Why is moving to Lauderhill best for families?

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    You have decided to move with your family, but not quite sure where? Therefore, we have a suggestion for you. There is a city in Broward County, Florida – a city called Lauderhill. That could be the perfect place for you. If you already live near, you could hire local movers in Miami and start changing your life. But, is that city really for you? Is moving to Lauderhill something that will be good for you? We can help you make that decision.

    Tanning on the beach after moving to Lauderhill
    Beach is definitely one of the reasons for moving to Lauderhill

    People moving to Lauderhill from distant cities are not so uncommon. Long distance Miami movers offer many services you can use to move safely and stress-free. But first, you need to know whether relocating to Lauderhill is for you. In this text, you can find some information about this city that can be really helpful when deciding on the move to Lauderhill.

    Something about the city

    Dairy products
    Dairy products are something Lauderhill was most known for

    The city of Lauderhill was founded on June 20, 1959, by a builder and developer Herbert Sadkin. Herbert Sadkin actually planned to call Lauderhill “Sunnydale” from the very beginning. After some discussions with his friend, New York Times journalist William Safir, the name Sunnydale will soon become the second choice. Safir explained that he did not like the name “Sunnydale” because it sounded like a neighborhood in Brooklyn.

    When they put the first houses in Lauderhill, very few people wanted to live in the “country of the dairy farm”. In the early years, there were many more cows on the borders of the city than people. Only until recently the traces of the McArthur dairy farm were still evident. Thousands of acres in Lauderhill were lands full of grazing cows that produced fresh milk for widely known dairy products.

    This area was designed as a planned development of cities. This innovative housing plan started existing for the organization of land and housing projects prior to construction. Each section was for a specific purpose. Subsequently, it became home to the Inverrary Country Club and the Jackie Gleason Inverrary Golf Classic site.

    In the late 70’s the north-western part of the city became a single-family home community. That is one of the reasons moving to Lauderhill can be a good choice for your family. Westerners consider this region being so far that they would say that they live “In the Everglades!”.


    As a rule, Lauderhill underwent all changes. The “firsts” for Lauderhill were and remain very common. Today Lauderhill continues to undergo changes that lead them to the current “revival” in which they are today.

    Over time, innovation and modernization looked different, and the leaders of the past coped with this in different ways. The rich history of Lauderhill had the reluctance to change in a few decades and full coverage in others.

    Why are people moving to Lauderhill?

    There are various things people look for when deciding where to live. There is no single place on Earth that would be good for everybody. It all depends on your priorities and interests, as well as your possibilities. But, what are the reasons people usually relocate to Lauderhill?

    Job opportunities

    If you are looking for a small city with great job opportunities, then this is the city for you. Lauderhill has around 5,000 registered businesses, which makes it one of the cities with the best working opportunities. With over 10,000 persons employed, Lauderhill has a very low unemployment rate.


    If you are planning to move to Lauderhill with your children, then you would definitely want to know if there are some good schools in the city. Lauderhill has five elementary schools, two middle schools, as well as one high school. Regarding the universities, the closest one is Medvance Institute Fort Lauderdale, which is only 0.5 miles from the city center. The next closest is the University of Fort Lauderdale, about 2 miles from the city. There is also the Keiser University, Broward College and 54 more colleges and universities within 50 miles range.


    Since Lauderhill is mainly the family city, most of the residences are for the families. You can find a decent house for $130,000, while you need to have around $600,000 if you want to buy a more luxurious house. But, houses are pretty affordable, and the cheapest houses are not the worst.

    Attractions – one of the biggest reasons for moving to Lauderhill for sports fans

    Lauderhill is full of arts and cultural venues. Also, there are numerous beaches with beautiful views. And there is something special for the sports fans. Lauderhill is a home for some major sports teams, including Miami Dolphins, Miami Heat, and Florida Panthers. If you like buying handmade, vintage and creative goods, then moving to Lauderhill is definitely your thing. There is a boutique specially dedicated to that, as well as the yarn shop.

    Football player
    Lauderhill is perfect for football fans

    Is moving to Lauderhill for you?

    Lauderhill is a special city. It decides on its own destiny. Lauderhill, under its current leadership, does not allow a chance or fate to determine its future. The only people who make decisions on the things that happen in Lauderhill are its administration along with its residents. If that is the way of life you like, then moving to Lauderhill is definitely your thing. Just pack for the move, say goodbye to your friends and go. All you need for your Lauderhill move is a strong will, supportive friends, good cardboard boxes and a reliable moving company. Enjoy in your new house in Lauderhill! And don’t forget to have fun with your family!

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