Shared office space can be very rewarding

Shared office space – pros and cons

Owning a small business has been tough in recent years. And everyone is trying to cut the costs. One of the most popular ways of reducing business expenses is shared office space. Of course, people use shared office space not only to reduce overhead expenses. There are many more benefits in using “coworking” office space. […]

A man in his home office

The benefits of building a home office

If you are wondering what are the benefits of building a home office in Miami you came to the right place. Owning a business has become tough in recent years and renting an office can be expensive. Or maybe you just want to be closer to your family and kids. Whatever the reason for thinking […]

An office space with desks.

How to get rid of used office furniture

People spend in their office a lot of time. That is why it should be nice and clean. Also, the furniture should be in a good shape too. Renovation of your office space is an exciting event because it is like a second home. To put new furniture you should get rid of used office […]

An office getting ready for the move.

5 Common Office Move Mistakes

Ask any business owner and they will tell you – moving your office is a lot of work. First, a lot of preparations and talking things over needs to happen. Then, you figure out what you will do with your equipment and documents. Do you sell your stuff? Do you move it with to your […]

An office with computers.

How to donate office equipment?

When relocating your office, you might find yourself having more equipment than needed. Maybe you realized that your offices are just too big and you needed to downsize, thus ending up with a surplus of tech. Or you decided to get some new equipment for your office when moving it. So, what do you do […]

Setting up office in your Miami apartment

Working from home has its perks as well as its disadvantages. You are often working only on a deadline, so you are free to organize your time however you like. Also, there is the comfort of your own home that you can enjoy, which is always a plus. Still, there are some hindrances here as […]