Nationwide Moving Tips for Moving Fine Art & Antiques

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    Nationwide Moving Tips for Moving Fine Art & Antiques

    Moving away from Coral Gables is always bittersweet. If you’re planning a long distance interstate move, you need to take extra precautions if you own fine art, antiques, and other valuables that aren’t exactly replaceable. Even if they’re insured so that you’ll be reimbursed if they’re damaged, these aren’t the “kind of thing” where you can just go out and buy a new one.

    A professional nationwide moving company will safely transport your belongings, but you can still pack up your valuables yourself. These expert tips from nationwide movers will help you safely protect your fine art and antiques on the road.

    Moving Fine Art Pieces: Careful Packaging is Key

    The term “fine art” calls oil paintings to mind, but it also applies to sculptures, statues, and other objects. Moving fine art is challenging, and it requires attention to detail.

    Preparing Your Paintings for Nationwide Moving

    Here’s what we recommend for paintings. Wrap it up in Glassine. You can substitute plastic wrap as well, but really, Glassine is ideal. Glassine, a transparent paper, resists air, water, and grease, preventing the paint from smudging. Then, wrap it again in bubble wrap. The bubble wrap helps prevent it from getting dented or scratched during the move. As for boxing, the best thing is to use the box the piece originally came in. If that’s not an option, smaller works can be packaged into boxes from modern flat screen televisions with similar dimensions. For very large pieces of art, a bicycle box can do the trick.

    For very large paintings that make it difficult to find a suitably sized flat box, as well as sculptures and other art pieces with very irregular dimensions, nationwide moving specialists can help you out with custom crating or boxing. For sculptural art, we recommend wooden crates rather than cardboard boxes.

    Moving Antique or Valuable Furniture

    Paintings and sculptures aren’t the only valuable items that need special care. If you own antique furniture, or modern furniture that’s particularly fragile or valuable, these will also need special treatment. Bubble wrap goes a long way toward preventing impact damage, and you can keep your antiques even more protected with special moving blankets, pads, and covers designed especially for furniture. Also, tape any windows, mirrors, or other flat glass pieces to prevent them from fracturing.

    Antique furniture should also be transported separately, ideally in sturdy wooden crates instead of cardboard boxes. We can build customized crates with dimensions suited for each individual piece.

    Moving Pianos

    Pianos are another special and valuable item that need special treatment. Nationwide moving for pianos requires it’s own unique considerations. They can weigh up to a thousand pounds, so personnel safety is important.

    Safe Nationwide Moving for Fine Art, Antiques, & Other Valuables

    Some things are not only valuable, but unique and irreplaceable. At Orange Movers, we’ve helped many Coral Gables residents successfully transport fine art, antiques, and other fragile objects during long-distance nationwide moving. To find out more, call us anytime at 786-453-4340.

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