Nationwide Moving Trends: The Top 4 Cities that People Are Moving To

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    Nationwide Moving Trends: The Top 4 Cities that People Are Moving To

    Moving away from Lauderdale Lakes can be bittersweet. The whole Miami area is incredibly unique, with its own distinctive art deco architectural style, a vibrant and diverse culture, and world-class beaches and nightlife. But for many people, the time comes when moving away makes sense. Maybe you want a change of climate and scenery, or perhaps your job requires you to move out of state.

    Whatever the reason, you might very well be moving to one of these four cities. They’re the most popular nationwide moving destinations in 2016, and some of them might surprise you. Americans are leaving big metro areas in increasing numbers, heading for smaller cities with lower costs of living and affordable housing prices.

    1) Tampa, Florida

    Tampa is actually the number one nationwide moving destination. This midsize Florida city balances big-city vibrancy with quiet suburban residential areas and a reasonable cost of living. With a median home price of $230,000, the area is relatively affordable. Key industries for the local economy include finance, retail, healthcare, insurance, shipping, professional sports, and real estate. The city’s biggest employer is the BayCare Health System, followed by Publix.

    2) Jacksonville, Florida

    Jacksonville might not sound that exciting if you’re from the Miami area, but it’s a top destination for nationwide moving. By population, it’s actually the largest city in Florida, as well as the 12th most populous city in the United States. It’s home to multiple military bases, as well as an important deepwater port on the Atlantic Ocean. It’s a focal point for air, rail, and interstate highway travel, and its economy is balanced among numerous industries. With a median home price of $242,000, it’s relatively affordable.

    3) Charlotte, North Carolina

    Located in the scenic Carolina piedmont, Charlotte is the state’s largest city, and the second largest city in the South. Its latitude provides a nice balance of year-round temperatures, combining the mild climate of the South with autumn foliage and cooler winters. It’s become a major U.S. banking and financial center, second only to New York City. The median home price is $257,000.

    4) San Antonio, Texas

    San Antonio is the second largest city in Texas, and the seventh largest in the US. Located in south-central Texas, it has hot summers and mild winters. It’s located in between a semi-arid region to the west, and a wetter climate to the east, closer to the Gulf of Mexico. Seasonal rainfall varies from 10 to 50 inches. Although the city has lost several major company headquarters in recent decades, it has a robust and diversified economy. The average home price is $275,000.

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