Super practical tips for new expats in Florida

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    Are you moving to the Sunshine State? Congratulations! You are in for a great adventure. Although moving abroad is complicated and emotionally challenging, this state will make the transition easier for you. Why? Because everyone is very welcoming here. That’s why new expats in Florida will have no problem adjusting to people, customs and new cultures. Also, if you are moving to Florida State from the colder part of the world and you have always loved sunshine and warm weather, you will be very happy here. You don’t have to imagine going to the beach anymore, you will have the opportunity to do it here almost every day of the year. But don’t think that the weather is boring. The first time you encounter a tropical hurricane storm, you will learn what adrenaline and excitement are. Nevertheless, we are giving you some practical tips for moving to Florida from abroad.

    What should new expats in Florida do first when they get here?

    Let’s say that your relocation has finished successfully and you are done with unpacking boxes. What is the next step? Whether you are moving to South Florida for business or pleasure, doing some things will make your staying here easier and better. If you have found the job before coming to join new expats in Florida, that’s great for you. Not only will you have a daily commitment and a steady flow of income. But you will also have the opportunity to meet new people. And people are what makes any country great.

    Super Practical Tips for New Expats in Florida - Miami at night
    Florida is a great place for people from all over the world

    But, before you start meeting new people, you should make sure to understand the laws and the rules of the country that you are in. That generally goes for any country, especially the ones that are more vigorous about the laws and rules. You are lucky to be joining the new expats in Florida because this is a very liberal country. As long as you follow the laws, you’ll be just fine. We will also recommend you to apply for the healthcare program, in case anything happens.

    Go out and mingle with other new expats in Florida!

    Forget about rushing home after work to sit alone in front of the TV. Rather stay longer on the job for socializing. Don’t avoid your new colleagues, but have lunch breaks with them, for example. Before you know it, some of them will call you to hang out outside of the work and you will gain a friend or two. Aside from maybe having a barbeque and a bear, which is always a nice bonus, of course. Or maybe spend a day in Little Havana or visit a museum, because Florida is full of them. There is really plenty of options to spend a day with friends.

    However, the first thing to do for new expats in Florida is finding other expats. If you don’t know any prior to coming here, don’t worry. Today, there are so many ways to meet new people for whatever purpose. So, maybe you have expats in your new workplace. Or your new coworkers know someone that they can meet you with. And let’s not forget the online networks and social media. You can meet people from all over the world either on Facebook or through some forums and websites. Once you know other people who are going through what you are, you will not feel as alone anymore. You will have someone to share your experiences with and vice versa. You can even learn from each other a lot. So, don’t be shy and go find your fellow expats.

    Make time for your friends and family

    This is a universal rule no matter where you live. In order to be truly happy, however busy you are, you need to stay in touch with your family and friends. Which can be a challenging task if you are moving abroad and in different time zone. So, as soon as your Fort Lauderdale movers leave your new place, figure out the schedule for F&F. You shouldn’t wait until you all have free time, because that can be pretty complicated if they are waking up when you are going to bed. Soon before long you will be too tired to stay awake in order to speak to them. And there is a way to prevent that.

    Girl on a phone
    Schedule ahead the same time for speaking with your friends and family to not miss them as much

    You don’t have to wait for weeks to pass by until you hear and see your family (say thank you to social networks in this modern age). Rather make a deal with them and set up a convenient time for everyone up front. You can then schedule all other appointments around that deal you have made with them. That will be much more practical than waiting for everyone to be free at the same time.

    Try to make things look and feel like at home

    If you want to feel better in a new surrounding, you should make it look and feel more like home. What does that mean? It means that you should incorporate as many daily routines and familiar things from your previous home country as possible. If you want to have a blender, so you can make healthy meals and refreshments, maybe some of your new friends could take theirs from a Florida storage if they can spare it and let you use it. And if not, why not investing in something that will make you feel better? Yes, we know, there is a possibility that you’ll have to get back to your country, and then what will you do with it? Well, guess what? You can always either sell it on e-bay or gift it to someone else in need.

    Girl on the beach doing yoga
    Continue to do the things you love and used to do at your previous home

    Maybe you can take up the same hobby, as you did before. If you like painting, you shouldn’t stop practicing it. Were you doing Pilates or Zumba before? Why not sign up for training here? Not only you will fill up your time with quality, but it will feel nice doing something familiar. And you will also have the opportunity to meet more new people and new expats in Florida.

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