Moving your family from Miramar to Coconut Creek: tips and tricks

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    If you are moving your family from Miramar to Coconut Creek, you have to do many things. Both before and after the move. And it would be best if you also got acquainted with and learn more about the city to which you are moving. Coconut Creek is part of Broward County and it is considered to be one of the best places to live in Florida. With great weather, a lot of diversity, good nightlife, and a lot of outdoor activities, it has everything you might need. And if you are moving with children you should know that it has good schools too. Everyone that moved with the help of our Orange Movers Pompano Beach has said that they were very happy that they moved to Coconut Creek. And you will be too. Here are some tips and tricks for your move.

    First, figure out how you are going to be moving to Coconut Creek

    When deciding on how to move there are many things to consider. But the first one should be the distance. And the distance between Miramar and Coconut Creek is 27.9 miles, which translates to 35 minutes drive. So it’s not that far. And if you are not moving a lot of things you can easily pack everything in your car and do the move. But if you are moving a lot of things, which is inevitable when you are moving your family then you are best off hiring one of the moving companies Miramar FL to help you with the move. As they know how to safely and efficiently transport your things. And will do that on arranged schedule. But you will still probably have to take at least one day off work, and that is something to keep in mind.

    Man hiring movers before moving his family from Miramar to Coconut Creek
    Hiring experienced movers will make your move much easier and less stressful

    Coconut Creek is cheaper than Miramar to live in

    When you are moving somewhere with the family cost of living is something that you are always going to be thinking about. And the good news is that overall Coconut Creek is a cheaper city to live in than Miramar. While utilities and health costs are more or less the same, transportation is 4.3% cheaper in Coconut Creek. The biggest difference is in housing, for homeowners Coconut Creek is 43.0% cheaper. And the prices of median home cost are significant too. The median price of a house in Miramar is $379,600 and in Coconut Creek $233,100. And the median rent is $1,772. So when it comes to housing you are going to save a lot of money after moving your family from Miramar to Coconut Creek. And since you are moving a short distance you won’t have to hire long distance movers South Florida and that will save you money too.

    There are many fun things to do in Coconut Creek

    One of the great things about Coconut Creek is that it’s a very well-planned community. With a focus on environmental consciousness, which means there is an abundance of trees, landscaped roads, parks, and waterways. And that makes Coconut Creek the first in the state of Florida to be certified as a “Community Wildlife Habitat”. It is a beautiful city to live in, with a lot of fun activities. And you should go and explore the city while movers Coconut Creek FL are taking care of the move. That way you can get better acquainted with the city, and learn more about it. It will also make your settling in much easier. There are many beautiful wilderness areas, gardens, and parks you can visit and enjoy. Here are some of them:

    • Fern Forest Nature Center
    • Butterfly World
    • Helene Klein Pineland Preserve
    Group of people sitting on grass in the park
    You can enjoy a lot of beautiful parks and nature preserves in Coconut Creek

    Learn about the schools and safety before moving your family from Miramar to Coconut Creek

    When it comes to schools both cities have good schools. Since you are moving to Coconut Creek you should learn more about the schools there. There is the Coconut Creek High School, Monarch High School, Atlantic Technical Center, and Technical High School. When it comes to higher education there is Broward College and the Technological University of America. So you have a lot of good options when it comes to education. And when it comes to crime and safety Coconut Creek is much safer. For example, according to statistics, the national average is 282.7 while in Coconut Creek it’s 96.4 and in Miramar it’s 168.7. And locals say that they feel very safe and that the police are very reliable and effective. So you won’t have to worry about safety when moving your family from Miramar to Coconut Creek.

    You can do all kinds of sports and go shopping in Coconut Creek

    Coconut Creek has a beautiful open-air mall where you can go shopping and enjoy the scenery. It is one of a kind mall, and it’s definitely worth visiting. It has a great and very luxurious ambiance. And it also has a lot of great restaurants. Then you can go to Tradewinds Park where a lot of people love to go running or on a picnic. It also has two disc golf courses, baseball diamonds, soccer fields, volleyball courts, and much more. So whatever kind of sport you like, you can find it here.

    Children playing soccer
    There are many fun things for you and your family to do at the Tradewinds Park

    Coconut Creek has a good economy

    When moving your family from Miramar to Coconut Creek you should get familiar with the economy of Coconut Creek. And the good news is that despite being a small city Coconut Creek has a good and stable economy. The biggest employment sectors in Coconut Creek are retail trade, health care & social assistance, and administrative, support, and waste management services. There is also finance and insurance, construction, and public administration. Employment is steadily growing with more job openings. And as you can see there are jobs in all kinds of industries, so you can find one that suits you the most. The median household income is 68,024. But that is of course only the median, and yours will depend on what industry you are going to be working in. You are best off searching for a job before you move to Coconut Creek, and that’s what most people do.

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