Cities are smaller, everybody knows everybody and neighbors truly care for one another. It is a quite nice and safe environment for raising kids, with also great options for higher education like Florida State University and the University of Florida. If you love the small-town feel, then it’s clear who’s the winner when it comes to North Florida vs South Florida.

    On the other hand, South Florida is the more modern and hip place to live in. It does have the feel of the urban jungle from time to time with its fast tempo of living even with the beach right beside it. It does offer much more outdoor activities, fun happenings, and incredible nightlife Miami can offer.


    As said, the climate varies when you are traveling from one part of Florida to the next one. From warm, beach-weather to the ones that require a jacket. You be the judge of North Florida vs South Florida and which one is better according to your personal preferences regarding weather conditions. And every other feature, for that matter.

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