Moving tips for first time movers

Moving tips for first time movers

Get Professional Help

Professionals make your move easy by providing the proper equipment for moving. They are also trained to handle heavy furniture and appliances, do you don’t need to strain your back!

Learn to Budget

The Golden Rule of Budgeting:

Set your budget according to this priority list:

  • Rent
  • Utilities
  • Food
  • Entertainment

De-clutter and Pack Light

If you haven’t used or worn something for more than a year, you should probably let go of it. Good quality items can be donated, and everything else can be trashed or recycled!

Prepare to Stock Up

Remember that the first few grocery shopping expeditions are going to be a little pricier than usual. This is because you’ll be buying lots of basics at once, like toothpaste, cling wrap, toilet paper and condiments.

Take Time to Rest

It’s great to be productive, but you’re not much good packing or unpacking if you’re running low on energy. A well-rested head is a clear one, and it makes moving home that much easier.

Remember: It’s a Process!

It takes time to make a home. Once you move into your new home, you might be lacking a few things… But that’s ok. You’ll be able to stock up on everything from garbage bags to wall art in the next few months.