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    It is difficult and almost impossible to decide whether life is better in New York or Florida. These are two totally different lifestyles. New York is one of the world’s largest metropolises, the perfect place to live that many dreams of. But do you wonder why nowadays an increasing number of citizens are moving to Florida from NY? The main reason citizens are leaving NY is the high costs of living, which are about 68% higher than the USA average! But there are other reasons such as affordable housing, more privacy, warm weather, car driving, job opportunities, and others. Many people said that they were fed up with crowds on the streets, lot of work, traffic, and fast lifestyle. Florida is a more lazy and slow place to live, compared to NY. If you are considering relocating to Florida, check out some important information you may not know, but you’ll need.

    moving to Florida from NY - ocean view
    Plenty of beaches in Florida, all can be quite tempting!

    Check your budget while moving to Florida from NY

    To be honest, moving anywhere wouldn’t be possible if we had no money with us. Not as much as New York, but Florida, especially Miami, is an expensive place to live in. This means you should check your budget before relocation. If you have a limited budget, think about wheater you should rent or buy a house or apartment. Consider median rent, bills, taxes and see what you can afford. Living in Florida means you won’t have to spend a fortune on heating your home, but you will use air conditioning every day to cool rooms. Choose the most affordable city in Florida and start searching for your new home. Interstate movers Florida can take care of your household during your relocation and make sure it arrives safely and fast to your new address.

    Sunny beach and sunny day
    If you want to feel diversity, enjoy Latin spirit and various fun and attractions, move to South Florida.

    Hire professional movers and don’t move during summer months

    If you don’t live near Florida, you should count hiring professional movers in your budget, too. When it comes to moving to Florida from NY, you should definitely hire professional movers because it’s long-distance moving. Research has shown that more than 40 million people move each year in the United States. About 80% of those relocations happen between April and September, this is referred to as peak season.

    Florida at night
    Affordable housing and bigger homes are among the main reasons why people are moving to Florida from NY.

    If you want to move on a budget and save money, you should move off-peak season. During summer months moving services are very high, especially in June, July and August, which tend to be the busiest months. But it’s not everything about the costs. Summers in Florida are hot. average daily high in Orlando is above 90 degrees from June through August. This can cause serious problems to you and movers such as the possibility of heatstroke and heat exhaustion. 

    Costs of living

    Majority of U.S. states require paying state income taxes. New York City has some of the highest taxes in the U.S. citizens have to pay the federal income tax, the state income tax, and the city income tax. Also, the sales tax in NYC is high – about 8.875%. But guess what? Florida has no income tax! This means more savings.  Plenty more of new neighbors as well, so make sure to check up on how to meet new neighbors!

    Florida has lower costs of living than NY. The overall cost of living in Florida is one point lower than the national average. Housing, taxes, healthcare, food, and education are all below the national average. But the cost of living varies from city to city. The fact is, no doubt, that renting an apartment in Florida is much cheaper than renting in Manhattan. Besides, you can find amazing and affordable houses by the beach, where an average sales price is in the ballpark of $200,000. You just have to pay attention to bills.

    Owning a car

    If you’re moving to Florida from NY, and you own a car already, consider the fact you will have 30 days after establishing residency to transfer your license, title, and registration with the Florida DMV. While most residents in New York don’t own a car, due to high costs, you’ll need a car to get around the majority of Florida. According to the U.S. Census, about 56% of New Yorkers don’t own a car. Free parking lots are rare and renting one is often too pricey. Besides, it’s pretty usual to wait about 30 minutes in the evening looking for a parking spot. Despite the fact that cities like  Orlando, Miami, Tampa, and Jacksonville have public transit, driving a car is the most common way to move around Florida. Florida’s average gas price is $2.31 per gallon rate, which is lower than in NY.

    Moving to Florida from NY – Choose the best neighborhood

    Florida is huge and has countless beautiful beachside cities, but not every suit your lifestyle and habits. Before moving to Florida from NY, choose the best neighborhood for you. If you’re moving with your family, keep in mind that their safety is your priority when you are choosing a location. Think about a safe and peaceful city if you move with the family.

    older couple on the beach
    Florida is known as „Retirement State“

    Think about the picture of community, costs of living and climate. Hurricanes and floods worry Florida’s citizens the most. When the sea level is rising there is always a risk so find some reliable location for housing. If you like nightlife, lots of fun and beaches consider moving to Miami and the South Florida cities. Florida Panhandle brings a more peaceful life in a smalltown. While South Florida is more diverse and you can feel Latin American spirit, North Florida has a more pleasant climate and slower lifestyle.

    Good for seniors and retirees 

    Florida is known as „retirement state“. There are good reasons why Florida is the best place for retirees. According to A WalletHub study, among 150 largest cities in the United States Orlando, Tampa and Miami, all cities from Florida, were placed the top three when it comes to retirement! This is due to the low costs of living and housing, medical care, recreational activities, sunny and warm weather, long beaches and other. Naples, a city in Florida, is consistently ranked as one of the best places to retire in Florida where seniors make nearly fifty percent of citizens. Sun City Center is the place in Florida reserved only for seniors and retirees, with an age restriction – no one under age of 55 can live there which leads to 74% of the citizens being seniors. So it’s it makes our list of top 7 places to retire in Florida!

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